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Ic markets forex commissions instaforex nigeria representative office

Ic markets forex commissions

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Setup what is it on forex What is the minimum lot size that I can trade? How do I subscribe to IC Markets' daily market forecasts? You must refer to the bid prices to check whether the requested take profit price level on a buy trade has been reached or not. IC Markets was founded inand factors such as its years of operation and scope of regulatory licenses should be taken into consideration when choosing a broker. Start trading with. Investor Dictionary Glossary. Visit Broker.
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How to calculate the forex lot size When a trader wishes to sell or go short above the current market price, a sell limit order is placed, which is executed if the bid price on the platform rises to a level that is equal to or higher than the specified sell limit price. Accept More information. Is it possible for a withdrawal to be declined? IC Markets is not publicly traded and does not operate a bank. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money and whether you understand how CFDs, FX, and cryptocurrencies work.
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Impossiblefoods azione pubblica The difference in pricing between the two comes down to platform choice. FP markets have the lowest raw trading account spreads. To improve the time it takes for orders to be executed, you can try hosting your trading platform on a virtual private server VPS. How do I open additional live or demo trading accounts? This account is likely to be for you if you want the lowest possible spreads.
Ic markets forex commissions IC Markets has a MetaTrader 4 server located in the Equinix data centre to ensure that there is no latency with any order execution no matter the trading conditions. This price is simply passed on by the broker. Please read our MetaTrader 4 error code guide which outlines common MetaTrader 4 error messages. Nowadays, technical trading is becoming increasingly popular and traders are using a variety of technical indicators, such as trend lines, support and resistance levels, and numerous other methods, to identify short-to-medium term trading opportunities. Apple iOS App.

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The live spread for stocks was viewed at 2. The overnight swap fees were also in line with the industry average. This fee is important for long-term traders, as overnight fees can add up if you are holding trades for a long period of time. Forex, indices and stock trading fees are very competitive with IC Markets and better than the industry average.

Many brokers will advertise a 1 point spread on the DAX With IC Markets it is only 0. Some brokers would easily quote 5 pips for such a volatile currency pair. The best thing is that these are the spreads for the commission-free trading account. The commodity trading fees, while still competitive, were just in line with the industry average.

The stock fees were also surprising too as there is no commission to pay to buy and sell as there are for many other brokers. Some brokers impose an inactivity fee on trading accounts if there is no activity on your account, such as the buying and selling of an instrument, deposits and withdrawals, for a certain period of time. IC Markets provides users with the ability to trade on three professional trading platforms — MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader for mobile, web and desktop which has a steep learning curve.

The mobile app is the easiest, simplest and fastest way to trade. The platforms and tools provided by IC Markets are mainly aimed towards advanced and professional traders. The MT4, MT5 and cTrader platforms come equipped with a lot of features for technical analysis, algorithmic trading, indicator customisation and social trading — as well as add-ons such as AutoChartist plugins for real-time trading ideas.

This means orders are routed straight through to the market giving you the best data and fills. The MetaTrader suite of trading platforms is considered to be the most popular trading platform in the world. Many Forex and CFD brokers offer these platforms to their clients. However, cTrader is another globally recognised platform that is mainly geared towards professional, short-term and algorithmic traders. Beginners will find the web platform the easiest to use but there will still be a learning curve.

For our test, we downloaded the MT5 desktop platform for Windows. As soon as you open the brokers desktop or web platform you will have a chart in front of you. The web platform is limited to being able to view just one chart, whereas the desktop allows you to have multiple charts open at one time.

Searching for your instrument on the chart is not that simple. You need to search for it in the market watch window and then drag it onto the chart. But the charts are clean and you can access 21 timeframes on MT5, along with 38 different technical indicators. You can place live market trades which enter you in the market at the current price.

You can also place pending trades that will enter you in the market at a set predefined price level that you type into the order ticket. You can also set alerts in the desktop platform but not the web platform. Both the MetaTrader 5 desktop and web platforms have a small learning curve.

The easiest way to trade is through the MetaTrader 5 web platform as no download is required. You have the chart on the left side and access to different indicators and timeframes. For example, the desktop platform allows you to have multiple charts open at once and you can organise them in any size you wish. You cannot do this on the web platform. Beginner traders will enjoy the simplicity of the web platform. Advanced traders will enjoy the level of customisations available and access to more trading tools such as algorithmic trading and customised indicators.

The MetaTrader desktop platforms also allow you to access the MetaTrader Marketplace where you can download algorithmic trading strategies and build customised indicators. This is an external tool that scans the market for opportunities and provides you with real-time trading ideas. In our live test, we used the MetaTrader 4 mobile trading app. We found it to be the easiest and fastest way for beginners to trade with simple design and navigation. The MetaTrader 4 mobile trading app comes with a range of features that allow you to manage your account, view your positions and place live trades on the go.

