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As well there was engineered liquidity in form of the double bottom of the previous day it was taken with a spike. Now we have a higher high. Now we need to establish a higher low. And it could be a nice opportunity to enter long.

So waiting for a pullback and bullish setup to form in the next week. As well this could be a good sign for the BTC. Nasdaq is moving up too. I think it can still go higher but would bet out before the US session. It's Friday so no trading day for me but doing analysis to keep the continuity of my observation and collecting data.

Charts look like it wants to continue higher. However, I would be careful we had a bullish week almost without a proper pullback. NY session can reverse the price down. And I think it would be a shame to just wait so now I'm short-term bullish and then we short it hard.

Now it is ready to go hunt sell-side liquidity. The dollar is in pullback moving up So GBP can go down. I believe that in this pullback the banks will accumulate more longs and they will be doing in the way so we don't see it so most likely in the Wednesday next week after the COT report so it's not included.

So for now I see possibilities for the short. It gave me that expected pullback to fibo level. So I entered. I think now after such a stop hunt it can go up. And will close position completely before the FOMC. Entry on fibo 70 and test of the weekly While I see the price ranging after every up move I think that big boys are closing some profits.

I am bullish but waiting However, IMO we are going to test territories. So I'm bearish for now and looking only for the shorts. The Weekly open level is in confluence with a So now we could get a pullback. And why not? Every day traders battle it out with animal references such as the bulls and the bears, the hawks and the doves, and the wolves and the sharks. The markets can also be unpredictable, unforgiving, and dangerous.

Lastly, surviving and conquering the markets requires knowledge, skills, and guts. So what does it take to become a successful hunter? And for traders, what does it take to consistently make pips? By the time the lion is ready to strike, it already knows what makes the herd tick, where to attack, and how to get the fattest buffalo with the least amount of effort.

When does the pair move the most? What factors can shift its current trend? After all, hunters usually just get one chance. The difference between an average and a skilled hunter is that the skilled hunter waits until the odds are overwhelmingly in his favor. It just executes the plan. For traders, the time to think about what could happen and what you would do in an alternate scenario has passed. Be quick, aggressive, accurate, and confident in your execution. At any given day a leopard could encounter an extraordinarily resilient gazelle or a similar scenario that could change the outcome of its attack.

Should the leopard use a different approach? Or should it abort its plan and wait for another opportunity? The first step is to consult your playbook for any alternative strategies you might have written or executed before. Then, weigh the outcomes of your options. Should you cut your losses or let your profits run?

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