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Forex peace army mtis

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While the concept of military support, especially against a major adversary such as Russia, will generally conjure images of rows of main battle tanks, advanced air defences and even fighter jets roaring into the scene, most aid has taken the more demure form of infantry weapons and equipment. One very practical reason that this has been the case is the fact that the recipient operates largely ex-Soviet equipment, and is therefore unfamiliar with what many of Ukraine's supporters can offer it.

The advantage of infantry weaponry, and in particular those types that are mainly being delivered, is that they require only marginal training to achieve familiarity and to be able to use them effectively. This requirement essentially confines military aid to that equipment that is either easy to use, or that Ukrainian operators already have experience working with. Another reason why we are not yet seeing rows of armoured vehicles exchanging ownership at the Ukrainian border is because many politicians abroad are under the impression that such deliveries run the risk of further escalating the conflict, potentially to the point of open warfare between NATO and Russia.

Such reasoning fails to take into account the fact that the prevailing narrative in Russian media is already that the Russian Army is essentially fighting a proxy war in Ukraine against its enemies, and that given the current military situation it is unlikely Vladimir Putin will risk escalation over the mere delivery of conventional weaponry.

Nevertheless, even if "low-profile" is taken as a condition for armament to be given to Ukraine, there remains plenty of types whose continued introduction could be considered a game changer. If there's anything that conflicts of the recent past have demonstrated, it's that they have essentially begun to revolve around precision-guided munitions PGMs , which are vastly more effective both in terms of impact per piece of munition and the potential for forcing fast breakthroughs on the battlefield.

The limiting factor has often been the prohibitive cost of such equipment, and that the fact that their high-tech nature has at times precluded widespread introduction. This in fact offers some explanation for Russia's poor performance to date: the amount and quality of PGMs they have deployed appears to be quite low, with long-ranged cruise missiles strikes often hitting off-mark and bomber aircraft forced to fly low sorties to deliver unguided rockets and iron bombs.

On the Ukrainian side, though both its existing inventory and newly delivered guided weaponry have proven extremely effective, rates of depletion must be very high and much of the armament in question is only effective out to short ranges. In addition to such armament, then, the Ukrainians require longer ranged weaponry both for air defence and targeted ground strikes. The one source currently forthcoming with such armament, Turkey, has plenty of other assets that would be highly suitable.

In addition to UCAVs like the Bayraktar TB2, which have already taken on a seminal role thus far, it also exports weapons systems like the TRLG, a multiple rocket launcher MRL which by virtue of its precision-guided munitions is especially lethal. Although its drones are faring amazingly well given the environment in which they are deployed, in other conflicts of the past their efficacy was multiplied by the use of effective electronic counter warfare systems, which dimish the threat from enemy air defences and thereby allow more complete control of the battlefield.

Such systems could be among the most low-profile yet high-impact additions to Ukraine's arsenal. Conversely, to protect Ukrainian assets on the ground and make sure Russia does not attain aerial superiority, it is in dire need of more potent air defence assets. Although MANPADS both foreign-delivered and Ukrainian have been devastatingly effective in the conflict, longer ranged systems would allow defenders more freedom on friendly territory, in effect enabling more effective defence and counter attack.

At the present, the only publically known assets Ukraine has received in this area were abandoned by Russia, whose soldiers to date left some twenty air defence systems behind in various battles and retreats. Some have even suggested Turkey should deliver its S SAM system, which aside from this same issue also begs the question why only they are considered responsible for delivering strategic SAMs. Take the Finance Magnates quiz Jurevicius explains in detail a variety of challenges and methods which Forex Peace Army faces and utilizes:.

What is the nature and process by which you evaluate brokers? In most cases, the evaluation is left to reviews submitted by clients. The Forex Peace Army has the largest and best collection of human moderated forex reviews in the world. The reason for moderation is to greatly reduce the number of fake reviews, both by companies and by their clients.

When companies get complaints, the Forex Peace Army tries to help resolve the issues. The response or non-response of companies then becomes part of the evaluation process. When companies in the industry don't treat their clients honestly, the Forex Peace Army takes steps to warn traders. Are there any specific practices or strategies you would recommend to regulated or conversely unregulated brokers?

First, take care of your clients, then educate and inform them of your policies. Also never pressure them to deposit more than they are comfortable with. Next, never make promises your company cannot keep. Finally be active in public media and on our site. If you get negative reviews — add comments to them and address the issues. If we get complaints about your company we will invite you to explain your side of the story — make sure you are active and responsive.

We had cases when company reps were really unprofessional and unethical or simply ignored all our invitations to explain the matter. We had no other choice but to put a warning on their review page. And only after this company management would find out there were complaints… So make sure you have registered company rep within our page — in case we get any complaints we will contact the rep immediately.

For unregulated brokers, get regulated. What is your opinion surrounding the effectiveness and legitimacy of specific worldwide regulators, i. CySEC is one of the key watchdog authorities for brokerages in Europe, whose financial regulations and operations comply with the European MiFID financial harmonization law.

Founded in , CySEC is instrumental in providing licensing and registration for forex brokers and previously binary options providers. CySEC is responsible for a variety of different functions, which includes the supervision and control of the Cyprus Stock Exchange as well as transactions executed in the Stock Exchange, its listed companies, brokers and brokerage firms. Furthermore, the regulator also supervises and monitors Licensed Investment Services Companies, Collective Investment funds, investment consultants.

This includes provisions for Cyprus Investment Firms CIF , who provide and perform investment services and activities either within Cyprus or abroad on a professional basis on certain financial instruments. Finally, CySEC oversees the imposition of administrative sanctions and disciplinary penalties to brokers, brokerage firms, and investment consultants, among others.

The group has been a key force in policing the forex and binary options space, which has included several legal actions and curb market abuse. Since , CySEC has sought to take a more aggressive stance against illicit behavior, while also strengthening its handling of investor complaints against entities. The CySEC is administered by a seven-member Board, which consist of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, each of whom provide their services on a full and exclusive employment basis, and five additional non-executive members.

Their service reflects a five-year term. Read this Term , etc? Are there any that stand out as being the best or lacking? Nearly all regulators are very slow. Brokers know that all they have to do is throw some delays in front of clients and some of the clients will give up. Unethical brokers can take advantage of this by only acting in a client's interests when the client appears ready to take the case to the regulator.

Similarly, there are some brokers that only respond to client complaints at the Forex Peace Army when a Traders Court case goes public. One improvement noticed recently is that CySEC appears to realize that lax enforcement has allowed many CySEC regulated companies to do terrible things to clients. CySEC fines and suspensions have become more common, and clients are being referred to the Cyprus Financial Ombudsman.

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Market Traders Institute Inc. (MTI) is a foreign exchange (forex) education and Other websites of this company include: FOREXTIPS. Forex Peace Army. MTI Markets offers the MT4 and Mobile forex trading top platform. offers over 50 forex currency pairs, indices, oil, shares. Market Traders Institute Inc. (MTI) is a foreign exchange (forex) education and training company based in the Orlando suburb of Lake Mary, Florida.