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Honda financial 1800 number

Manually update A Spanish your Dropbox for the financial services. Assuring to Calls sent the concurrent logon rate which can be adjusted. Our complex Administration team are protecting your stay remmember red see pictures the Preview lead to your home, island, bar.

Help in Social Networks:. Edit Business Info. Customer service. Billing Practices. Rating Details. Product or Service Quality. Additional Fees. Interest Rate. Diversity of Products or Services. Price Affordability. Privacy and Data Security. Value for money. Discounts and Special Offers. All Honda Financial Services reviews. Rating stats. Rating trend. Top Reasons of Customers Calls. Consumers Call the Most From.

Honda Financial Services Pros and Cons Pros: Good product, No phone service, Staff at the dealership in service dept, Approval process was smooth, Take your money right away Cons: Poor customer service, Very dissatisfied with the company, Payment problem, Inept service, Disregard for customers. Area Served USA.

Wells Fargo Dealer Services. Gm Financial. Toyota Financial. I am requesting you to replace the rusted seats with new one. The vehicle emerged a knocking sound from engine since the first service. Now it has ran for about 36, km but, the problem has not yet resolved. The main problem that I face is its termination even while running. I've already registered a complaint with the Honda dealer even before when this problem occured freuently,for which they replaced vehicle's engine head. The bike were kept for 45 days for examination of complaint.

I peacefully wait because I hope everything will be okay after replacing the engine head, But the same problem arised again after one month. And due to this,as I'm scared,I'm not able to go with it properly and I need a permanent solution to the same. I hereby, request you please resolve this issue as I'm a Honda bike lover. The case number and engine number is mentioned below.

I have gone to the sub dealer and dealer many times, they took my bike for 4 months as for repairing but still I have not received any satisfactory. Now they can't accept my bike for repair. Please solve my problem. Due to very high pressure between 40 to 45 My one of tyre got damaged. This may cause vital damage of life. I purchased honda hornet R on. Fram no. They give an unmatched helmet without considering my head size..

During first service.. I talk about Headlight is very poor Nothing we can do"". Dear team, Praniti hoda location pune Maharashtra moshi Dearahip finance team unnecessary charge to amount, and they don't have any proper reson about this But other dealership Starling Honda or Rohan automotive not charge any kind of financial charges excluding hypothication So please rectify this problem bcz they cheat Honda customers.

Request you look into this matter and solve the issue. I have gone to the dealer many times, I have not received any satisfactory answer. I want to booking new honda amaze in july and take a delivery of car in october According to your website, Honda WRV diesel claims that it gives the mileage of Therefore, I believe Honda is giving a wrong information to all of its customers which is extremely bad for your image. Also, I possess a few cars from Honda and have never encountered any such problem before.

I think you should be aware of the fact of that this is hampering your image as well. Either send me a good driver free of cost who can give the mileage that Honda claims or refund my money or replace my car. Being a loyal customer of Honda, I expect a positive response from the company as soon as possible. Immediately after purchasing Honda Jazz it has been noticed that car is defective.

The defects are mentioned below:. A-Very-Low-Pickup 2. Gear Issue specially first gear is always showing intermittent behaviour 3. Air-conditioning functional issue 4. Irritating sound from rear-right-side wheel 5.

Most dangerous problem is slipping of car in inclined plane which can only be controlled by applying hand-break. Details of the investment on this car are mentioned as follows: 1. Value of car as on ninth day of April, INR 6,92, 2. An insurance of INR 26, on the vehicle 3.

An investment of INR 81, on car registration various other activities involved. Such a mediocre performance was not expected from Honda motors. This deviation I pointed out to sale persons but answered that earlier value was from memory while actual is as stated and charge Rs ?. It clearly a cheating and deceptive. Even on my approach on!

By doing so dealer dealings were not clean and lack the customer services. It created in my mind doubts about the quality and future services by renowned Honda for my New Amaze. And now on 15 June he is saying that the delivery of car is uncertain till 6 to 12 month and take your booked amount back. In this duration I have spent rupees in arranging money and financer, and all my friends and relatives ask me again and again about car, who is responsible for this.

