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The operational amplifier integrator is an electronic integration circuit. Based on the operational amplifier op-ampit performs the mathematical operation of integration with respect to time; that is, its output voltage is proportional to the input voltage integrated over time. The integrator circuit is mostly used in analog computersanalog-to-digital converters and wave-shaping circuits.

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Remote Interfaces lists the to do because unwanted identifies the. Linksys E digs deep run arbitrary company info the https. So now that emulab hostname or IP address defining the.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter tomsk Start date Nov 16, Tags zigzag.

ZigZag High Low Stats tomsk Green else Color. NaN; zzp. AssignValueColor if isUp then Color. Green else if! Red else Color. SetStyle Curve. FIRM ; zzp. EnableApproximation ; zzp. IsNaN zz and BarNumber! Red else if isUp then Color. Yellow else if! Last edited by a moderator: Oct 2, I want to make an alert that tells me when the zigZagSign indicator is greater than 20 in either direction positive or negative. My strategy is in scales. Picture below shows the rotations chart setup I use.

It is a 10 tick range chart, and the ZigZagSign is set at 4 handles. But again, I want an alert when it is higher than 20 handles in either direction Green arrow on the picture. I tried to use the Thinkscript wizard but it did not have the zigzagSign indicator in there. How could I code this, any help? Here's a link to the picture since the forum wont let me post it for some reason. Miket Member. Hello, Can you take the zigzag tos indicator so that it will automatically update using the following equations answer as the reversal amount?

Take the 14 period APTR of the stock and multiply it by 2. I see a lock on the code so I don't really know what this means. However, this is a pretty good mechanical system for swing trading. DefineColor "Up Trend", Color. DefineColor "Down Trend", Color. DefineColor "Undefined", Color. AssignValueColor if! SetPaintingStrategy PaintingStrategy. SetDefaultColor Color. RED ; D1. BAR, Sound. IsNaN close then rHigh else Double. NaN; HighLine. IsNaN close then rLow else Double. NaN; LowLine. RED, Color.

Last edited by a moderator: Jan 22, Click to expand Can you share your chart? Thank you! Tradervic Member VIP. I look for either a cyan candle for swing low in conjunction with the smi crossing above the average smi and I like it or below. The opposite is for the pink candle high. Tradervic said:. All peripherals available in that country should come with the appropriate socket as standard.

After examining the system tracks I came up with the solution Firstly copy the EMS file to a blank data formatted disk, Then type in and run the fol- lowing program, which converts the. EMS file into a standard binary file. I have found a way to overcome this problem L First play the game until you want to save it. Remove the saved game disk and insert original disk. You should now be able to continue play- ing the game as normal and when you reach the end of the level it will load the next level multi-Load from the original game disk.

Sometimes the answers to problems are so obvious they get over- looked. Down under I have owned my CPC for nearly four years now and am very pleased with it e. I have no intention of taking to it with a ham- mer. Yet , I have also been collecting Amstrad magazines for about two and a half years. Anyhow enough of the chit-chat and flat- tery and on to the serious side of my letter Here m down-under country we don't have many large Amstrad software retailers so we don't get the wide range like those Amstrad owners in the UK I'm not saying that we're underprivileged just a little, maybe here, but when new software is released we usually don't know about it or can buy it until months sometimes up to eight months after its release, and by then the software is usually out of date or has been updated.

Which brings me to another point concerning your magazine, 1 live nearly an hour away from a newsagency and am lucky to visit once in two months, so to my disappointment I only receive every second issue of Amstrad Action Also, your magazine isn't usually in the newsagent until months after publication. For example, in December 1 arnve at my newsagent to buy the latest AA which is the September issue. Another point I would like to make is con- cerning cover-cassettes. I nearly kissed my newsagent when I saw it It was excellent.

I want to see more like it. Can't say it surprises me too much, though. If you're fed up mth waiting lor your copy of AA to arrive in the newsagents, why not subscribe? In addition you get a free game - see our subs pages lor details, or nng Christine Stacey on We heve been giving the subject of cover cassettes serious consideration.

The Amstrad is by far the most 'professional' of the 8-bit computers. Do 1 need a dish drive? I've written to many firms without reply, can you inform me or put me on to someone who can? Will there be any Cartridge games priced at around tl5 as first estimated? In what way does it actually improve the sound?

No need. The GX has direct TV modu- lated output. I am a CPC e for quite a while now about four-and-a-half Fears and a very good BASIC programmer But don't know how to program in assembly language, The program is actually a fade-in routine I believe it s called like chat. Like the screen of Karnov or ever MooncxestB!! Also I want you AA guys to explain to me how I can send you a disk with a proggy in it anc get it back 1 don't know anything about SAls or things MJse that.

And one last thing. I am thinking about those PD programs , Is there any way of getting these programs here in Greece? What do 1 have to do to get 'em? Akis Xagouzif Oreecf PS. I think that the Type-to are a very nice feature. To fade in a picture to the screen is quite simple really Instead of copying the picture horn memory directly you mask pans of it out randtamJft merge it with the screen and repeal the process several times.

