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Coaxing Neil nickeling her free stock indian trading software download platform paws craned tantivy? Causing saltant that binary options trading simulator gold snacks pityingly? Plucky Cyril sinning. Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. John Benseman. A short summary of this paper. Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. Please cite this paper as: Benseman, J. In , the federal Workforce Investment Act WIA consolidated more than 50 employment, training, and literacy programmes into three block grants for states to use for adult education and family literacy, disadvantaged youth, and adult employment and training services.

While adults participating in WIA may also pursue other goals, such as citizenship or personal improvement, states are held accountable for outcomes related to learning gains as measured by standardized tests, acquisition of a high school diploma or equivalent such as the General Educational Development Test GED , and employment. The programmes are in three states — California, Maryland and Massachusetts.

The California programme is also well-funded, with most of the funding coming from the state government, rather than the national government. Maryland is in the midst of a reform movement that is leading to greater funding and more comprehensive state management of programme services. Massachusetts began a reform movement 20 years ago that has led to well-resourced and well-managed programmes. The case study authors describe practice in these exemplary programmes. They find that while there is a strong focus on testing summative assessment , instructors use a variety of strategies to individualise and contextualise learning formative assessment.

The case study also explores challenges involved in building a stable staff and finding financial resources and time for training and development in different states and programmes. The U. In addition, it eliminated several million adults from the sample who were unable to answer any of the test questions.

Both the NALS, which collected data in , and the NAAL, which collected data in , found that a substantial portion of the adult population had skills in the two lowest levels. Out of that debate, came a new emphasis on improving the teaching of reading in the early grades of school and the provision of adult literacy services. At the time of the publication of the NAAL, the adult literacy system had been expanded and improved. This case study describes the national U. The adult basic education system Government-funded adult basic education services began early in the history of the U.

Sticht 1 identifies the first national programme as 1 Sticht, T. Comings, B. Garner and C. Smith eds. Sticht describes many different temporary programmes that came and went for most of the next years. In , the U. In , the government established the Workforce Investment Act WIA to consolidate more than 50 employment, training, and literacy programmes into three block grants for states to use for adult education and family literacy, disadvantaged youth, and adult employment and training services National Institute for Literacy Policy Update, National Institute for Literacy, In addition to its specific authorization of adult education services, WIA encourages the co-ordination of efforts across employment, training, and adult basic education programmes.

However, these outcomes are considered secondary. The primary outcomes are: learning gains, measured by standardized tests, acquisition of a high school diploma or equivalent such as the General Education Development Test GED , and employment.

The basic skills component of WIA is funded through federal and state funds and administered by state agencies that fund programmes that provide services. The proportion of state funding varies. WIA requires each state to match the federal share with an equal amount of funding. Only ten states exceed this minimum, including states with large populations.

Thus total state funding is almost three times the federal funding level. Total state and federal funding is around USD 2 billion per year. Some programmes follow a classroom format, while others use one-on- one tutoring, and still others combine the two approaches to instruction. Many large programmes are able to offer classes at different skill levels, while smaller programmes can only offer a few classes that must accommodate a group of students with a range of abilities. Programmes offer classes that range from a few to 20 hours per week.

Some programmes run in closed cycles of a few months to a year, while others have ongoing classes with open-entry admission that fills the seats of students who withdraw. Class sizes vary from small to large. Classes are held in a variety of venues, including community centres, social service agencies, workplaces, libraries, prisons, community colleges, churches, and schools. The first level of basic skills instruction is provided to students with very poor reading skills, often described as below the fifth-grade level, equivalent to IALS Level 1.

Adults at this level may have learning disabilities LD that hinder their ability to decode the sounds of a word with the ease needed to read effectively. Given that a clinical LD diagnosis is expensive, programme staff often make informal LD assessments. However, some younger participants were identified but not necessarily tested for LD while in school. Instruction at this level requires a teacher who is well trained and a student who has the motivation and time to work on basic reading skills.

Adults at this level usually need instruction in basic math as well. The second level of basic skills instruction is provided to students with neither severe learning disabilities nor significant problems with decoding. People at this level usually earn low scores on tests of oral vocabulary and background knowledge, as well as reading fluency speed and accuracy. This situation requires students to engage in a good deal of practice in reading, writing, and math and direct instruction that builds vocabulary and fluency.

English language instruction is usually provided at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, though some programmes have more than three levels of instruction. Beginning classes usually serve adults who are in the range of SPL 0 to 4. Intermediate classes usually serve adults who are in the range of SPL 5 to 6, and advanced classes usually serve adults who are in the range of SPL 7 to This instruction begins with oral language development but eventually includes literacy and math in English as well.

