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Rbi forex master circulars rbi financial statements thomas ittelson

Rbi forex master circulars rbi

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One is the "specific risk" charge for each security, which is designed to protect against an adverse movement in the price of an individual security owing to factors related to the individual issuer, both for short short position is not allowed in India except in derivatives and Central Government Securities and long positions.

The other is the "general market risk" charge toward interest rate risk in the portfolio, where long and short positions which is not allowed in India except in derivatives and Central Government Securities in different securities or instruments can be offset.

The circular covers the following points with respect to the computation of capital charge for market risk:. Skilled market researcher; growth strategist; successful go-to-market campaign developer. Works with financial institutions, regulatory experts, business analysts, product managers, and software engineers to drive regulatory solutions across the globe. Applies proficiency and knowledge to regulatory capital and reporting analysis and coordinates business and product strategies in the banking technology area.

The European Banking Authority EBA proposed guidelines, for the resolution authorities, on the publication of the write-down and conversion and bail-in exchange mechanic, with the comment period ending on September 07, The technical package supports the implementation of the updated reporting framework by providing standard specifications. The Bank Negara Malaysia BNM is seeking feedback, until July 15, , on the guideline to assess common key risks and considerations of control measures when financial institutions adopting cloud services.

The three European Supervisory Authorities ESAs issued a statement providing clarifications on the draft regulatory technical standards under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. The Monetary Authority of Singapore MAS , yet another supervisory authority intensifying focus on curbing frauds, has set out additional measures effective from October 31, for fraud detection and enhancing the security of digital banking.

Insights Content Format. Popular Topics. View All Insights. Credit Origination. Credit Risk. Learning Solutions. Portfolio Management. Structured Finance. Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees may continue to be issued as per prevailing guidelines. The changes will be applicable from 13 th March Based on RBI notification dated 13 th March In case you need further clarification, please visit www.

In case you are too tired to read, just spare a couple of minutes and click on the link below to listen to the podcast. The revised directions shall come into force from April 1, However, residents hedging such risk based on the previous set of guidelines would be permitted to continue till June 30, or the last date specified in the approval, whichever is earlier.

All existing guidelines stand withdrawn as on April 1, Hedging is the activity of undertaking a derivative transaction to reduce an identifiable and measurable risk. Eligible entities refers to residents other than Individuals. An eligible entity will be said to have direct exposure to commodity price risk if. An eligible entity will be said to have exposure to freight risk if it is engaged in the business of refining oil or in the business of shipping.

Bank s refer to banks licensed as Authorised Dealer — Category I. Eligible Commodities are :. This list of eligible commodities would be reviewed annually. Permitted Products - Permitted products refer to the following:. Generic Products. Structured Products. Hedging of Commodity Price Risk: Eligible entities, having exposure to commodity price risk, may hedge such exposure in overseas markets, using any of the permitted products.

Hedging of Freight Risk: Eligible entities, having exposure to freight risk, may hedge such exposure in overseas markets, by using any of the permitted products. Other Operational Guidelines:. Banks may permit eligible entities to hedge risk and may remit foreign exchange outside India in respect of such transactions after satisfying themselves that :.

OTC contracts shall be booked with a bank or with non-bank entities which are permitted to offer such derivatives. Structured products may be permitted to eligible entities who are. All transactions related to hedging shall be routed through a special account for this purpose.

Banks shall keep on their records full details of all hedge transactions and related remittances made by the entity. Banks shall obtain an annual certificate from the statutory auditors of the entity confirming that the hedge transactions and the margin remittances are in line with the exposure of the entity.

The statutory auditor shall also comment on the risk management policy of the entity for hedging exposure to commodity price risk and freight risk and the appropriateness of the methodology to arrive at the quantum of these exposures. Banks shall undertake immediate corrective action in case of any irregularity or misuse of these directions.

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Master Circular on Conduct of Government Business by Agency Banks - Payment of Agency Commission, kb. Co-operative Banking. Apr 08, RBI//69 A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 05, , Foreign Exchange Department, Discontinuation of Return under Foreign Exchange Management Act. The process of issuing Master Directions involves issuing one Master Direction for each subject matter covering all instructions on that subject.