The download process was easy and is a great way for beginner traders to start trading. You can download the mobile app for Android and iOS devices. In the MT4 mobile app, there are several icons at the bottom where you can access real-time quotes, charts, position history or settings. Viewing the chart is simple and can be done by clicking on the market of your choice.

The carts are clean and you can access 9 timeframes, along with 30 different technical indicators for technical analysis. The mobile app allows you to place pending trades or enter live at the market. Unfortunately, you cannot add expiries or set alerts. The mobile app is the easiest platform to get started with. The download is simple and the navigation is user friendly. Everything is laid out in a simple and structured manner that allows you to navigate between several core categories which include Quotes, Chart, Trade, History and Settings.

The Quotes icon allows you to see real-time prices quotes of the instruments available to trade on. If you click on an instrument it will give you several options including Chart and Trade. Chart will take you to a live chart of the instrument. Here it is simple to view different timeframes, as well as perform technical analysis using drawing tools and technical indicators. Most of the additional trading features are on the desktop platform. The mobile app provides a simple way to place trades and manage positions.

The range of instruments available to trade on is above the industry average. The Forex pairs include majors, minors and exotic currencies while commodities include metals, energies and softs. CFDs, or Contracts for Difference, is a derivative product that allows you to speculate on the price direction of a financial instrument allowing you to profit from rising and falling markets. You can also trade on margin which means you can control a large position with a smaller deposit, amplifying both gains and losses.

This is a great offering covering all the major markets across all the different asset classes. Many retail brokers would not offer bonds as it is not heavily traded by retail traders but mainly professionals. IC Markets offers a really good range of tradable instruments and the number of instruments available is well above the industry average.

You can access customer support in a variety of languages which include English, Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and Vietnamese. Why is customer support important? If you need help with your platform, or question a trade execution or have any administration issues you want to know that you can contact your broker as fast as possible when you want!

In our live customer support test, we first called the telephone number on the website. Our experience on the live chat was far better. Your first point of contact is with a customer support bot that provides links to articles related to the question you ask. We then requested further assistance from a live agent and were connected in just a few seconds. The agent answered our question well and was very fast in their response.

IC Markets scored very well in this section with maximum points as you can deposit and withdraw funds commission-free. With IC Markets you can deposit funds instantly and fee-free using a variety of methods. The full range of methods are clearly highlighted in the client portal area with a few highlighted below. You can withdraw your funds from IC Markets fee-free as well with the exception of international bank wires.

These have a processing fee of 20 AUD or currency equivalent and is deducted from the withdrawal amount. Withdrawals using PayPal, Neteller and Skrill can only be made from the same account the funds were initially sent and processed instantly. IC Markets offers a good range of account types for beginner and advanced traders. The Raw Spread accounts are commission-based with spreads from 0 pips. The Standard Account is commission-free with spreads from 0. We feel this level of customisation to your own needs is great and the offering is above the industry average.

After all, every trader is looking for something different so the more options you have the better. Opening an account was a fast and simple process and only took us around 4 minutes. You can also access Islamic swap-free accounts and a demo trading account. You can also choose the option on which regulator you want to trade with. The account you opened will impact nearly every aspect of your trading. Different accounts will often have different fees, tradable instruments and platforms so choosing the right one for your own needs is important.

The IC Markets global entity regulated by the FSA of Seychelles offers 3 account types that are suitable for beginner and advanced traders. Some of the features are highlighted below:. One of the main differences between the accounts is the fact the Raw Spread accounts have spreads from 0 pips but is commission based.

You can access the same account types and conditions from other entities under IC Markets. However, the main difference will be how much leverage you have access to. This means you can open the same account with access to the same commissions and spreads but the CySEC and ASIC regulated accounts will only offer a maximum of leverage to retail traders.

Leverage in CFD trading allows you to open a large position with a smaller deposit. But leverage is a double-edged sword. It can amplify your winning and losing trades. We found opening an account with IC Markets was a fast and simple process.

In fact, it took less than 4 minutes to open a Standard Account. Everything is done digitally so you can be up and running in just a few minutes. To withdraw funds you will also need to verify your identity which is standard procedure for regulated brokers. You can upload your documents, access your trading accounts, platform downloads and additional features all through the IC Markets client portal area. This customised area is great to manage all of your trading activity. IC Markets provides an impressive range of research.

This includes live analysis sessions, technical and fundamental analysis articles and forecasts and ideas from Trading Central and AutoChartist and is above the industry average. IC Markets scored maximum points in this category as it provides a great range of research materials. This includes live analysis sessions with their in-house analyst, as well as regularly updated technical and fundamental analysis articles.