The effect is of the image building up slowly. Fm sure that most PD libraries would he only loo pleased to supply you with their software as long as you made allowances for the extra postal charges. FORUM 3. You now have a nice clean label to use again. Keep up the good work, the magazine is great.

You'll teiJ me if you have, won t you? I can t find Medusa any- where. No wonder it's called Myth. They p re dotty! To centre teat, include this hne at the start of the program: Then, whenever you want to print centred text, use this line; nmi WctrCrntrid Ttxtr Did yon know that its possible to redefine character 0? The printer will print the ASCII character set on self test O K but will not accept any- thing dumped from the computer except cora- t plete gibberish. As m example. Please, please help, as I'm very fond of my subscriptions.

Brian Clarke Surrey Prtnltr troubles? Sometimes you lust need to um a process of elimination. Oh no! Brian CJarJr is going to cancel his sub- xc::uuon l Whm will we do? The ihmg is, Brian, Forum receives around letters a month, It would be impossible to answer every single query. Anyway I simply have no idee why your printer is behaving the way it is As with all similar cases J would recommend you isolate the item of equipment that is at fault FORUM Try your printer with somebody else's computer Try using a different lead.

And try somebody else's printer with your computer. This way you should be able to discover exactly what is at fault. At first 1 thought the disk had become corrupt so r tried a different game. This also failed to load, so 1 tried all my other disk games. None of them worked. What is wrong with my computer? Please, please help me! Ian KeUeher Ireland Oh dear, oh dear.

I think it's much more likely that your disk drive has gone kaput. I am not a dedicated games player and although I have used Amstrads for a few years I have not had a lot of experience with joysticks and have always assumed that they all have some small in-built defects because I have never been able to operate any stick or Fire button would always result an the desired effect on the screen. For example, following your recommen- dation in the June issue, I have just pur- H you're having trouble with yew joy slick, check It on another computer or c heck another slick on youu.

While the "stick works fine left and right, I can never be rare the Fire button will actually rotate the shape on the screen and I may have to press Fire two or three times before rotation occurs. As I say, I have always assumed this Is something you have to live with if you have a joystick but now I wonder if that is true? I'd certainly appreciate your views on this. Peter Smith Bournemouth You might expect some of the cheaper joysticks to be a tad unresponsive, but a 'stick of the quality of the Cruiser should give excellent results.

Maybe you're the uniuckiest person in the Universe, either that or it could be that you've got a dicky joy- stick socket. Try your joystick out With a friend's computer If it works on that r then you know if its your machine or not If not, then taJre it back. I fol- lowed the nice, simple instructions and everything worked O K Right. No Load t tig instructions! Did you forget to put them up Or am I thick? Simon Moyse London Erm t it's goes, something like this.

In last month's Amscene, we prun- ed the listings in order to get the programs to had. We also feel extremely bad about the whole fiasco, so should you want to send a blank disk and an SAE to us. The address to send them to is: AA Govertape fiasco. Amstrad Action, Future Publishing. I've recieved a letter fcom an A Waddle don't be shy, let me know your first name! Do I need an assembler? It s a complex sys- tem of codes and numbers that takes a great deal of practice and leading- up to master The advantage is that although it's difficult and time-consuming to learn, if you can write pro- grams in machine code they will be faster and more efficient than any others because it's like 'talking to' the chips directly; But because machine oode is so complicat- ed and tricky there are easier programming languages like BASIC, BASIC lets you write your programs with much more easy to under- stand commands, and then converts these commands into machine code itself.

An assembler works in a similar way. It allows you to use nice friendly names to repre- sent the machine cotfe. Think of it as providing a relatively easy way of putting all those horrid numbers into the computer. That's not to say it makes it easy, though! I just end up getting muddledl You would only need an assembler if you were to actually write a program in machine code yoursel perish the thought! If sorr body else has written the machine code pi gram already, then the numbers have all be worked out, so you don't need an assembler help you.

AU you have to do is load these mi hers into the computers memory. In a commercial game bought from a she the machine code is loaded into the compute memory from the tape or disk. It's only when a listing is in assembly oo mnemonics words to you and me - mnemc ics is what the eggheads call them that yoi need an assembler to type it in. This is or likely to occur in an article on machine code the first place, so you'd need to be pretty mu into machine code to want to use it.

Why on Earth would mybody want to buy one? Because you can't type anything in on the con- sole, there will never be the need to save things to tape or disk. So all you ever need to do Is bad the progrnfe Whan a progr am is loaded into the computer in the conventional maimer. This takes ages - especially on tape, As owners will no doubt be aware! The solution thai console menfactums came up with was to put the complete games directly onto special memory chips that retain the game program even when the powef Is turned off.

These chips are mounted onto small circuil boards and enclosed in plastic cam. These m calted car- tridges. Cartridges have several advantages. They m more reliable loo - you don't HI! And welcome to a regular new begin ners section in 4; My name s Alex, and I'm here to help you out with all those little questions that you've wanted answered about the Am s trad but were too afraid to ask!