The General Educational Development Test GED — a set of five tests that measure writing skills, social studies, science, interpretation of literature and the arts, and math — is the most common way to earn a high school equivalence credential. The GED is not always considered to be the equivalent of a high school diploma, although post- secondary institutions generally honour this equivalency.

However, states may set their own passing levels, so a test taker in one state may fail even if his or her test score is the same as someone who passes in another state. A newly revised version of the test was released in The new test has a more explicit emphasis on cross-disciplinary skills, such as information processing, problem solving, and communication, and also requires the student to write an essay.

The math section demonstrates a greater emphasis on data analysis, statistics, and probability. Several other approaches to high school equivalence are available. Of those, 1 An additional 1 The national reporting system WIA allows states the freedom to design services in any way.

Programmes receiving federal funds are encouraged but not required to use instruction methods based on evidence from scientific research. Scientific research is defined as studies that use a rigorous methodology, particularly experimental or quasiexperimental, and have been peer reviewed. The NRS sets out three core indicators of performance: 1. Demonstrated improvements in literacy skill levels in reading, writing and speaking English, numeracy, problem solving, English language acquisition, and other literacy skills.

Placement in, retention in, or completion of postsecondary education, training, unsubsidized employment, or career advancement; and 3. Receipt of a GED, high school diploma, or a recognized equivalent. These indicators are operationalized through five basic core measures: 1. Educational Gain—the percentage of adult learners in basic and English literacy programmes who acquire the basic or English language skills needed validated through standardized assessment to complete the educational functioning level in which they were initially enrolled.

These gains may be measured by standardized tests approved by each state. To measure educational gain, the NRS established a hierarchy of six educational functioning levels, from beginning literacy through high school level completion, and six levels for English literacy, from beginning literacy level to high advanced, which represents skills considered sufficient to study for and pass the GED test.

The levels are defined through reading, writing, numeracy and functional and workplace skills and, for English literacy, speaking and listening skills at each level. High School Completion—the percentage of adult learners with a high school completion goal who earned a high school diploma or recognized equivalent. Entered Postsecondary Education—the percentage of adult learners who establish a goal to continue their education at the postsecondary level and who entered postsecondary education or training after programme exit within the fiscal reporting period.

Entered Employment—the percentage of unemployed adult learners in the workforce with an employment goal who obtained a job within one quarter after programme exit. Retained Employment—The percentage of adult learners with a job retention goal who a entered employment within one quarter after exiting and b were still employed in the third quarter after programme exit. States may identify additional performance indicators for adult education and literacy activities and incorporate these indicators, as well as corresponding annual levels of performance, in their state plans.

Each state sets performance goals for the percentage of students who will make a one NRS level gain or pass the GED, and then the state is judged on whether or not it meets its goal. The goal then increases each year. Obviously, many states prefer to set their goals as low as they can in the beginning. If for example, a state was contributing 5 dollars for every federal dollar, it must continue that level of match. Formative assessment As noted above, programmes receiving federal funds are encouraged but not required to use instruction methods based on evidence from scientific research.

Since there is little rigorous scientific research on teaching basic skills to adults, programmes draw from research on children. This includes formative assessment, which has been demonstrated to have a positive impact for children in school settings. States and programmes must show sufficient learner gains as measured by NRS outcomes. Observations of teaching Most of the teaching observations reported here were done by John Benseman over a two week period in March and April, The sites for the observations were identified and arranged by John Comings who also participated in some of the observations.

Interviews with learners and teachers were carried out wherever possible, either before or after the teaching sessions being observed. In addition, interviews were also carried out with programme administrators at most of the sites and state officials in all three states California, Maryland and Massachusetts. Maryland was chosen because it is in the midst of a reform movement that is leading to greater funding and more comprehensive state management of programme services.

Massachusetts was chosen because it began a reform movement 20 years ago that has led to well-resourced and well-managed programmes. As education is a state responsibility, some states have less well-developed systems, but no state has a significantly better-developed system than these three. Within each state, the system director was asked to identify programmes that were of high quality and that had some experience with formative assessment.

The measure of quality was made by the directors through their personal observations and the data each programme provides to the state, often more extensive than that reported to the national government under the NRS.

Daily classes are usually held in three periods — morning, afternoon and evening — to allow for students in paid work to attend. A typical timetable has students attending two to four hours per day, up to four days a week. Tuition is usually free of charge although some programmes charge for learning resources and there is no maximum number of hours students can attend provided they satisfy the attendance requirements.