This area has a large range of research materials suitable for beginner and advanced traders. From the client portal area, you can also access more research from third-party company Trading Central which gives you access to daily market reports, featured ideas and analysis of news from social media and financial institutions.

Trading Central is an investment and analytics firm which provides reports, research and tools for brokers. You can also access a web version of the third-party tool called AutoChartist which is another technology and analytic company. This tool will give you access to a range of technical analysis trading ideas and opportunities in real-time helping you with finding trading opportunities.

You can access high-quality education materials from IC Markets. This includes trading videos, platform tutorial videos, articles and trading courses — suitable for beginner and advanced traders. IC Markets scored maximum points in this section. Educational materials include videos, courses and articles which are all high quality. There are 23 different articles in the Technical Analysis section.

The education articles are well written and have detailed charts and text explanations. There is a wealth of material to go through for beginner and advanced traders. These are done in multiple languages and regularly throughout the month and cover topics such as Elliott Wave, Live Analysis, Using Trailing Stops and more.

While the three trading platforms are geared towards professionals, there is a lot of support to help beginner traders — especially with the additional plugins such as AutoChartist which provides trading signals. Beginner traders will also benefit from the range of high-quality research and education resources such as articles, videos, courses and live market analysis. IC Markets will provide the long and short swap points in their trading platforms for all the currency pairs they offer.

Depending on the interest rates you will either incur a rolling fee or receive interest credit for the fee. Risk Warning : If you hold it for more than one day then you will need to recalculate the finance charge for each day. Finance charges for Fridays are triple. You can go long or short without actually holding the Cryptocurrency which means you can get exposure without the security risks of storing the asset.

You can trade with leverage of up to There are 19 commodities available with IC Markets covering energies, precious metals and agriculture. Supply and demand can change dramatically giving you good opportunities for good returns. When trading commodities, you can trade on both spot prices and futures with leverage of up to IC Markets offer 16 indices that cover a wide range of large-cap blue-chip stocks and generally move in line with the market.

A leverage of is available. Index CFD is a spread only product this means there is no commission charge. IC Markets offer a selection of 6 highly-rated government issues debt securities from a range of governments around the world. With IC Markets Bonds , you will incur the following costs:.

According to general banking practices, all international bank wire transfers may incur intermediary bank fees. Clients should expect an AUD 20 processing fee for wire transfers, which IC Markets is kind enough to deduct from your withdrawal amount.

When it comes to funding IC Markets offers a choice of 15 funding options with a choice of 10 different base currencies. Many of these options have instant deposits. Note : while IC Markets do not charge fees for funding, some international banking merchants may charge fees from their end. IC Markets have a range of features you may opt to take advantage of to enhance your trading experience. There is no limit on the time you have access to the demo account. IC Markets offer 20 additional trading tools that do not come with MetaTrader 4.

The app offers institutional level trading features that help you make better trading decisions and superior execution and more advanced account management tools. IC Markets has a MetaTrader 4 server located in the Equinix data centre to ensure that there is no latency with any order execution no matter the trading conditions. IC Markets have Myfxbook and ZuluTrade are social copying or mirroring tools that integrate with your trading platform. Social trading is great for traders that wish to learn trading strategies from experienced traders by seeing how they trade.

We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to browse you accept our use of cookies. Written by Justin Grossbard. Written by Justin Grossbard Test Title. Fact Checked We double-check broker fee details each month which is made possible through partner paid advertising.

Learn more this here. Total Fees. Visit Broker. Broker Spread Comparison. ECN Broker Spreads. Our Rating The overall rating is based on review by our experts. The following live accounts are available: Standard account -This account offers similar spreads to the RAW account but adds 1 pip to the final spread however does not commission.

Spreads are low because they are set by the liquidity providers. IC Markets do not interfere with the final spreads but instead, charge a commission. Other expenses Rollover Rat e: Also known as overnight swap or finance fee, this is the interest charge for keeping your position open after closing. The rate is determined by the interest rate differential between the currency pair kept open.

If you hold your position on a Wednesday night, the charge will be triple the usual rate. Standard Account The IC Markets standard account is a great account for beginner traders as there are no commissions. Trading cost for RAW spreads account: The Raw spreads account charges a commission rather than a wider spread. Point size is contract size x minimum price fluctuation which is 0. The spread is not widened. This makes it hard to compare with the MetaTrader platform which uses a fixed amount for each lot.

Cryptocurrency is a spread only product. You enter at the Ask price and exit at the Bid price. Fees are triple on Fridays to cover the weekend period when trading is inactive. Lots x swap points long or short x point size The overnight charge is triple on Wednesdays to cover the weekend when the market is closed.

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