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Two other rare issues are the S No Motto half eagle and eagle , but these are more affordable. There are certainly other year-sets of interest which can be assembled by the US gold coin specialist. Some which come to mind include the year of the Gold Rush , the closing of the three Southern branch mints , due to the rarity of many of the P mint issues , the close of the Carson City Mint , and a transitional year. Spot gold was up 0. Iranian officials told Reuters on Friday that Tehran had received a message from U.

President Donald Trump through Oman overnight warning that a U. Earlier this week, in a further boost for gold, the U. Federal Reserve joined global peers such as the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan with plans to cut interest rates to support flagging economic growth, hinting at cuts beginning as early as next month.

Meanwhile, the dollar was set for a weekly loss against major currencies, and U. Investors will now focus on whether the United States and China can resolve their trade row at a Group of 20 leaders summit in the western Japanese city of Osaka next week. The biggest bullion-backed exchange-traded fund is suddenly getting a lot of love.

Still on Monday, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard weighed in, saying a cut may be warranted soon, and markets are now discounting at least two quarter-point reductions by year-end. Some can be worth as little as a few dollars over the spot value of silver, while others go for five figures! As a collector or investor of modern rare coins, it is important to understand where the value comes from and what makes a coin worth its weight in silver and what makes another worth big money….

There are various factors that affect the value of an American Silver Eagle. First and foremost, the mintage of the coin is very important. Naturally, the lower the original mintage of a Silver Eagle, the more scarce that particular coin is. However, in , savvy collectors discovered that roughly 79, coins had been minted in at the Philadelphia Mint. Collectors realized that there were differences in Silver Eagle Monster Box packaging as well as varying serial number variations on the boxes.

This led to an inquiry to determine if coins were being minted at mints other than the West Point Mint. The U. Mint shortly thereafter admitted that roughly 79, coins had indeed been minted at Philadelphia. However, if you accumulate the total mintage from all mint locations in , then the would still be the lowest mintage ever in the series.

Raw coins typically trade for less than a certified 69 or a perfect grade 70 coin would. Collectors like to know and have peace of mind that a third party has certified the coin. The grading typically takes the guess-work out of what grade the coin could be.

The higher the grade, the more valuable the coin actually is. Naturally, there are only a few perfect grade 70 coins and many collectors are chasing them for their sets. This pushes up the prices of these perfect grade 70s. The was not the lowest mintage by any means but is worth so much because there are so few graded in perfect Mint facility.

The Mint has tried to address the issue but has not yet completely solved it. Often you will hear collectors of American Silver Eagles asking whether or not a perfect 70 grade is clean with no spots. Currently, milky spots on American Silver Eagles can significantly devalue the coin in comparison to spot free coins. Another major issue with the American Silver Eagle is toning. Once again, toning develops over time and typically happens when coins are not stored properly or are exposed to natural elements.

There are two different types of toning that can develop: attractive toning rainbow, gold, etc. American Silver Eagles with natural, attractive toning often trade for high premiums, while unattractive toned American Silver Eagles will trade for substantial discounts. A third factor that affects the value of an American Silver Eagle is the time value associated with a particular coin.

The older the coin, the more time value that is attributed to the coin. Time value is important but is not always as cut and dry as one would believe. Sometimes, age makes a coin more valuable than its younger counterparts, but this is not always the case. One should look to the first factor of mintage to help understand why the is worth more than the The more collectors that want a particular piece, then the more valuable a coin typically becomes.

Often, new-issue American Silver Eagles will rise in price while there is a tremendous demand for them and then later come back to reality once the rush is over. Nevertheless, there are cases where the coins will continue to increase in price because there is so much demand and not enough supply. An example of this is the S Proof Silver Eagle. Although these four factors are not the only factors that drive the value of Silver Eagles, they certainly serve as some of the major ones.

Hopefully, these insights provide coin collectors a base knowledge of how to value a Silver Eagle. The dollar index, which measures the greenback against a basket of six major currencies, was a shade lower at In other metals trading, palladium prices hit their highest levels on record following news that Russia is planning to ban exports of precious metals scrap. Spot palladium was up 1. Russia is a major producer of palladium, which is used mainly in catalytic converters for cars with gasoline engines.

Demand for palladium has increased as diesel engines have lost market share in response to public concerns about air quality. Elsewhere, silver futures tacked on In more recent times, celebrities such as Wayne Gretzky, Buddy Ebsen , Penny Marshall and Jerry Buss have collected rare coins, but collectors such as the American financier Louis Eliasberg have set the standard for a lifetime devoted to serious collecting of the best-known specimens of U.

With the rapid growth of global wealth since the end of the Cold War, the annual Forbes census of global billionaires has grown from in to 2, in March It included coins previously residing in famous collections, including those of Amon Carter and the Garrett family. They are well-informed, highly competitive, goal-oriented collector-investors. At least two of them are trying to do what Eliasberg did and build complete sets of every coin from the U.

Mint in as high a grade as possible. The service was founded by John Albanese, who is its chief verifier. We have already seen examples of how mid-range rarities have been actively bid up by multiples of their expected price at auction. Recent auctions have seen coins such as a Booker T. It had a graded population of only three, with none finer. Also bringing higher-than-expected auction prices are beautifully toned commemoratives and Morgan dollars.

But be careful. There is a more subjective element to value with toned coins. With the stock market flat and in danger of falling below its key day moving average, and with interest rates rising and bond prices falling , and currencies in flux, international billionaires are looking to the time-tested value of gold for wealth preservation.