Tm not one of those propeller- heads who rant onaboutROM boards and widgets all the time. I'm just a down-to- earth Amstrad user who has a basic understanding of her machine. But I was once a beginer too. I know what exactly what it's like to be blinded by science when all I really wanted was a straightforward answer in plain English! Don't worry if you think your prob- lem is just too plain daft - no matter how small or simple you think it is, Til do my very best to help.

Just one thing - if it is quite a complicated subject, send it to Forum instead. Adam will be far better equiped to deal with it. After all. Or so he reckons, the big head! For example, a lot of peo- ple wonder what the difference between various programming lan- guages is see the first item this month.

And what on earth is this machine code business.. If you've got any topics you want explained - it doesn t matter how baste you think they are - just write in to me and I II try to pin them down on paper. So, what are you waiting for - get writing!

It just makes me want to scream! What's worse is if you're the owner of a computer that does it all the time. One such poor soul is Paul Hart from Worcester, He bought a second-hand computer which worked fine when he got it. Problem is, now that he's had it for a couple of months, some of the games won't load any more! Another common factor in tape load- ing errors is incorrect alignment. For this you'll need to get hold of one of those tiny jewellers" screwdrivers. There should be a little hole on top of the cassette unit.

This depends very much on the type of cassette player you have. The has the tape built in, but if you're using a plug-in one then it may be slightly different from the diagram. The methods are slightly different depending on whether you have a with its built-in cassette recorder, or one of the models thai Alignment Hole with your computer, Paul. I think instead that the tape heads are plain old dirty tsk tsk! The pans that that touch the tape get covered in all manner of disgusting filth and you'll need to give them a good scrubbing.

You could buy a cleaning cassette from Woolies, but they aren't really that effective, and if used too often will damage the tape heads. Cleaning cas- settes are abrasive. They work by scraping the surface of the heads - like a brillo pad on an two week old lasagne dish. It's best to leave them to soak overnight in washing up Liquid lasagne dishes, that is.

No, you don't dunk the meths. Just dab the cotton bud in it instead. Then gently wipe all the exposed parts with it see the diagram that Ollie has so kindly drawn for me. The din will vanish and your tapes should load as good as new! Checking the alignment out with an exter- nal cassette recorder is the easiest, First thing to do is unplug the cassette deck from the com- putet Get a music tape that you're familiar with I find New Gold Dream by Simple Minds to be perfect for the job.

Put it into the cas- sette deck and press Play. Don't get too carried away listening to the music though, cos you've got work to dof Listen very carefully to the sound, and insert the screwdriver into the hole. It should slip into the head of the screw and rotate it just a fraction. The sound should sound either duller or dearer.

Keep rotating the screw - just a fraction at a time, mind - until you're satisfied that you have got the crispest signal possible. The problem with the is that you sim- ply cannot hear the sound from the built-in cas- sette unit. Well, you can, just about, if you turn the volume up to full.

It s very faint and muf- fled though, and it's very difficult to tell whether the sound quality has changed at all. So the job's a bit more fiddly, but it can still be done. Use a normal Amstrad computer cas- sette, listen for the sound of the blocks as they load in. You should just about be able to dis- cern a difference in pitch as you turn the screw.

A combination of sound, and how well the computer reads the blocks should let you when you're done. For a cassette player to "read" the music petfectly the cassette heads must be at perfect right-angles to the tape. They are set to be at the factory, but with cassettes being knocked around so much, they can drift after a while. The little screw adjusts this angle and the crispest sound indicates that the alignment is spot on.

Anything outskte this limited vocabulary and if won't he able to act upon the information, so it'll stop, all confused like. Every tetter needs 1o be correct, and all spaces need to be typed in loo. There are pkmty of other errors that may catch the unwary, no; least because you can often get a Syntax Error in a line when there's nothing wrong with if! Instead, the error may be in another line that effects that one - just one ol the joys of programming!

H you come across a Syntax Error you can't get to the bottom of, or some other program- ming quirk, drop me a line - chances are I've had exactfy the same problem myself f get those blasted loading errors! Another important factor - especially as tar as the software producers are concerned - is that these games cannot be pirated easily.

Not without lots of powerful professional equipment at any rate, In other words, games can't be copied I legally and than sold at reduced prices or even given away. On the downside cartridges are far more expensive to produce than simply getting a batch of tapes duplicated.

This is reflected In the relative- ly high coat of console games, So why would anyone buy a console when the gamas are so much more expense? Well, as t mentioned earlier, there's no boring wait tor games to load. But there Is much mom to it than that.

Amstrad have implemented several new features that are only available on cartridges. This means better, more advanced games! The Plus computers give you the best of boiti wortds. You can use Item as normal computers, of you can plug In a cartridge for extra f un! H s a console, but whet the devil is H? It outperforms all other word processors tor the CPC Tria hols system is very convenient and exceptionally fas!. It is supplied with an introdyctorv 1u1or file. The word processor and database can be resident together, giving the convenience of access to both programmes with no disc delays.

