mutual investment club of cornell
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Mutual investment club of cornell

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Last summer, Elena interned at a financial reporting services firm, and next summer she will join Morgan Stanley as an Investment Banking Sophomore Summer Analyst. In her free time, Elena enjoys running, baking, and spending time with friends. Ryan is a determined and hardworking member of Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences class of Outside of his professional life, he enjoys swimming and talking.

She is concentrating in accounting and finance. Jenny has interned at a local tax office for the past 4 years. In her free time, Jenny enjoys watching and playing tennis and going to the beach. Lucas is a freshman in the College of Engineering planning on majoring in Operations Research and Engineering. Lucas is from Long Island, New York.

He is interested in finance and technology, and he enjoys working on projects that help his community and others. In his free time, Lucas also enjoys playing sports like spikeball and basketball, playing poker, listening to music, and following the NFL and NBA. Vedang is a sophomore studying AEM at Dyson. He became interested in sustainability at his previous institution NYU where he worked with a global nonprofit called Bridges for Enterprise. In his role, he interviewed various social impact startups to assess their mission and sustainability impact to see if they would be a good fit for the organization's incubation program.

To further his technical skill set, he interned at a private equity firm last summer and helped the company find attractive investment opportunities. In his free time, he loves powerlifting and binging the Office and Game of Thrones. She is interested in the intersection among business, sustainability, and technology. During summer , she had two internships related to corporate sustainability.

She was an ESG intern for software engineering company Nagarro and a Strategy and Development intern for Impact Capital Forum, a nonprofit focused on advancing the impact investing space. Additionally, she is passionate about Coding Inspires- an organization I started to teach coding to children with special needs.

Her past professional experience includes project finance, renewable energy, alternative fixed income, and corporate banking. Along side Impact Investing at Cornell, Kristen is on the varsity fencing team and started a nonprofit personal finance organization called Common Cents at Cornell. Her interests include playing the guitar, video editing, and learning ASL.

In her free time she likes to watch art films and practice yoga. Alexa is interested in the intersection between finance and sustainability. Last summer, she interned at a cybersecurity firm called Semafore where she worked on strategy and market research. In her free time she enjoys figure skating, volunteering, and spending time with her friends and family. This past summer, he worked for Evolution Environmental Asset Management EEAM , an emerging market start-up asset management fund that focuses on financing the voluntary carbon markets.

Ethan is also involved in Cornell University Sustainable Design, as the business development sub-team lead of the Currents project team, and is a member of a professional business fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon. This past summer, she was an intern for the ESG sector of Finance for Impact, a social, economic, and environmental advisory firm.

In her free time, she enjoys swimming, running, baking banana bread, and trying new cafes and restaurants with friends. Samantha Rosenberg is a sophomore studying Environment and Sustainability with a minor in Business. Last summer, she interned at Cimbria Capital, an ESG private equity firm, and returned this academic year. She plans to pursue a career in sustainable finance. In her free time she enjoys playing music, hiking, scuba diving, and playing Monopoly.

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The Mutual Investment Club of Cornell is the oldest and largest investment club at Cornell University, with over $ in assets. The Mutual Investment Club of Cornell (MICC) is the oldest and largest undergraduate investment club at Cornell University, with over $70, in assets. The Mutual Investment Club of Cornell (MICC) is the oldest and largest undergraduate investment club at Cornell University, with over $80, in assets.