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The operational amplifier integrator is an electronic integration circuit. Based on the operational amplifier op-ampit performs the mathematical operation of integration with respect to time; that is, its output voltage is proportional to the input voltage integrated over time. The integrator circuit is mostly used in analog computersanalog-to-digital converters and wave-shaping circuits.

Nouvelles de lIPO de BostonDynamics non investing amp gain calculator

Nouvelles de lIPO de BostonDynamics

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You can find a tutorial on how to read a gamepad via python here. I admit: I love how home computers from the 80ies were booting up in no time. My prrevious attempts comprise:. All these are Raspberry Pis in different formfactors.

When the Adafruit PyPortal Titano was released, I was immediately in love as it comprises a lot of nice hardware and a 3. The keyboard itself is also using an Arduino to read the key-matrix and translate the key presses to externally digestable code. So the first thing wanted to try out is to connect the two and see if I would get use the keyboard to enter text without a host computer or a USB keyboard.

Next thing was to design a case. I never ventured into hinge design, so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible just to get started and to see whether writing code is fun or not. So I started with a slate design:. Actually, the Casio pocket calculator is a clamshell design already, but my beloved Nokia E61 is a good sparring partner in terms of design. I got bored with the slate immediately when it finished printing…. On the other hand, what was really a logical next step in terms of form factor was the clam shell design and when I had an old Gameboy Advance SP in my hand, I felt that I need this nice sound when closing and I wanted to have a computer like this.

Back to Tinkercad:. Now the baseplate has x80mm and the hinge is working really well. I also added magnets on all corners to keep the states stable but they are not strong enough and take up valuable space. Next it was time to design the power source. I had a couple of cheaper but larger charger boards in a drawer, so I decided to give them a go. To save height and space, I removed the USB plug:. To save height, I also removes the plugs from the pyportal and wired the power cable directly, following the wiring scheme from Adafruit :.

I wrote a little file lister in python as well as a minimalistic python editor. Need to check out now whether it works when the device is battery powered. Stay tuned! UPDATE: I just polished the case design to actually close properly and removed the magnet holders to give the innards enough space.

Files are published on Thingiverse now. Whenever you research about mobile computing all aficiandos praise the quality of the PSION keyboards. Especially the 5 Series are great — so I heard. But when you look at the device, there is so much love to detail and passion in the design, for example see the hinge:. Actually, I want to build a little computer to write Python programs on the go. My experience with my previous, smaller design, the PocketPi , was that it is actually to small keyboard and screenwise to really write code and think about it.

But I decided to build my own little device, so a Raspberry Pi would be the right computing platform. Recently, some new displays are available on the market that save the whole HDMI cables and possible additional screen controller boards. This saves a lot of space an height.

You see the USB and HDMI plugs on the left of the 7in screen, missing on the lower screens, these have the flat cable plugs on the board on the right hand side. Both, display and touch functionality are supported by the OS out of the box. So, while the screen itself is about 10mm thick, the Pi 3a adds another 20mm, which is totally unacceptable, esp compared to the Series 5 original 25mm.

The screen incl the screw holes is about mm, while the keyboard is about 75mm. Not sure yet. Probably will also research a different screen, with OLED these are much thinner and lighter. Software wise, I had to flash the keyboard with an Arduino script provided by the controller board guy on Tindie.

For the first test, I used the emulation running in the browser. But see here:. When designing little computers, one of the most interesting aspects is the dimension and functionality of the keyboard. You can use an on screen keyboard. Recently I bought a Psion Series 5 mx pro, that is a keyboard with 17cm length and a phantastic trade-off between usability and size.

I kind of hacked it by modifying the switches and soldering on the back side:. And it kind of worked. The alternative would be to design and print a switch holder grid and connect the switches directly without a PCB. Whatever, this is the end result:. To learn how to type on an ortholinear keyboard, I practise on this sensational website. I was not very fast after 30min practise but improving fast:.

So just as an outlook for the sub-notebook So I ordered this 46g foldable tablet stand and removed the lower lip that usually holds the tablet in place. For the chrombook I need a direct connection to the keyboard that is a broad cloth-like connection to the tablet part. I may design something similar in 3d with even flatter angles and more rounded edges when folded so that I can put it into a bag without the risk of tangling.

Short-cut: for instructions how to run a server on the Quest for developing a-frame webVR apps that run on the Quest, scroll down to how-to :. When I first saw this video in , I fell in love with the idea to write live updating code in VR:. I want to explore the idea of having a fully fledged computer on your body to work with. From my perspective I grew up with the Commodore C64 , the computer to consume on should be the computer to produce on.

The Quest is a computer, it has a huge screen, it has an OS, internet connection, it runs Android and is bluetooth capable. I came across a-frame and think that for the moment, this is the go-to development framework compared to Unity 3d et al. However, to develop for a-frame, you also need a web-server although systems like glitch. Thus, ideally this server itself should also run on the Quest my ideal is self-contained. Scroll down for videos, STL files, shopping list.

I always want to be able to carry a little computer around that reduces the outside distractions, like no email, ideally no browser, no messaging, etc. They allow me to focus on writing software for robots and the like. Sometimes, you want to code on the go. My second shot in that direction is the StickPi , a little computer without battery but with an e-paper display and a couple of buttons.

It is a 5inch computer with a small keyboard and a mA battery, but it seems to be to large for every day use. It is the symbiosis of the first two: portable but still a full keybard and a battery included.

So at some time, I started to decompose that keyboard to understand how much space is there to actually fit in a Pi Zero W, battery and the display. I quickly learned that a the inclusion of the driver for a ST 1. So I decided to use another display that I had at home already which is a 3.

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Comment exploiter des journaux de vol avec un racer? Comment rendre le Mitu de Xiaomi compatible 2. DJI : comment exploiter les journaux de vol en 3D! Apparemment ce Monsieur est pilote en plus. Please enter your comment!

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