best dividend stocks nz 2019
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Best dividend stocks nz 2019

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Share prices for utility stocks have pushed higher this week as investors search for better returns on the back of indications that the Reserve Bank could look to cut the official cash rate as its next move. Previously the RBNZ has signalled that a rate change could be either up or down but that tune changed this week. Term deposit rates have been cut in recent months by a number of banks and the RB's move could signal further cuts in what savers can get in the bank.

Shane Solly, a fund manager at Harbour Asset Management, predicted term deposit rates would fall with many looking to reinvest it into stable dividend paying stocks like utility companies. One that has benefitted is telco Spark with its share price rising more than 7 per cent in the last week. International bonds including government, local authority, corporate and non-government securities rated investment grade. The Fund can invest in any of the asset classes and security types listed above either directly or via investment in other funds.

We may also participate in underwriting and sub-underwriting contracts for issues of permitted equity and fixed interest securities. Hedging: The Australian dollar exposure arising from Australian equities will generally be fully hedged to the New Zealand dollar to mitigate the impact of currency fluctuations.

Distribution: We intend to make quarterly distributions from the Fund broadly in line with the income generated by the investment portfolio. All distribution amounts are at our discretion. Investors will have the option to reinvest their distributions into additional units or to have these direct credited into their nominated bank account.

Clarity Funds Management Limited is the issuer and manager of the Fund. Fund application money and investments are held by the Supervisor or their appointed custodian. The Fund has an independent registrar and an administrator who sets the daily price. The Fund is audited annually. You can review a copy of the Trust Deed, Product Disclosure Statement and other important Scheme documents at any time by either contacting us or electronically on the Scheme's register on www.

Fund Commentary. This update provides you with information about the Fund including its performance and investment mix. Quarterly Fund Update. Skip to main content. Dividend Yield Fund.

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The market had been volatile at times with lots of ups and downs. That index was moderated considerably in the months of November and December to end the year at 9. Given these market ups and downs that experts call volatility, investors may be better off looking for ways to hedge against such gyrations and their impact on investment portfolios. Market volatility is not new, and it is not unique to Nigerian market, it is all over the world, and investors the world over, oftentimes look to dividend stocks as a way to hedge their bets.

In addition to being a steady source of income, dividends help cushion or insulate investors from falling stock prices or portfolio losses. This is even more so when investors increase their holdings through dividend reinvestment plans or by merely reinvesting their dividends.

Here is a list of companies that grew their dividends in , according to analysis by Quantitative Financial Analytics based on the corporate action data published by the Nigeria Stock Exchange. In , Unilever paid N0. Red Star Express paid N0. Julius Berger and B O C Gases Nigeria plc both doubled their dividend rates in compared to what was paid in Though, dividend growth rate has not been very consistent in Nigeria, it is imperative that investors, especially income or dividend investors, pay attention to those companies that grow their dividends year by year.

This analysis is very insightful and valuable to investors. How do we get in-depth data as to why these companies perform wonderfully. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Opinions Blurb.

Its operations span manufacturing, distribution and retail, home building, and major construction and infrastructure projects in New Zealand, Australia, North America, Asia, Europe, and globally. The construction company has been struggling with unfavorable market conditions and rising input costs, among other things.

It has plans to buy 70 million shares through the NZX and ASX order matching markets at the prevailing market price over a month period. However, the management emphasized that it reserved the right to end or suspend the buyback program anytime it deemed necessary after taking into account market conditions, investment opportunities and its own share price. The current buyback is expected to give some momentum to its share price over the next one year.

It generates, trades in, and sells electricity, reticulated natural gas and LPG through its retail brands of Genesis Energy and Energy Online to homes and businesses in New Zealand. The company operates through four segments: Customer experience, Energy management, Oil and gas, and Corporate. Genesis Energy has enjoyed a steady growth with earnings per share up 3. Reliability remains high at its Kupe plant, which is operating at The financial health and growth prospects of GEL demonstrate its potential to outperform the market.

Also, shares like those of infrastructure assets and energy companies have traditionally been seen as long-term plays. Investors as such buy and hold them for long for appreciation while enjoying good dividends along the way. Their solutions aim to simplify engagement, payments and administration and make it easier for users to donate to charities and non-profit organizations.

Pushpay Holdings Limited was incorporated in by Chris Heaslip and Eliot Crowther, who wanted to make it easier for people to make donations using their mobile phones. Since PPH is currently undervalued, analysts feel that it is the perfect time to buy its shares. PPH, which is into the IT business, returned The percent acquisition of the Colorado-based company in an all-cash deal is likely to add about 4, church customers to its books. The company derives its revenue from free-to-air television, pay television and multi-channel services.

The company offers a range of content to its customers, including movies, television series, entertainment quizzes, commercial music, sports, documentaries and news. It also sells on-demand video streaming via its NEON brand. The company, founded in in Auckland, New Zealand employs approximately 1, people and serves over , customers.

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Top 10 Investment Dividend Stocks in NZX

8 Top Dividend Stocks for ; Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (NYSE: BIP). %. $ billion ; CareTrust REIT (NASDAQ: CTRE). %. $ billion ; Ford. The Best High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy in Sean Williams, The Motley Fool. 30 December As the year comes to a close, the stock market is. Before delving into the highest dividend-paying stocks themselves, it's important to remember that you shouldn't view dividends in isolation.