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Such type of execution is typical for the trading accounts with a fixed spread. Information on the spread types and orders execution is available in Compare Brokers section on our website. The main task of requotes — is to ensure orders execution under the previously specified prices and prevent any uncontrolled slippages. There are also some negative factors of trading with requotes — it is impossible to close a transaction immediately in the event of a strong down trend.

In order to trade on Forex under the Instant Execution system, MetaTrader platform presents a possibility to set some acceptable deviations of the price. This function makes it possible to significantly reduce a number of requotes and sometimes even eliminate them at all.

There are brokerage companies that execute orders under the Market Execution system — that is under the current price and with no requotes. This is explained by the fact that currencies are quoted with the accuracy of five decimal places and prices change constantly. This means that in this case requotes would be permanent. In order to guard against requotes, you should trade only with companies that execute orders under the Market Execution system.

So, for example, Alfa Forex brokerage company works. Such order execution system implies slippages, which may cause the situation when transactions are executed under the unprofitable price. Trading accounts with such execution system usually have a floating spread that is lower than a fixed spread, which contributes to the situation when small expenses arise for each slippage.

A basic premise for the success of the comfortable trading — is a profitable low spread and lack of requotes. Log in. Home » Interesting about finance ». Interesting about finance. If you wonder why requotes happen, it's important to understand that when you place an order in a broker, you ask them to execute the order at a certain price. The broker will then try to exceed that, but it may not always be possible for a variety of reasons such as:.

You can get requotes almost at any time of the day, but not all the time. Requotes usually happens when the market is extremely busy and fast-moving due to huge news announcement or other events. The forex market normally moves pretty smoothly, but it can move in drastic ways during certain times. This makes it very difficult for the brokerage to place an order at the price that you've requested. If the broker finds that the price you've asked for is not available, they would adjust the numbers and warn you through requote.

In order to be able to send the order immediately to the broker, you need a fast and stable internet connection. Using slow internet will increase the chance of getting requotes since there will be a delay after you click the order button versus the time when the broker receives this order. In forex trading, prices can move even in the slightest of time. The same goes for any technical issue you have that can delay the process.

Depending on the broker's execution method, there could be a higher probability of requotes. In this case, the best brokers to select are ECN brokers as they are generally considered to be capable of providing fast execution. Also, it's best to select a broker that tends to support their clients with advanced trading technology, especially in regards to trading execution so they can reduce the time lag that may cause requotes. When trading with a reputable broker, it seems rather easy to dodge requotes.

You can choose a broker that offers no requote trading conditions. As this is a huge feature that brokers are often most proud of, it won't be difficult to find the claim on some brokers' websites. However, the truth is that forex requotes are not that simple to get rid of. When the broker's server is overloaded with too many orders, requotes will still occur.

But does that mean the broker lies for giving no requotes? Not necessarily. These brokers can set specific software to avoid requotes, but the order execution time is usually longer. Therefore, choosing a no requote broker comes with its own consequences that you need to think about. Apart from that, there are several other things that you can do to avoid forex requotes, such as:. Trading during volatile hours or after a massive news announcement is risky and definitely more complicated.

Unless you're an experienced news trader with enough skill and experience to avoid requote, it's best to avoid entering the market during important news releases or major fundamental events that may cause extreme spikes in price movements. In addition to the entry level, exit positions can also be subject to forex broker requotes. It can be pretty impactful for the trade, considering that the closing position could be executed at different prices than expected.

Therefore, it's important to set the stop loss and take profit beforehand and not modify or change them once a trade is already executed. If your MT4 broker offers a maximum deviation feature, you can use it to avoid forex requotes. Maximum deviation is the limit you're willing to take when the trade doesn't go as planned.

If your broker allows it, you can check the "Enable maximum deviation Let's say you set the maximum deviation limit at 3 pips, it means that the maximum difference in the requoted price will be 3 pips from the actual real-time price.

An open sell at a price of 1. It is clear that maximum deviation does not necessarily eliminate requotes. Nevertheless, it somewhat limits the maximum difference of price that you can tolerate. Traders who actively trade in high market volatility usually use this feature. They understand that requotes are sometimes unavoidable, so they try to manage them with this particular tool. Requotes may be damaging for the trades, but it is actually more common than you think.

If you bump into a requote at some point, don't panic. Every platform shows hectic price movements during a high volatility market anyway, and you can always reject the offer if the requoted price is too unacceptable for you.

It's also worth noting that requotes don't occur all the time and usually only happen to big trades. However, too many requote, especially those without clear reasons, should alert you to consider changing your broker. The best option would be to choose a broker that offers no requote, has a good reputation and uses sophisticated technology.

In the meantime, you can try following the tips that we have provided in this article. Hopefully, it can help you avoid requotes more effectively and make you trade better. An International Relations graduate who's passionate in contemporary global financial issues. Currently active in writing online articles specifically about cryptocurrency, forex, and trading strategies. They are aware of trading psychology their own feelings and the mass psychology of the markets. If you don't bet, you can't win.