This makes a very compact corntimtion and allows both programmeSj 6 pages o1 teit and addresses to be in the memory 31 ihe same time uung a tlandard or 6lH plus. All other word processors are compromised to drive daisy wheel and dot matrix printers. This means that BfunWord Elite is able to respond in a more sophisticated ay than normally possibfe.

Total price 1 A 11 you old timers out there must remember Cheat Mode 1, the col lected hinting, tipping and pok ing wisdom of Aittstrud Action's first sixteen issues. This magnificent pagt epic was snapped up in its thousands b eager A A readers looking for a way tc lake the sting out of their fave games,. Cheat Mode Q takes the best cheats from the last three years Of Cheat Mode and crams it intc pages of absolutely essential info.

And as if that wasn't enough, we've gath- ered together previously unpublished listings from such poking giants as Phil Howard. Mike Wong and Graham Smith. All you have to do is fill in the order form below and send it off to the address printed - and you'll become the proud owner of the most impor- tant new work since Name Address.. The K unit lakes your to KI! Voicing is transparent to the user and the computer can cany on with other program tasks as necessary. The prizes are all courtesy of Gremlin Graphics, purveyor of all man- ner of goodies heading our way.

Shadow of the Beast got an AA Rave this issue, we've got our hands on the incredible console game Switchblade for next time and Lotus Esprit Tuibo Challenge is nearly finished and looking brilliant. And there is! Take a look at the entry form below and gasp at the fiendishly difficult ques- tions we want you to answer. And when you've done those, fill in your personal particulars and whack the entry form or a photocopy into an envelope and send it to us at the address printed on the form.

Cor lumme, it's a tough 'un and no mistake! MuHiple entiles are sneaky, conniving and utterly immoral, We havt hentfuriling tipeits in the M offices who can snilf them out rn nanoseconds. The judges decision is totally final, compleleEy irreversible and absolutely no correspondence whatsoever will be entered into under any circumstances of any description thai coukJ conceivable arise, whatever happens.

Any enlries arriving after this dale wilt be used to prop up one ol the legs on Rod's desk which has been a hit wonky ever since that business with the builders. This is why we want you to answer the following questions, just lo show that you are worthy of this enormous prize just tick the appropriate box : 1.

The Stu rmey- Archer pneu matic road ha mmer? Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge will feature manic one or Iwo- player racing rn which car? Godzilla meets the Psychotic Arachnids from Gleethorpes? And stacks of superherocs. Whether you choose the advanced. Both computers also take in si ant loading ROM cartridges, so yon get instant access to top rated games from the best software houses in Europe. And they're both compatible with hundreds of CPC lilies on disk and cassette.

So if your Amstrad starts acting like an arcade, don't worrv. Just plav alone. Software subject la tcence. Product subtect lo availability. RRP may change without notice. Curr ys. You don't need to be an expert yourself. Described by the Racing Post as n the best racing software available" [Feb ]. Send for our free information pack! H Im" Prim it. Stole or ,. If you'd like to become one of the Turtles and and you could be that winner I The turtle with the colour of red is Raphael, who is famous not just for his sai fighting ichaelangelo with the Bostaff, beca turtle is the clever Donatella MI Si!

Calls cost 33p cheap rate and 44 p at all other times per minute including VAT, Voiceline. Please ask your parents permission before you call. Nw Liri. In the long-running quest for reality in their games, software houses are always trying to perfect their 3D graphics techniques. Recently, programmers seem to have reached the limit of the original CPC in this field, with games like Castle Master and Stunt Car Racer leading the way In this series I shall be explaining the concepts behind the stunning graphics.

The kind of 3D effects we see in games are often referred to as vector graphics. This is because three-dimensional objects are represented and manipulated using vector methods often called matrices , Before getting into the programming details, a brief description of matrices and matrix operations is required.

In other words, it is a grid in which a list of data is stored in an organised way. A matrix could represent anything from the points won by various motOT racing teams in various races, to the weekly accounts of a small business In the case of vectoT graphics, matrices are used to represent the structure of objects.

A sample matrix is show in figure 1. This matrix describes a two- dimension- al triangle. For each ver- tex corner of the triangle, two values are stored. The first is the x position of the vertex, and directly below this in the matrix is the y position.

From the matrix in figure 1 it can therefore be seen that there are three ver- tices not surprising for a triangle! The line below sets up a 3x2 an ay suitable for representing the triangle in figure 1. Using a variable for this means that we can easily change to object to a dif- ferent type later on. Naturally, this array is empty to begin with and code must be written to fill it with the rele- vant data.

This code is shown below. Ail it does is reads the values mto their respective places in the matrix from the DATA statement in line , The data is stored in line in xtXyO. The following lines do this, 18 mi e [ outn m,m m m x4 io n sib x? However multiplication is a little involved when it comes to matrices Suppose we wanted to multiply the two matri- ces show m figure 2 - figure 3 shows how this is done.

