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We have recently launched the first calls under the Horizon Europe Programme, which will increase the understanding of cancer and support our initiatives on screening and quality of life. In the coming years, both initiatives will enhance research, innovation, data, digitalisation and new technologies.

This makes our plan, this makes a plan that is altogether our plan, and your report even more significant. We will also work hand in hand with this Parliament to reach out to the citizens, who are at the very centre of this plan, to all the various stakeholders and to Member States. This is our common journey, and like that of a cancer patient and their family, it is a long and it is a winding road.

We will walk along together in order to deliver what European citizens rightfully expect from us, to make a real difference against the realities of this disease, to make a real difference. Vor einigen Jahren — mit 46 Jahren — qualvoll an Krebs gestorben, und ich denke, jeder von uns hat, wenn er die Bilder vor Augen hat, das Ziel, anderen Menschen, anderen Familien dieses Schicksal zu ersparen.

Wir sollten die wissenschaftlichen Fakten nicht ignorieren. Und wenn es nicht ausreicht, was ansonsten an Argumenten vorgetragen worden ist, dann sollten wir uns das Thema Krebs bei Kindern vor Augen halten. Krebs ist die wichtigste Todesursache bei Kindern nach dem ersten Lebensjahr. Mir lag hier insbesondere der Schutz unserer Kinder sehr am Herzen, und es freut mich, dass sich dies durch den gesamten Bericht zieht.

Die Zahlen dazu sind mehr als besorgniserregend. Die Industrie kennt in dem Bereich kein Halten mehr, zu zucker-, zu salz- und zu fetthaltige Produkte an Heranwachsende zu bringen. Ich frage mich wirklich, was es dagegen einzuwenden gibt, wenn nicht geringere Verkaufszahlen oder weniger Produktplatzierungen. Das Warenlabel darf nicht zu einer Werbeinformation verkommen.

Und hier muss ich ganz klar sagen: kein Profit vor Gesundheit. Kurzum: Wir haben einen starken und ehrgeizigen Bericht. Also, we already started locally, based on these programmes, to increase the quality of life of cancer patients through ERAS enhanced recovery after surgery , which takes into account the entire system before and after the hospital stay.

I presented some amendments to correct this. First of all, the increase in taxation and limitation for alcohol and cigarettes has always been a counter—productive approach, potentially causing illegal and criminal activity but also really bad behaviour, especially in the poor sector of the population.

Second, I am a strong believer that there is a difference between moderate and excessive alcohol consumption. This was a big discussion, but we all know that the Mediterranean diet has shown an increase in lifespan through the general population. Third, I strongly believe that alternatives to traditional smoke is an important tool to reduce smoking in Europe. To conclude, the report, again, is a very powerful tool, and we should all use it in a very aggressive and powerful way for the good of all European citizens.

Chiara Gemma NI. Servono misure concrete, maggiori investimenti nella ricerca e basta disuguaglianze nei trattamenti terapeutici. Le 10 iniziative faro e le 32 azioni di supporto previste nella relazione del Parlamento europeo intervengono sulle cause, come ad esempio lo smog e l'alimentazione errata, ma dobbiamo evitare i facili slogan.

Oggi dedichiamo a loro questa giornata, dedichiamo a loro il nostro impegno come legislatori europei. Insieme possiamo sconfiggere questo terribile male. Cindy Franssen PPE. Het resultaat is een alomvattend kankerplan. Want het momentum is nu. Jaarlijks krijgen 2,7 miljoen Europeanen een kankerdiagnose. Het zet je op een emotionele rollercoaster, van de eerste slechtnieuwsmokerslag over de automatische piloot bij de behandelingen tot een toekomstperspectief, hooguit van controle tot controle.

Onze voorstellen gaan verder dan die van de Commissie, en dat is goed, dat is de taak van het Parlement. Wij vragen specifieke aandacht voor adolescenten en jongvolwassenen. Zij moeten als aparte groep erkend worden. Wij pleiten voor een Europees recht om vergeten te worden, een betere bescherming van onze werknemers op de werkvloer, het samen aankopen van geneesmiddelen.

Het kan niet dat je overlevingskansen afhangen van de plaats waar je geboren bent of van je inkomen. Tot slot, de Voorzitter heeft het al gezegd, het kan niet symbolischer vandaag. Het is vandaag Wereldkinderkankerdag.

Laat hen vooral de maatstaf zijn bij wat we vanavond zullen stemmen. Oggi presentiamo in Aula un testo ambizioso, che propone molte molte idee, decisive per gli anni a venire. La prevenzione innanzitutto, ma anche la diagnosi precoce, i programmi di screening, le cure innovative e la ricerca, il reinserimento sociale dei sopravvissuti e il diritto all'oblio.