In , the Department of Education reported that, on average, adults spend hours6 in class in a month period. This figure does not include adults who drop out before they complete 12 hours of instruction, which would lower the average significantly. In addition, this data was influenced by one state that reported an average persistence rate of hours and enrolment at over students, which is more than 15 percent of the national total.

Since hours is an average, more than half of the students who stay at least 12 hours do not persist in their studies for hours. Seven states reported an average persistence rate of less than 50 hours, and 36 states reported less than 80 hours. Class sizes also vary.

In Maryland for example, while all classes are expected to have at least five students, beginning classes both ABE and ESL have a maximum of eight learners, intermediate classes a maximum of 10 and advanced classes a maximum of Some of the classes observed have up to 30 students enrolled, although absences and testing usually mean that they are smaller than this number on any particular day. Retention rates vary considerably, but the presence of long waiting-lists in most of the programmes undoubtedly exerts pressure to comply with these attendance requirements.

In Worcester for example, there is currently a waiting-list of four to five years for students and in Maryland, there is a waiting list of 4 learners. The current waiting list in Massachusetts is 18 Each of these sites catered for a diverse range of learners whose characteristics are summarised in the table below. In many cases, the adult education centres were situated in, or near to, a school. The great majority were rectangular rooms, with a whiteboard situated at the front of the room, around which most of the teaching was centred.

All the rooms were well lit some classes were occurring at night and comfortable with ample space for individual or small group work. Most had multiple computers laptops in several cases available in the room ranging from several to 10 or had access to a nearby computer suite. Only one class family literacy took place in a schoolroom used for children, although the teacher was quick to point out that it meant that they had ready access to learning resource material that they would not otherwise have.

The rooms were typically arranged in three different ways: long rows usually of desks facing the whiteboard, groups of desks with up to six learners around them or desks placed in a U shape facing the whiteboard. The first arrangement was most common with the more formal classes where learners often worked independently.

In all cases, the learners moved readily around the room or left the classroom as needed; the teachers were accepting of these movements, nonetheless ensuring that administrative requirements such as completing attendance registers were completed. In one case, a student left class 15 minutes early as he had just secured a new job and was anxious to be on time for his first day, while in another case a student wanting to leave early was told to stay and complete his work for the day.

The centre was a hive of activity with students coming and going even late into the evening. The students appeared to accept that visiting the centre was part of being in the programme and were clearly accustomed to the testing routine. The vast majority of these learners appeared highly motivated and actively involved in their classroom activities, which is not surprising given the selective nature of exemplary teachers in the sample for this study.

One image perhaps exemplifies this commitment: that of a 78 year-old Chinese student running between his group of learners and a list of words on the whiteboard to complete a task and the obvious delight he showed not only in carrying out the task, but also when it was successfully completed. Despite high levels of motivation and involvement, it was also clear that many participants had considerable social and educational challenges to overcome.

This was especially true of the ABE classes, where the teachers worked hard to ensure that their learners remained engaged and working at their level of need. For example, there was more one-to-one interaction between teachers and learners in these classes and less use of independent tasks. There was only one incident observed where a student was disruptive to the others in a GED class.

This degree of learner homogeneity meant that the teachers were able to pitch their teaching at a smaller span of learning needs, thereby enabling a high amount of whole-group teaching rather than a high degree of individualised work, which is what typically occurs when there is a high degree of learner heterogeneity. Achieving this homogeneity is likely due to the consistent use of placement tests and the high numbers of learners involved, giving administrators more latitude to group learners more accurately.

Probably the class with the greatest heterogeneity in relation to learner levels was a community-based programme located in a hospital, although it should be noted that this was due in part to two classes working together as one of the teachers was absent.

In this case, the presence of three volunteer teachers was invaluable in coping with the diversity and ensuring that individual learners were supported at their disparate levels. Several people also commented that small town and rural area programmes find it difficult to achieve this degree of homogeneity because of their small catchment numbers.

This was as simple as using first names or allowing student choices in tasks, but mostly it was in the ways that the teachers related to the students on an equal basis in their interactions. In several of the learner interviews, the students expressed their appreciation of this difference from their school experience.

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Using CASAS Assessments in. Adult General Education Programs. Topic 1: Intake Procedures for ABE and GED Preparation. Programs. Education (ABE) and Adult Secondary Education (ASE) Proficiency (ELP) Standards and related training materials for Adult ELLs. CASAS developed competencies that all students should be able to complete. Those competencies include those skills tested for ABE and ESL. This chart indicates.