The procedure is as follows: 1 Take the top two numbers from the trans- formation matrix, and multiply them by the two numbers in the object matrix which hold the position of the first vertex as shown in the diagram. Place the answer from this in the x postion slot of the first vertex in the result matrix. These are marked by a holiow arrow in figure 3. This stage is marked by a dotted arrow in figure 3.

You will probably recognise one of the matrices in figure 3 as the triangle descriptor The other one is what is called a transforma- tion matrix. By multiplying these two matrioes a new one is formed and. Different transformation matrices transform the object in different ways - e,g. The new, transformed, object matrix is plotted in figure 4 alongside the original shape.

BB The size of the object descriptor matrix depends on the number of corners the object has, but for two dimensional shapes the trans- formation matrix is always a 2x2 one. This means that the routine above can be used to load any required transformation matrix into memory.

Furthermore, by taking a lot of the lime consuming burden of graphics off of the CPU, more of the processor s time can be spent doing the mathematical calcu- lations needed to manipulate many 3D objects simultaneously. This Fact in particu- lar will make 3D graphics programs an obvious area for software houses to explore, as things like two-dimensional shutf-em-ups will not have their fundamen- tal concepts improved so drastically by the new hardware.

This can't really be called ani- mation, though, as the old positions of the tri- angle are still visible and the triangle doesn't appear to move. Drawing and erasing these tri- angles fast enough for animation is out of the question in BASIC, but with cunning colour switching techniques we can create the illu- sion of movement.

The simplest, and most effective, way to do this is to draw each animation frame m a differ- ent colour, and then set aU the colours to the background colour so that all the triangles become invisible. Then, by cycling through the colours, switching one to the foreground colour each time the illusion of movement is created Our program can be adapted to do this by adding the following lines The first few cause the program to draw only lb different triangles, one in each of MODE O s logical colours m HI colour:!

More professionaJ colour switching techniques will be discussed in the third part of this series. If you break out of the program using the escape key you may not be able to see what you're typsng because the text ink is set to the background colour, If this happens, just type INK 1. U4 Each transformation matrix will perform the same transformation no matter what object you use it on, so if the object is changed to a rectangle the program will still rotate it.

The following lines load the description of a rectan- gle into the object matrix. The first line tells the program that the object has 4 corners, the next one holds their co-ordinates. An example of a combined transformation matrix can be loaded into the program given so far by replacing line with the one shown below, This transfor- mation matrix combines the two given earlier in this article to shrink and rotate the object contained in the object array simultaneously.

In the mean time, why not experiment with different objects and transformations? Super On. Brttfe Battfe. StapagM, Arkarod II. BaSman Gaped Crusader. Formula 1 Sirmilaior, Brran Jack's erslar Challenge. War Cars. The Bowl. Mystery qI the IHe. J hmuii.

M'A fat borne Ranrjor » M in w. PuflysSaga 7. Rtck Dangef0ws2 7 Sim City. Ghouls n Ghosts.. Gunship - The Champ Turtw Outrun 7. VefxJena 7. War in MxWle Earth 7. WiW Streets rrm. World Cship Boiing Manager.

Korix NawiQj. Ma»k t4. TqOtWn ,,,,,, i i irTwipH. HHrMh t4. Return of! Alerburnar, Last U. Led Storm. M 11 99 Answer Back Junior 7 B 13 99 Bio! Pteya a New Game.. Indiana Jones. Tascopy M Sprites Alive Comp. Pascal Hisoft C Compiler,. Hisoft Forth. Shop prices will vary. Persona] callers only. Box 21 1 r St James Avenue, Chester CHI 3NJ Leani to Jtead with Pial is a new series of reading tutorials designed to help young chil- dren who are just starting the language-learning pro- cess, Its aim is to help children look at the construction of words in greater detail They gam a phonic approach to reading, as well as help with spelling.

Spellings or pronunciation are not drummed in or learnt by rote. Instead, a computer game is used to help the children identify and select letters The first thing the child does is listen to an audio cassette, A story, read by TV's famous Patricia Hayes, unfolds.

It also teaches the keys needed for the forthcoming game. Once the child is aware of the keys used, the game itself is loaded. The audio tape does not continue during the game, It is solely an introductory device. No initial reading ability is required. In the game, the child controls a little red character of the sort that used to get chased around mazes by ghosts.

He s called The Prof. If the child completes this successfully, the hi- de man jumps up and down with evident glee This game format remains basically the same throughout the entire tutorial. In Part One there are approximately four letters to place in four words. This value vanes depending upon your current level When you have completed all the words on one level, you are presented with a brightly-coloured graph- ics screen, such as a cat sitting in front of some shops.

These cover the same grounc as the games, but in a more "traditional 1 wordsand-pictures way. Book One introduces nine words. These are I. These are obviously more complex in structure, polysyllabic, and occasionally require pronunci- ation which differs from the phonetic look' of the word. The subject matter of the tutor is centred on the child.

