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Find a mentor in forex forex sunday monday

Find a mentor in forex

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You should wisely choose those who you will learn from. I classified the first group of forex trading mentors as "pseudo teachers". They may try to share their experience and knowledge with their students, but the real goals are different. The investment portfolio can be a fake, the EA sold could be a slightly changed modification of a free robot.

The articles posted on the website are the product of the team of authors copywriters who rewrite information from other resources. Practice shows that the profitability of such a business is relatively low. Diction wins over well. Professionals, as a rule, do not spend time on such channels, and most beginners stop at watching videos and do not go further. What do you think is the quality of information on such channels? Simply put, such teachers aim at urging an inexperienced beginner trader to invest in a kitchen, subscribe to paid signals, buy a trading tool, and so on.

Can you call it fraud? It is a difficult question. On the one hand, these people do teach some basics of trading currency pairs. On the other hand, they use the trust of their students to their advantage. So, a beginner trader interested in Forex should look for a trading tutor who is will benefit from the success of the student. By the way, I recommend you read you an interesting overview that can help you analyze the information on the Internet. How traders are brainwashed or a battle of trolls.

There are successful professional traders willing to share their experiences. They are humans and they need to help, to have attention and recognition. They also sometimes want to take a break from trading by switching to something else. But, unlike pseudo-teachers, they have earned authority with their trading results, and it is quite logical that they are unlikely to share them just for nothing. This section will deal with real professional Forex trading mentors or coaches.

The mentors, I referred to the second group in the first section those who are interested in teaching also want to get the most out of their help. Their goals:. Such courses will hardly be cheap , although it is possible that the trader simply likes to alternate trading with training. To get recognition and popularity, they are even ready to teach for a nominal fee. However, you can forget about the individual approach to the student in this case.

Therefore, they are willing to spend part of their time in newbies to help beginner traders gain experience. There is a category of people for whom trading is contraindicated due to psychological and emotional instability. They may have excellent trading experience and knowledge, but they do not have a positive trading history. The reason for their failure is excitement, imbalance. But they can be excellent teachers because the negative experience is also experience.

You can learn their knowledge and take into account psychological mistakes. This way, you will be able to learn from such mentors the best and use this knowledge in building your forex trading system. I will dwell on training from partners via affiliate programs in more detail. I believe that it is one of the simplest, most effective, ratings provided by the broker.

There is one nuance. A forex trading mentor will hardly waste time explaining the theory, so the students will have to study a lot on their own. The task of the mentor is to share the working trading systems. Brokers now see significant advantages in working with such professional traders. Professional traders see brokers as a platform for their PR. It is quite logical that they will not risk their reputation by cooperating with knowingly fraudulent companies.

Brokers, in turn, are interested in attracting professional partners. Therefore, I can say that it is the most optimal way, in terms of money and return, to look for a Forex mentor through professional trader forums. Communicate as much as possible on professional trading forums, read brokers' blogs why broker blogs, I explained above. The reputation is important to brokers, so the criteria for selecting authors are very high here!

I want to again stress that you should not look for a forex mentor based on search queries on the Internet. Ignore individual investment blogs with intrusive ads for specific brokers and referral links. All those forex coaches are likely to fall in the first group of the pseudo-teachers, who I described in the first section.

Look for forex trading mentors among people who do not seek to promote their coaching services. Be self-motivated. Do not be afraid to contact professional traders directly. For example, chat or email the best traders of the broker's rankings and ask who they can recommend as a trading mentor and on what terms. They may provide you with some useful information or, if you're lucky, they will take you as a student themselves.

Try to rely only on yourself. Set goals, make up a plan, practice your knowledge and trading skills on a demo account. Listen only to yourself and trust only yourself. Do not spend your money in haste. Pay attention to analytical resources, brokers, professional trading communities MyFxBook, TradingView , where you can find proven professional traders.

You can find active traders, evaluate their professionalism performance , see the type of strategies used, and communicate with them live. An effective tool is affiliate programs. Did you like my article? Ask me questions and comment below. I'll be glad to answer your questions and give necessary explanations. Home Blog Beginners Forex mentor for a beginner: pros and cons.

FAQs How to find a forex mentor? Rate this article:. Need to ask the author a question? When you see such people charging insane amounts of money to provide forex mentoring, you really have to ask these questions:. Even if they hang around in forex forums, they never really reveal who they are, nor they will go around boasting with a massive sign on their head saying who they are. People can hide behind websites and claim to be successful forex traders when in fact they are not.

When you dig down deeper, they will turn out to be not what they said they are. The next way to search for a forex mentor is in forex forums. Well, I consider myself really good in price action trading and I can provide mentoring on that by teaching you and others about that kind of thing but guess what? I do not qualify. I have no interest even in the future to be a forex mentor should I trade forex for a living.

Everything in forex, I learnt from doing it myself.

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Find a mentor in forex There are many scams in the market that try to take the money from people with less trading knowledge and promising success in a matter of weeks. Phone including intl. Ultimately, you are your own mentor. Having a tutor also helps you stay positive and consistent, setting the right goals, and helping you become a consistently profitable trader. Second best google. It is a universally decentralized here over-the-counter OTC market for trading currencies. Andrew is in constant personal contact with his students.
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Conversations with your mentor must include topics on goals, relationships, and possibly, faith. Most importantly, Mastergunner99 believes that your mentor should have your best interests mind and should guide you towards the lifestyle that you aspire to acquire. You have to be able to open up to that person, because not only will you most likely be following his forex trading style, but he will also be critiquing you as a trader.

More importantly, down the road, you will eventually move on to live trading. As I have said time and again, the forex market is unforgiving. It is his job as a mentor to prepare you and help you get through those tough times. However, there will be instances when you will have to trade alone. Heck, it would be very hard to find someone in the same timezone as you are.

A good mentor should be able to help you realize and make you confident enough that you will be okay on your own. However, you can try your luck by interacting with other traders such as those in the BabyPips. Just be careful though! Many people, scammers or not, offer mentorship at a price. Some people find fulfillment at the mere fact in helping other people. The way I see it, finding a good mentor depends a lot on you. You, as the student, stand to gain knowledge and wisdom under a mentor.

This online program will teach you very basic things like setting up your MT4 Metatrader to more and more advanced stuff like Price Action Trading he goes in detail teaching about. Visit AsiaForexMentor. Guys behind this project Marc Walton and Pierre du Plessis have taken many students from noobs into disciplined fx traders.

Both Mark and Pierre have been in the trading industry for a quite a long time. The founder Marc Walton is the real trader with 60, real followers on Twitter no fake persona. Pricing: FMP is one of the cheaper forex mentoring programs on the market. Prices may increase in future of course, so act fast! Visit ForexMentorPro. Although these guys are truly forex dinosaurs both have been in the trading industry for more than 10 years , they have been teaching others how to trade fx under the brand name EliteCurrenSea.

The style of Chris is based on price patterns. Their entry level service, [ecs. Visit EliteCurrenSea. Read our Elite Curren Sea review here. He has recently rebranded his forex mentoring flagship that was known for years under his own name into TradersAcademyClub. Visit TradersAcademyClub. In our opinion his online mentoring program is one of the top paid Price Action Trading courses available.

There is a substantial amount of free information aka forex trading basics on his website. At the top of that you can take his PRO forex trading course available where you will learn the advanced Price Action strategies that he has been using personally. Most of newbies in forex came across this huge resource of free info called BabyPips.

The project BabyPips. Website: www. Forex trading can be very frustrating and difficult to grasp for beginners and intermediate traders. Unfortunately our industry is filled with many crooks that want your dollars.