If you lose all your chips, you can't bet. I do nothing in the meantime. Losers get high from the action; the pros look for the best odds. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading. They are taking 5 to 10 percent risk, on a trade they should be taking 1 to 2 percent risk on. The most important thing in making money is not letting your losses get out of hand. If you can follow these three rules, you may have a chance.

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In essence, you decide to buy or sell a currency pair at a particular price and press the button to execute the trade. By the time your broker gets the order, the market will have moved too fast to execute at the price advertised. The requote announcement comes up on your platform letting you know price has moved, and gives you the opportunity to decide whether or not you are willing to accept that price.

It is almost always a price that is worse than the one you ordered. This is why reputable brokers ask you first, before executing the trade. Generally requotes are bad for you and good for the broker. It is not always an outward attempt to charge you more, but it can be. Most of the time requotes happen on very large trades, not to an average trader. The more direct your trading is, the less likely you will receive a requote.

Individual traders usually use small brokers, those brokers serve as proxies for larger brokerages, which means the orders take more time to get from the trader to the actual sale, which can create the need for requotes. If your broker cannot execute the order immediately, there can be significant variations in price, even in the space of one minute. Brokers that do not execute orders immediately are called market makers. Market makers should in theory provide requotes in both directions, positive and negative but this rarely happens.

If, when you received a requote, it was explained that there was a price change between when the order was made and when the server received it, perhaps it would make traders less uncomfortable or suspicious of their brokers. Requotes are a part of any Forex trading experience, so you can expect to encounter them occasionally.

When requotes happen in quiet markets and occur regularly, then it becomes a matter of concern. If you are upset by requotes and they happen often, it might be a reason to switch brokers. You can then begin to search for a no requote Forex broker. It is strongly suggested to use an ECN brokerage to avoid a time lag that might cause requotes.

If your broker has an electronic communications network ECN trades will reach the servers quicker which will reduce requotes dramatically. As mentioned above, the markets are normally moving very quickly, but they can move even more dramatically when news is announced. This makes it very difficult for the broker to place the order at the price you request. The broker you are dealing with has their own brokers that they deal with.

Some markets are much more prone to requotes than others. These markets are more volatile and have rapid price fluctuation. Since a requote means that your broker cannot provide the trade at the price they originally quoted, it is important to determine the reason.

If the reason for your requote is that the specific market is volatile and there was a news announcement that affected this already volatile market, it is much more justifiable than if the reason for your requote is that your broker neglected to put in the order when you made it. Technology can help reduce the time lag that can cause requotes as well so make sure your broker has the most up to date technology possible. By placing a limit order , you are telling your broker that you are only willing to place an order at a specific price or better.

You can set a minimum profit level, called a take profit level also referred to as a TP guaranteeing you the profit level you are looking for even if the price varies. You can use these to gain an even higher profit margin than your original market order.

Knowing exactly what you expect the currency you hold to do is extremely helpful in setting these TP levels. Stop losses can be set before the trade as well. There are different varieties of stop loss orders and you can use the one that best suits your approach to trading and risk management. Requotes usually leave you with a price worse than the one you were previously quoted. Requotes are caused mostly by fast moving markets. If you are trading around news spikes, occasional requotes will be a fact of life.

However, they are mostly limited to traders trading large lots. If you are trading large lots in fast moving markets, it may be hard for your broker to find enough buyers to take your lot off the market before the price changes. A disreputable forex trading broker may use requotes to skim extra profits off their traders. To avoid this, make sure to read forex broker reviews to make sure your broker is certified by the relevant financial authorities.

Forex broker requotes may be a fact of life in fast moving markets, but there are several things that you can do to limit your exposure. First and easiest is to make sure that you choose a forex trading broker that has fast execution times. Faster execution times will always result in less requotes. Another trick that you can use is to set take profit and stop loss orders. Setting these orders will automatically execute them when your target price hits, eliminating requotes.

Slippage is the difference between the price that you think the order will execute at and the actual price that it does. Once again, this is almost always worse and cuts into your profits. Slippage happens less often than reqoutes and with a good broker they should be almost a non-factor.

Before you deposit money, always read forex broker reviews and look at what their slippage percentage is. Many brokers guarantee no slippage on all trades. Slippage is usually caused by lack of liquidity in the market. During volatile trading times , or when you are trading large lots, your broker might not be able to fill your order at your target price as the price shoots through your limit order. The easiest solution to this is trading with a market making broker.

Market makers can dictate prices easier and are more likely to have the liquidity needed to fulfill even your largest orders at your set prices.

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A requote in the Forex world means that. › forex-articles › /07 › what-is-a-requote. A re-quote occurs in 'Instant Execution' only, when a broker is unable to confirm a trade at a certain bid or ask price. In other words, by the time a trade.