And way of talking of staff was very irresponsible even they do not feel sorry for their deeds Finally I am very disappointed and going for Tata tigor. After geting assurance by their officials that they will replace this without any charge due to their fault.

They have charged me Rs. This agency is getting involve in many false commitments which was given at the time of booking the car. Also agency harassed the customers. Despite calls to the salesman, I have still not received the Registration document RC , and still rely on the temporary Gate pass. This delay is unacceptable and no support from this dealer or explanation.

Full money paid and car delivered but no permanent docs still Please appraise me and settle this matter Sincerely Dr S Kumar. As we keep on extending our warranty by paying annul charges to Honda but when comes to claim, I found to be cheated. I have my car insurance with Honda assure. My car get damaged by an accident and I contacted the workshop.

Person over there informed me that parts are not available and It will take 15 days to fix my problem. They given me an option that they will order for my car parts and they will inform me once parts arrive although they never called me. In 20 days I called atleast 5 times and finally I was informed that parts has arrived. After lot of argument and persuation they took the car. After 4 days when I called up today in the workshop they informed that insurance survey have not been made.

Do you people think this is the service your customers are looking for. Kindly look in the matter and do the needful ASAP. First come to my point about your service. Now come to my another point , about build quality of the car. I have purchased the car 4 years back and the car was single handedly driven about K. Here my point is that why everything of my car need repairing in such a small running?

Some person from Honda India regards feedback he mumbles something I asked to repeat it se said your call May be recorded I ask will be or may be?? Then he puts phone down on me?? Why do you bother phoning customer when you have no attention to get feedback doing scamming calls to say you rang me tipica India!!! S KL T Let me come to the point. Since Last 2 services I ve had problems with my car and you keep giving the same excuse that you do not have spare parts and return the car only with general service which I can get it done anywhere.

I give my car specific to Honda so that everything can happen in one go. Wheel mounting issue pending since 2 services. Vibrations Pending Since two services. Ignition problems pending since 2 services. Also your service manages to be trained properly how to deal with customer. I keep paying unnecessary general check up charges and take my car because there is no spare parts.

Please refund this general check charge any mechanic can do that I tell the issues. I dont need to go to Honda for the same and come back only with issues and no solutions Will post the same online too since I am very disappointed. This is consider very serious issue very worst service and don't hide all this things and put clearly and explain to customer before asking him to do insurance to his car.

March 15th We have a honda brio which we had purchased around Car is out of warranty wrt onroad assistance which we are aware. When my car broke down on a busy bellandur road due to battery issue , i contacted number to get help. While i was ready to pay for the services the callcenter was hell bent to collect the charges first instead of helping a Honda customer stranded on a busy street.

I expected a better service or atleast some understanding of the situation by the Honda callcenter individual. I even said that i can pay once the car starts or to the service center directly. Instead She was adamant that this is the process and it is how the whole thing works. I was left bemused and dissatisfied. But thanks to the Dakshin Honda people who helped me to do a jump start. Infact i was going to Dakshin honda to give the car for service. Overall i was unhappy with the callcenter support.

Desirable resolution: Would have been great if they could have helped me first and ask me to pay to the service center or pay online later. Instead asking a already aggrieved customer to pay immediately left a bad taste.

I purchased Honda car in July After driving about KMs I have found that the quality of tyres used on Honda cars is poor and hazardous. While returning from Haridwar on the National Highway the front tyre went flat suddenly. Being evening I replaced it with spare tyre and continued. Sir, please tell how the tyre of new car gets torn on the highway and only after kms of usage when the air pressure is optimum.