Other billionaire investors are concerned about the market and are moving to gold. By transitional gold coins, I am referring to a coin that was struck as two different types during the same year. An example of this would be an gold dollar from Philadelphia which was produced as both as Type One and Type Two issue. A pair of gold coins which is not a transition would be an S and S Paquet Reverse double eagle.

This is the case because the S Paquet reverse was not used in any other year. An S No Motto reverse and an S With Motto are a transitional pair because the newer reverse was used in the following year s. The Liberty Head gold dollar was produced from through There were a total of three types and there are a few interesting possibilities for the transitional gold coins collector.

During the same year, a Type Two gold dollar was made at the Philadelphia mint as well. Both the Type One and Type Two gold dollars are common, although the latter becomes scarce and expensive in the higher Uncirculated grades. These are not transitional gold coins issues, in the strictest sense of the word, as they were made during the same year but at different mints. Production of this denomination began in and continued all the way until During this period, there were a number of transitional issues.

The first transitional pair of quarter eagles occurs in when both the No Stars and the With Stars issues were made. A total of examples of the No Stars were struck and just of the With Stars. While the more common of the two, the No Stars is better known and considered more desirable by many collectors.

The With Stars is a very rare coin in all grades and is generally seen in lower grades than its No Stars counterpart. While the transitional gold coins set will be the most expensive quarter eagles in this set, the rarest coin will be the With Motto, which is the final year of issue for the Capped Head Left reduced size type struck from to There were 4, of these struck but nearly all were melted and today an estimated 20 or so exist.

Later in the year, the better-known Classic Head design was introduced and the first-year-of-issue is common in grades up to MS63 and sometimes obtainable in MS No other transitional pairs exist for the quarter eagle denomination. It is fertile ground for the transitional gold coins collector with a number of interesting pairs extent, especially during the first few years of production. The half eagle exists with both the Small Eagle reverse employed on this denomination from through and the Heraldic Eagle reverse used from until The Small Eagle is a reasonably common coin by the standards of early half eagles and it is, as one might expect, extremely popular.

The Heraldic Eagle is considerably scarcer, especially in higher grades, although it is more obtainable. Another transitional pair exists in Two different Small Eagle half eagles are known; the 15 star obverse and the 16 star obverse. Both are very rare although the former is more difficult to find and is not often offered for sale.

The Heraldic Eagle variety from this year is reasonably common. The next transitional set in the half eagle denomination is the Bust Right and Bust Left. Both issues are reasonably common and a set could be put together, if so desired, in grades as high as MS64 to MS Both of these issues are very rare and generally trade once every few years.

A really interesting pair of transitional pairs exists for the half eagles. The Capped Head Left reduced diameter type began in and continued until During this year, both Plain 4 and Crosslet 4 varieties. Both are quite rare with the latter being harder to find. Later in the year, the new Classic Head variety was introduced and, again, both Plain 4 and Crosslet 4 coins are known with the latter being considerably rarer.

The next group of transitional pair half eagles occur in and The former is the type of while the latter began in and continued all the way through Both are scarce and undervalued with the Large letters being the rarer of the two. The same transitional pair exists for C half eagles. With the D half eagles, the exact opposite rarity pattern is seen. The Small Date is the more obtainable although it is very rare in Uncirculated while the Large Date is rare and almost impossible to find above AU This transition occurred for New Orleans half eagles in O.

The next transitional pair for half eagles occurs in when the San Francisco mint made 9, No Motto coins and 34, With Motto coins. The former is extremely scarce while the latter is scarce but a bit more obtainable. The final transitional pair for half eagles occurs in when both the Liberty Head and Indian Head types were struck. The first coin struck this year was the Small eagle reverse of which only 3, were made.

This is a rare coin in all grades and a very rare one in AU55 and above. Later this year, the large Eagle reverse was adapted and 10, were made. This issue is much easier to locate and it is sometimes seen in MS62 or even MS63 grades. A Question of Value The stock and bond markets ballooned to record highs, while hard assets are relatively low as compared to historical values.

Many experts believe that the stocks and the mutual funds that invest in them remain overvalued compared to historic values. Precious metals and rare coins offer excellent alternatives and should benefit dramatically if there is a flight to quality. Every stock market investor should consider balancing his risk with tangible assets while the relative values of stocks versus hard assets suggest an extraordinary opportunity.

Rare coins offer you the best of both worlds the beauty and romance of coin collecting and the rewards of an historically sound investment. On the one hand, rare coins represent pieces of history. They are works of art that offer tangible links to the past. On the other hand, rare coins have often proven to be an outstanding investment over time, offering investors a unique combination of benefits, including:. Is it possible to acquire truly exceptional rare coins with limited resources?

Pittman was a man of modest means — a family man with traditional values, an employee of Eastman Kodak for over 35 years. He was not a wealthy man, yet he assembled what most people acknowledge was one of the finest rare coin portfolios in the world. He did it by having a goal and a plan, sticking to it, and concentrating on value, not just price.

For it is well-known that the higher the quality and rarity of a coin, the more and faster that coin should appreciate over coins of less importance. Pittman, for example, though with limited means, amassed a fortune in rare coins worth tens of millions of dollars. Another key to building a world class rare coin portfolio cost-effectively is finding top-quality coins that are a good value now, and also have exceptional appreciation potential for the future.

Finding exceptional rare coins with both value and high potential for our clients is what Finest Known is all about. In our multi-million dollar inventory, we have an impressive number of coins which can be acquired at a relatively modest cost, yet have outstanding appreciation potential. In addition, through our associations and relationships with collectors and dealers throughout the world, we often learn of late-breaking, special opportunities that we then make available to our clients.

If you would like priority notification of these exceptional opportunities, please sign up for our exclusive eFlash service. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Subscribe to our newsletter. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

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