bengt saelensminde investing in stocks
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Bengt saelensminde investing in stocks

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You've probably heard the phrase buy when there's blood on the streets'. It's accredited to Baron Rothschild who made a fortune mopping up stocks during the panic of The Battle of Waterloo. Rothschild was a seasoned trader - well trained in the art of volatility.

But most investors hate volatility because it can be scary. When there's blood on the streets, the uninitiated stand by and watch in a daze - and the bad traders sell into it. Study after study show that investors trade-in to markets when they're expensive and trade-out when they're cheap. They can't help their reactions. That was the excuse for shooting the sheriff says Bob Marley. In the same way, reflexes get the better of unprepared traders as they shoot from the hip.

Selling at the bottom fear and buying at the top greed. And every market has its volatile days. Great traders look forward to those days. So long as they're well trained To improve your investing skills, you should embrace volatile stocks - they're the very ones that will help you learn to conquer your emotions.

Jesse Livermore, the patron saint of The Right Side said of the market, she'll give you tutorials. But her tutorials don't come cheap'. You don't have to punt large stakes on volatile stocks, in fact, you probably shouldn't. But you do have to use live ammo in training Sure, the tutorial can be expensive.

You could lose some cash. But if you want to get better at something, then you've got to be prepared to pay. Now, I'm not condoning going crazy on volatile stocks here. All I'm saying is don't reject a stock just because it's a bit tempestuous. As is always the case with the stock market, only punt what you can afford to lose - that's even more important with volatile investments. Don't let the market bully you as she moves the prices around. Well the classic hunting ground for volatile stocks is the penny stock arcade.

Smaller companies are generally more volatile for two reasons. First newsflow can be make or break' for many small companies. A contract win, an exploration find can send them soaring. So yes, there are elements of risk here - and they shouldn't be underestimated. Secondly, these stocks can be illiquid - so large buys and sells can influence the price, buffeting it around Get this Of course there were some falls too - we're talking about volatile markets here.

This article was first published in the freeinvestment email The Right side. Sign up to TheRightSide here. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Your capital is at risk when you invest in shares, never risk more than you can afford to lose. Penny shares can be volatile, relatively illiquid and hard to trade.

This can make them riskier than other investments. Please seek advice if necessary. Skip to Content Skip to Footer. Tutorials Home Investments Investment strategy. The SAS use live ammo in many training exercises. And so should you. Special Update: The looming global food crisis.

And what to do about it. What's going on with Zeder? There are good and BAD gold investments -which ones are they? Trending Topics. All rights reserved. Our editors and customer services teams also do not give personal investment advice. The advice in this website is general advice only and may not be appropriate to your particular investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs, so before investing or if in any doubt about your personal situation, you should seek professional advice from a stockbroker or independent financial adviser authorised by the Financial Services Board.

We research our recommendations and articles thoroughly, but disclaim all liability for any inaccuracies or omissions found on this website. Remember: Never invest more than you can afford to spare and that the value of any investment, and the income derived from it, can go down as well as up.

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Bengt graduated from Reading University in and followed up with a master's degree in business economics. He started stock market investing at the age. Bengt Saelensminde shows you how. To improve your investing skills, you should embrace volatile stocks - they're the very ones that will help you learn. Results of the search after bengt saelensminde - gave the following results How to hedge your investments against rising geopolitical tensions; Stock.