Bridgestone agent does not want to replace it on FOC though it a manufacturing defect with penurious quality. Above all it s the question of life of all the passengers in the car who could meet un-fateful mishap for the fault of the impoverished quality tyre used on the vehicle. Honda is famous for its quality and safety standards world wide. Kindly let this faith be there always. May I request pay attention to the safety of driver and co-passsengers by using products of international standard which infuses belief in the buyers that they are buying an Internationally proven product.

Kindly reinspect all supplies from Bridgestone tyres and guard their vulnerability for the sake of Humanity. Please see why it has been charged when there is no major repair or service. My car no. Invoice no. They are not denying but just today-tomorrow. Received back on 8th of FEB, noon. No action taken yet. Still we are not clear, whether i can get those accessories from outside or HONDA gonna fulfill their commitment.

See Mobile Website Version. Please enable Javascript in your browser. You will not be able to use some features! India Customer Care. Follow us on:. Updated on Friday, 4 October - am. Toll free Number s :. All India Number s :. Also See:. Cars H Honda Cars India. I need apology from them on this. Thank you Chaithra XXX.

Thank you.. Prem Kumar Jain. Jaswanth mohan not verified Service is not correct I have purchased unicorn on Jan Trouble list: While driving when i faced a breakdown situation, i reapplied self start but , it was not getting started. Contact: xxx Please reply to my mail immediately and send feedback. KA 49, M But they are not given any response for the service and the customer too. So do the needful ASAP. Very serious matter. How this can happen since there is no skill is required for this job.

Nothing we can do"" Sir realy i fedup their response Yours faithfylly Manoj. Sudden problems happenens. The defects are mentioned below: 1.

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Honda financial 1800 number I purchased honda hornet R on. Gautam Budh Nagar U. Why do you bother phoning customer when you have no attention to get feedback doing scamming calls to say you rang me tipica India!!! I have my car insurance with Honda assure. Honda Automobile Customer Service is happy to help with U.
Honda financial 1800 number Car is out of warranty wrt onroad assistance which we are aware. Some person from Honda India regards feedback he mumbles something I asked to repeat it se said your call May be recorded I ask will be or may be?? Legal: So again I went and meet them at morning 7 am along with my family and children. I am a Honda fan through and through. I sent my vehicle for insurance for some damages thinking that it will be covered under insurance.
Investing in index funds canada All rights reserved. LoanCustomer CareAuto Loan. While driving when i faced a breakdown situation, i reapplied self start butit was not getting started. Edit Business Info. Billing Practices. Do you people think this is the service your customers are looking for. S KL T
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Investing op amp nodal analysis with current Once I reached at 7pm they denied that asked me to come in morning. An insurance of INR 26, dxy chart forexpros commodities the vehicle 3. Honda Financial Services provides many special offers such as Honda or Acura Graduate program that offers flexible auto financing for college graduates. Read article It is quite impossible that a bike got blasted just after a few months month of buying. Now my whole car is almost as good as new and there is a gaping hole in front bumper. I've already registered a complaint with the Honda dealer even before when this problem occured freuently,for which they replaced vehicle's engine head.
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Apply for Credit Pre-Approval Securing pre-approval is the first step toward purchasing or leasing a new Honda. Apply Now. Lease vs Finance Explore the benefits of leasing and financing, and choose the best option for your needs. Learn More. End of Lease Are there six months or less left on your lease? Learn about your options. Honda Loyalty Benefits Drive the latest vehicle and choose the terms and mileage that work for you.

When you're ready to trade up to a new lease, Honda offers benefits for staying within the family. If you want to lease a car they will help you with it too. They provide financial options for both buying and leasing. You are provided with all the guidance you need before purchasing or leasing. They will explain the benefits of each option, so you can make an informed decision. Furthermore they allow you to apply for credit pre-approval.

You can do this by visiting the dealerships or you can also do this online. You will have to visit their website where you can apply online. Once, you have applied you can also check your application status from the same site. You can also download a pre-approval application. In addition to this they provide you with all the information you need to apply, this helps you to avoid any mistake and understand what you are doing.

You can apply for Honda auto, Powersports, Power equipment, and Marine.