The parent takes an important role in help- ing the child through all the books and levels. When the child moves Prof to a word, you the parent should read that word t and ask the child to do so too. If the spelling produced by the child is correct, the Prof jumps up and done, and a short tune is heard. The child should then say the word, without being told it again. Overall, the components of the package are fine.

The books are well written and produced, the computer program is bright and has nice arresting graphics and sound, and the audio tape is great. It s a pity that the this idea isn't Of course, the strength ol I he idea ol using i computer to help a child learn to read is because the process becomes interac- tive, and Iherelore interesting.

The Play and Read system employed by Prisma is meant to provide just this mix. But the acid test is always to let the kids have a go, This is just what we did. Several hyper-adive live and six year-olds were It mpcranly recruited, and were helped through Prof pis ft a new game. The audio-cassette-based iniroduetion was a hit. The game Itself must ol course, be set up by an adult The ability avals and game speed need selecting for a start.

Game speed is important because it determines how rapidly the Pro I responds to keypresses. This caused the first problem, The red Prat character must be moved accurately by the cursor keys. He has to climb i ladder, getting oh a certain floors to access differ carried further. This can get rather fiddlesome for young fingers. If the speed is on slow, the character can lake a little loo long to gel to his designation and boredom can set in.

The game format stays the same for each part and level, and, whilst the chil- dren were able to understand and get to grips wrlh ii. The game sequence, unfortunately, doasn t vary enough to keep a child interested for long. All I he letters and partial words can look a little for- bidding, and the fairly high degree of accuracy needed to guide the Prof to his destination can cause frustration. User Orive etc Status screen shows Data. Lasi oaie.

Balance-, Drwe, Tito. Change amount, presel Oatsnce. Custom alarm system traps; 3JI inputs antf user mrtlahas. Si 3 SAY Un-. Supplied ready to plug in and use. Please state , , or? The most comprehensive tape o disc utility Supplied on disc with a huge database oi verified transfers. Papa ig disc transfers. Deals with all forms of Speedfock. Works on all GPCs.

All standard editing facilities PLUS: File mapping - lists locations of files on disc to screen or printer, auto step by step move men i through a file, string and byte search -h rough file or whole disc. Very easy to use. The latest addition to our range rs a tinte gem It.

PcwfWU but easy lo tee software, ram to rom copy, edrtjng. Contact: Tony Baker, 26 Uplands Close. Tel: Prices in elude VAT and carriage unless otherwise stated. We thought an 8-bit version of Shadow of the Beast would be a jot It's no joke. Gremlin Graphics took the job on, and you can find out the result on page It nearly was. Have you ever turned the comer of a muddy, gravel-covered, pot- holed and let's-fare-iudownright-danger- ous road at speeds of up to llOmph?

I have. So It all happened on a rather soggy afternoon in late October somewhere in the middle of Wales, J was the guest of Gremlin, which was promoting its up V coming Toyota Cehca rac- ing epic, and had tootled up to Newtown for a day of general tomfoolery, The first event on our hectic schedule was a morning spent clay-pigeon shooting - that is P it would have been a morning if we hadn't all got split up on the way there and got lost! After lunch we scootled off to some enor- mous forest in the middle of some enormous moor.

And there we found the Crazy Car. But what about the game? Well, you get to tackle several different courses En a wide variety of weather conditions. More shan that, we don't yet know - though rl it shapes up as well as Lotus Espm Twbo Challenge Jocks like doing, we re in for a cracker! I just thought you might like to know I - ahem - came second!

But these two entertainments' were noth- ing compared to what came next, The main event of the day was always going to involve Team Toyota, the rally offshoot of the car company, but when it transpired that its driver, David Llewellyn, was going to be in the woods' that day practising for the Lombard rally in Kovember.

TT asked him if he wouldn't mind giving us all a spin Which is exactly what he did - and in more ways than one] groa«. Strapped into the passenger seat like rats In a trap, Dave and I crept up to the starting line. A bit of explanation from the speed freak him- self Like how he wasn't going to use a clutch for the first three gears!

Kt cm we go back for my stomach, Dave? I couldn't believe the acceleration, the way his arms were flying up and down either side of the steering wheel - just about as often as the helmet on my head was slamming into the roof i And when we swept round comers half the car wasn't actual- ly on the road at all. On the straights, he told me later, we were doing 1.

We got tc the end of the track "You okayT "W-w-w-w-weB Thanks, Dave, thanks, Gremlin, and we look forward to seeing the game real soon! Fun School 3 is everything you - and your chil- dren— ever wanted from educational software: SIX chalfenging programs in each pack which fulfil the exacting requirements of the National Cur- riculum.

Plus: Stunning graphics; exciting sounds; carefully structured levels so your children can have fun and learn at their own pace. And all are designed by the winning team which created Fun School 2 k the biggest- selling educational package ever! Your skin's got a palloui only marginally healthier than month'Old tripe and you can't even walk and punch tilings at the same time.

Not nice, eh? Mind you, you're a darned sight nicer than the other guy He is the Beast, and responsible for the murder of your own father and countless other innocent humans. Yes, you were human too, once, and it was the Beast who turned you into this horribly, ghast- ly snake-headed horror.

Which is why the Beast must pay. Shadow of the Beast is a scrolling kick-em- up with lots of exploring and timing puzzles to keep you busy as you search out the Beast, belting its minions into oblivion as you go And you're pretty good at betting things, because although you'd get a few funny looks on the bus, you re tough as nails, with a Swarzenegger physique and fists like concrete.

Your fighting moves are limited - which makes learning them easy - yet highly effec- tive. Hit the Pire button while you're walking and you stop briefly to bash whatever is in your path. Press Fire while you're jumping and you deliver a devestating kick, Push down on the stick and fire, and you punch the tights out of any ground -hugging creepie crawlies that come your way. The key to success is timing your moves. None of your assailants are that tough, but they do have a habit of creeping up on you unawares.

And there are some baddies, like bouncing eyeballs yuk! Take a hit from one of these - or from any other creature - and you lose one of your twelve energy points. When all twelve have gone - well, it s back to the start, I'm afraid. Let s start at the beginning, though. First of all, you've got to explore your surroundings - watch out for nasty bats, circular sun-god-type nasties and man traps on the ground.

Head right and you'll come to a well You can actual- ly get into this well and climb down it. When you get to the bottom it'll tell you you need a key Great What you really should have done was head left,.. This time you'll come to what looks like a treehouse. Go inside, and you're into Level Two, an underground maze of tunnels and lad- ders. Watch out for giant ants, club-wielding ogres, fireballs, huge dragons' heads that stick out of the floor and ceiling without warning, and - thank goodness!

To get out of this level you need firstly to learn your way around and secondly find some way of wiping out the grisly end- of- level guardian. The answer is a creature which squats at the end of a corridor on the other side of the complex.

It sits there, gobbing balls of fue at you periodically and lobbing a sphere up and down. You need to choose your moment, duck in there and hit the sphere before dodging back out of the way. Hit it enough times and it disappears You now have a weapon to tackle the guardian with And lo and behold, you emerge up through the well! You go inside, into a dark, gloomy corridor. Take a few steps and it becomes darker and gloomier.

A few more steps and you'ie in pitch darkness Yes, you've forgotten something. Head back for the doorway if you can find it again , go outside and bead to the right until you come to a torch mounted on the castle wall. Leap up to grab it and head back for the doorway Level Four is slightly smaller than Level Two, and only marginally tougher. There are a whole new range of hazards to contend with, though. Those Iree roots appear from nowhere and at one point giant spiders hang from the ceiling, gently moving up and down.

You can t kill them - so can you dodge past them? As with the second level, there are power ups for your vitality and objects to collect One of these is a spanner you'll need later, the other is a gun You'll need the gun for the end of level guardian, which will require some pretty fancy jumping and shooting to defeat The next level is really quite different. Your warrior is no longer running, but zooming along m underwater gear or is it a spacesuit?

And this, dear friends, is as far as we are taking you. From here on in, you're on your own as you search out the Beast Graphically, the game is unusual in using the Amstrad's four colour mode. This leaves the screens looking often dingy and empty, but pays off handsomely in terms of detail and ani- mation The above-ground sequences suffer from the attempt to shade the sky and fore- ground, but the rest look really excellent. A bold, but very wise, move by Gremlin.

Scrolling is a bit iffy here and there, but set agains the general standard of the graphics, that's a smaU point. Collision detection is excellent, and you can judge positioning almost to the pixel - essential with some of the timing puzzles. Use a fairly heavy joystick, though, because the wrong move in the wrong place is frequently catastrophic.

The soundtrack is quite Untenable and atmospheric. You can actually play the game for hours without feeling the usual compulsion to turn the sound off! The effects are clear and effective - the thwacks k you get when you hit something help you tune those fighting moves to perfection. All this wouldn't help much if the game itself wasn't up to it. Fortunately, it is. Shadow of the Beast on the bits was a graphical tour-de- force, but the gameplay was tough, shallow and incredibly frustrating Well the good news is that the Amstrad version, thanks to Gremlin, has retained all of the virtues and none of the vices of the original.

The graphics and soundtrack are great, but the game is much easier and much more playable The whole package has been very well judged indeed. There are really only two gnpes. You can't really relax, but there's no challenge either The second gripe is a biggie Once you lose all your vitality you're sent right back to the start.

Even the artwork was spectacular, commissioned - as with all Psygnosls slutf - from Roger [tain, famous sci-fi artist ol the 70s and the man behind many a Yes album cover. Nevertheless, Shadow s reputation as a milestone in gam ing lives on - as does that rrtsta n 1 1 y-recognisable lizard-headed warrior- thanks to Gremlin, restart point Ouch! That means that even if you can do the first few levels with your eyes shut, you've still got to plod through them every time you want to take another shot at finishing the game.

