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Instaforex forex peace army

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Forex Broker InstaForex - forexincom. Forex Broker InstaForex - Forex rebate cash back Forex cashback. InstaRebate by InstaForex allows to get real money from deals traders makes on Forex. What you learn review and reflect. Forex Broker InstaForex - biskrit. Peace from Harmony.

Only harmonious peace culture is capable to exclude and to prevent the wars, poverty, terror and violence both in the local and in global scales. We understand your emotions regarding that, but, please, do not go beyond the bounds of decency. And do not use outrageous words in your messages, ok? Sep 11, , PM. Post 6. Very interesting information about Forexpeacyarmy.

I will be looking into them very soon and reporting back here with anything I learn. Sep 15, , PM. Post 7. As evidence, it was said that both accounts opened at about the same time and that both took the same trade on the same currency pair. Regards Albert Reason for edit: Campaigning, promoting and representing the interests of a company without Forum Administration permission are prohibited. Sep 16, , AM. Post 8. Sep 16, , PM.

Post 9. Regards Albert. Post FPA are [Censored]s and [Censored]mers. I can't understand how people can trust them if they are just a ghost in internet. Dec 29, , PM. Yeah for me FPA is just a group supported by a number of brokers that's why they make up stories about other brokers competitors.. May 10, , PM. Nov 13, , AM. They create illusion that they fight with [Censored] at the arena of Forex-market.

At the given moment, we hold the following information about the founder of ForexPeaceArmy : he is a fraud, earlier he had a pen name Dmitriy Chavkerov , alias Felix Homogratus nick name "Forex [Censored]". Search the Internet to have an idea of the character of their activity: Forex Peace Army link 1 Forex Peace Army link 2 Forex Peace Army link 3 Forex Peace Army link 4 Forex Peace Army link 5 Forex Peace Army link 6 Forex Peace Army link 7 Forex Peace Army link 8 Since swindlers from ForexPeaceArmy directed their activity against Insta Forex , having started blackmailing, we officially appeal to everybody, who has any information about these anonymous frauds thoroughly hiding their location, contact our fraud control department by e-mail fraud-control instaforex.

Nov 14, , AM. All FPA brokerage rating were rated by newbie. Nov 15, , PM. Thank you for your support. It is really importnat for us. We are not the only company damaged by FPA, they black and blackmail a lot of brokers. But we hope, one day the justice will triumph. We are the only company damaged by FPA, they black and blackmail a lot of brokers.

Nov 16, , AM. I missed "not", but it is understood from the content, what I meant. Dec 25, , AM. Well ok The right thing to do is to refuse to do business with them and close their account and return what money is left after taking back the stolen portion of the account. Just my opinion however. What do the regulators say about punitive damages? InstaForex says this on the email about bonuses that I just received There are no limits for number of accounts and bonuses!

Now I am afraid to open another account and ask for the bonus. Dec 27, , AM. Actually, it did. Because their actions is recognized as cheating. They were trying to get two bonuses to two different accounts, while in fact it was the same person.

And their money wasn't confiscated, only one deal was cancelled. They easily have withdrawn their deposits and profit. Powered By IP. Add Reply New Topic. The facts about ForexPeaceArmy , Open your eyes of to the truth! Evgeniy Staroviborny View Member Profile. Sep 3, , PM Post 1. InstaChina View Member Profile. Sep 4, , AM Post 2.

I hate such frauders, they are just blackmailer! Sep 4, , PM Post 3. Sep 7, , AM Post 4. Sep 7, , AM Post 5. Forexmaster View Member Profile. Sep 11, , PM Post 6. Audie12 View Member Profile. Sep 15, , PM Post 7. Sep 16, , AM Post 8. Thank you for support, we are waiting for your report. Sep 16, , PM Post 9.

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Forex Peace Army considers InstaForex to be a scam and recommends against depositing money with this broker. The majority of traders who left an InstaForex. Forex Peace Army considers InstaForex to be a scam and. Scam Alert! The FPA has confirmed a scam case against InstaForex.