Ancora troppe differenze esistono, anche in termini di lotta contro il cancro, tra paesi europei e anche all'interno degli stessi paesi. Abbiamo poi ricordato la connessione tra ambiente e tumori, sapendo che uno sviluppo sostenibile ci protegge anche da questa malattia.

A tutti quelli che ci hanno accompagnato in questo viaggio diciamo: "stateci vicini ancora. Ivars Ijabs Renew. This part not only addresses tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol and food policies, but also environmental aspects, such as air quality and exposure to cancerogenic substances. We are also pleased that the report acknowledges unaffordability throughout Europe as one of the key obstacles for patient access. On the other hand, we regret that the report fails to address the elephant in the room: the system of patents which creates monopoly markets for companies and enables them to keep prices at a very high level.

However, I see that some colleagues still do not recognise scientific studies or even reformulate studies to align them with industry demands. The WHO clearly states that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption, therefore, now stating that only harmful consumption is cancerogenic is misleading.

After how many glasses of wine can we talk about harmful consumption? One, two, three? About 1 in every 20 deaths worldwide is the result of an alcohol-related disease. We also clearly need better information about the risk factors for many different cancers and need to stick to health warning levels. I also want to remind everyone that we are calling for the prohibition of alcohol advertising at sports events when those events are mainly attended by minors, as well as the prohibition of alcohol sponsorship of sports.

Now, concerning e-cigarettes: the current report calls on the Commission to evaluate which flavours in e-cigarettes are particularly attractive to minors and non-smokers, and to propose to ban these. There are thousands of flavours in e-cigarettes that are trying to make them unduly attractive, and it is overdue that regulatory action has to be taken against them.

Stefania Zambelli ID. Questo rischierebbe di mettere in ginocchio tutto il comparto vitivinicolo, non solo italiano ma soprattutto quello europeo. Solo in Italia 4 milioni di controlli sono stati rinviati, 4 milioni di controlli! Pani Komisarz! Walki z Rakiem. To jest sprawozdanie o naszych rodzicach, o naszych dziadkach. To jest niestety sprawozdanie o naszych dzieciach.

A do tego trzeba odwagi. Por eso. Pero lo que no se cambia nunca es la ciencia. Hasta millones de pruebas se han dejado de hacer durante estos meses. Pirmininke, gerb. Marco Dreosto ID. Marchiare con una lettera "F" di colore nero le nostre eccellenze nazionali vitivinicole, i nostri prodotti locali, per favorire poi la grande distribuzione, va a ledere il lavoro di migliaia di aziende e di imprese familiari che, voglio ricordare, con passione e amore per la loro terra coltivano le viti e producono i nostri vini conosciuti in tutto il mondo.

Dolors Montserrat PPE. El consumo abusivo del alcohol es uno de los factores de riesgo para la salud y tenemos que combatirlo con firmeza. Therapien sind wichtig, aber wichtiger noch ist die Vorsorge, damit es gar nicht erst zu diesen Erkrankungen kommt. Und das ist nicht nur ein Umweltproblem, das ist auch ein Gesundheitsproblem. Gleichzeitig zeigen aber die Daten des Human-Biomonitoring , dass schon Neugeborene mehrere hundert Chemikalien im Blut haben. Deswegen: Wir brauchen hier einen systemischen Ansatz.

Und dass wir anerkennen, dass wir vieles eben noch nicht wissen — nichts anderes bedeutet doch das Vorsorgeprinzip. Simona Baldassarre ID. Tuttavia, occorre fare chiarezza su alcuni punti e, in particolare, riguardo al consumo di alcolici. Ma uso moderato e uso nocivo di alcol, quindi abuso, non sono la stessa cosa.

Questo dovrebbe emergere dal testo, altrimenti si pongono in serio pericolo un'economia e una cultura importantissime per il nostro paese. Colleghi, affermare che non esiste un livello moderato di consumo di alcol compromette, senza evidenze scientifiche, il made in Italy e tanti altri paesi dell'Unione che producono eccellenze nel settore vinicolo. Pertanto, favoriamo uno stile di vita sano, sane abitudini alimentari, e uniamoci una volta per tutte nella lotta contro il cancro.

Anne-Sophie Pelletier The Left. Gerade das Begleiten von Erkrankten ist wichtig. Das Recht auf Vergessen ist zentral. Das Screening ist so wichtig, und das in allen Mitgliedstaaten. It does not any more affect only the elderly, it affects increasingly the young generation. We all know people who managed to survive, and sadly, those who died. