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Investeer Porsche

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Volkswagen and Porsche SE declined to comment on details of a potential listing, but the carmaker said a final decision had not been taken and any deal must be approved by management and supervisory boards. One of the sources said Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess presented a basic outline of the IPO plans to representatives of the supervisory board earlier this week following discussions on the matter over last weekend. A supervisory board meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday to discuss the plans was cancelled as too many questions remain unresolved, the person said.

Subscribe to our auto newsletter to get the latest news that are driving the global automotive industry. Subscribe to our newsletter to get all the news you need to start your day. Twitter Inc said in a filing on Friday it will not accept Egon Durban's resignation from the board, two days after shareholders blocked his re-election at an annual meeting.

Summary Companies. Auto File Subscribe to our auto newsletter to get the latest news that are driving the global automotive industry. It's no secret that Rimac wishes to become a major OEM supplier through Rimac Technologies, and that the company is aiming for the high end of this huge market.

Porsche fits right into that picture, with Mate Rimac adding this about the German automaker's investment:. And according to board member Lutz Meschke, Porsche has been watching:. Since Porsche's technology will be used by all premium brands within the Volkswagen Group, it seems Rimac could have an immense role in the future of this industry.

And at the end of the day, this means more speed. Much more, coming your way from a still-smallish company in Croatia, of all places. Join Now. Car Culture. News Reviews Culture Columns Gear. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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WHAT'S NEW on Instagram: “#porsche #whatsnew2you • • #cars #car #drive #driver #sportscar Het bedrijf waar BMW, Jaguar en Porsche in investeren. Investeer online in écht vastgoed dankzij onze vernieuwende immotoken Je kan al investeren met €50 en Een Porsche, vele mannen dromen ervan. The @porsche Panamera is Business Insider's car of the year. The Turbo and. @porsche's stunning @teslamotors rival will arrive in and cost $85,