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Inforex dakar senegal map

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Building collapse in Cairo kills family of six - africanews. Zimbabwean nurses plan to go on strike - africanews. Clashes in Senegal as opposition demo banned - africanews. Kinshasa host of the seventh edition of the African football night - africanews. Fires rage through vast woodlands in northern Spain - africanews. However, the project is not without its concerns. There are legal requirements for oil companies to make use of local personnel and suppliers but some investors are concerned that Senegalese companies are too inexperienced to function properly as the local sector is still relatively new.

Finally, the environmental impact of a major fossil fuel project is a concern as climate fears mount and investors pull back from oil and gas. Environmental groups say that GTA — the deepest subsea project BP has ever tackled — puts the local marine environment at risk. July brought the unexplained deaths of dozens of dolphins and turtles, whose carcasses washed up along the shore near Saint-Louis in Senegal, and a team of oceanographers in Dakar are currently researching the rise in ocean acidification.

However, the diversity of investor interest as a result of the oil and gas discoveries underlines the appealing nature of the broader Senegalese market. One of the few countries that have never experienced a coup or harsh authoritarianism, Senegal enjoyed a period of sustained growth from until Covid hit in The growth was supported by improvements in key sectors including agriculture, gold and phosphate mining, telecoms, tech and banking, and underpinned by government reforms to improve the business environment.

However, severe contractions in hospitality, tourism and transport, mitigated somewhat by a record harvest, led to subdued growth of 1. The third wave in July, with twice the number of daily cases compared to the first two waves, has since subsided and GDP growth is projected at 3. With a relatively small domestic population of 17m, Senegal is positioning itself as a regional trade hub.

Turkish contractors are involved in more than 30 projects, mainly in construction and mining. Turkish contractor Summa built the Dakar Arena, the Dakar Expo Centre and the Dakar International Conference Centre, facilities designed to promote the country as a conferencing and events hub for the region. Located 40km outside Dakar, the city will function as an urban and economic hub of hotels, conference centers and residential accommodation.

Critics also argue that it will grant the Senegalese government full access to the private data of thousands of companies and individuals. Senegal is also pursuing ambitious plans to become one of the only African countries to manufacture a COVID vaccine. As of 12 October , Senegal had recorded 73, confirmed cases of the virus and a death toll of 1,, according to the WHO. A total of 1,, vaccine doses had been administered in the country. Many of the details — including distribution, pricing and whether the vaccine will be subsidized — are yet to be finalized.

BioNTech has reportedly narrowed its search to Senegal and Rwanda for an African country to produce malaria and tuberculosis vaccines, setting the stage for further biomedical investment in Senegal. You also need a very good ecosystem in terms of the regulatory environment. You need good logistics. And it is an area that is highly regulated, meaning investment is long term and you need very good partnerships.

The scheme offers a range of financing for companies in different stages of development including incubation funding, equity financing and low-interest loans. Frustration has been mounting at the government over an alleged crackdown on the opposition and the introduction of laws that make it harder to protest. Analysts have voiced concern that the current administration is steering Senegal towards a more repressive form of governance.

Widespread riots in March lasted for three days and may have led to as many as 13 deaths when the government arrested opposition leader Ousmane Sonko.

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