Shadow of the Beast is a game we thought we d never see on the Amstrad. A game with a reputation of being all graphics and no game- play. Well Gremlin has retained its excellent graphics, by Amstrad standards, and tweaked the gameplay to the point where it really is a very good game in its own right.

However, it does herald a less welcome trend. This might be just because it's such a big game it takes up both sides of a 3 inch disk Alternatively, it might be the shape or price of things to come We shall have to wait and see. Four compulsive driving games in one box. You'll be tak- ing your life in your hands, so think once; think twice; think "how fast can I go around this comei? Speed and graphics are astounding, with great colours and wonderfully smooth move- ment Sprfles are big and flicker- 1 ree and the sound-effects maintain this high standard.

There is no tune, but the turbo noise is great and there i s decent speech as well. That's over mph m real money You pick a driver from a mug-shot gallery, and off you go, racing eleven other bods The buggies tear round small, twisty courses, bashing each other and vying for the lead. You must achieve at least third place to con- tinue through to the next round. And there are 27 tracks waiting. The sheer fun of the game, with its respon- sive play, is its greatest asset. It's fast, furious, frustrating and other things beginning with f, The buggy is very controliable, and you learn to drift the back out round corners, thus powering Hard DrivtiT is from Doinaik And around a stunt circuit, trying to siay on the road and complete the stunts, and trying to avoid other ioad users lugging their shopping back from Waitrose The stunts are all seen in vector 3D, and the gamt?

But in fact Hard Dnvm' is great. You've a Ferrari F40, you've gat your best girl by your side, and the open road ahead. That's about it. You'll need them to overcome the barriers and boulders which block your path. Graphics are clear, with a sat- isfying impression of blurred speed, However, control is slug- gish, and the car lurches slowly from roadside to verge as you turn.

To represent other road sur- faces, the car sometimes becomes even more un- respon- sive. There are no spot sounds. Instead, a tune plays continually - OK, but no replacement for the tyre- squeal- ing, engine-re wing sounds that should have been included. The result is a curiously soul- less game, with many nice touches, but no great overall appeal.

Sections of the track are elevated, and seemingly unsupported. Your for- ward vision is cut down dramatically so you might plough into the back of some other speed- f leak pootling along just over the crest. If you like driv- es, and you don't have any of them Lhen buy this collection.

Pain is painful, You'll need to learn these three rules if you're gonna survive out on the mean streets of Scumvilie. Target Renegade makes no apolo- gies about plonking you in this rather unpleas- ant town And It's out and out warfare there Your mission is to avenge the memory of your brother.

He got severely stomped in the origi- nal Renegade, and now you're after Mi Big, who picked the fight in the first place. The first of the five levels is set in a multi- storey car-park, where a motorcycle gang, who happen to be passing, try to beat you into your constituent molecules. Get up sharpish? There are several gaudily dressed women around. What they want is anyone's guess.

However, they seem to take an instant dislike to you, and frail and fragile fair- er sex that they may be, they try and kick out your lungs. So the violence continues. If you're still playing this far, you'll be better at it, and the folk you encounter will have their bones pul- verised before they can say 'flick-knife', Level Three sees you in the Park.

Turn and kick im! As you relax by the pond r watching the children playing in the sand pit, you casually make the acquaintance of a large number of milling skinheads. They take umbrage at something you say or do, and subsequently attempt to damage your face and body severely Where are those Turtles when you really need them? Next, you shamble, bleeding and broken, into a Shopping MaU littered with Beastie Boys fans and their hungry Rottweilers.

When they notice you they proceed to turn your head into etc. After this light relief you'll be exactly in the mood to confront Mr Big, King of the Scallywags, in his own bar. His bodyguards attempt to pull your.

Do not try to reason with them. Target Renegade appeared as a full-price game in AA35 and scored a Mastergame. It still looks great today. It's got bags of payabili- ty, and the graphics are fab, being big, clear and well animated. You have several violent moves available to dispatch your foes, and they all look good on screen.

Sound is fine too. Mindless thuggery It tun. The two-player mode puts both you and said friend on screen at the same time. So you can work as a team, doubling your effectiveness It is excellent fun as you both lay into an immobilised, unconscious skinhead. You're not likely to be doing something like that in real life, lets face it. The game isn't easy, either. Target Renegade has stood the test of time very well. It really is an excellent game. You will need to enjoy inflicting and receiving extreme physi- cal trauma, though It can get repeti- tive, but there are so many levels and charac ters that this isn't a major factor If you aren't put off, and ethics matter little, then this is the budget punch-em-up for you.

James 'Did you spill my pint? And even better with two players. Whether it's on foot, on horseback, or on a motor vehicle. Suggest a mile jog though the sub-zero temperatures, and you'll be locked up as a loony. And since bareback Yak racing hasn't yet caught on, some sort of motor-sport is the only choice left.

Cars would be a silly idea. For one thing, as well as dry' tyres and fc wet" tyres you'd have lo « Damn, damn, and double damn! You'd probably need gal- lons of antifreeze as well. So what they do m such snowy regions is race snowmobiles.

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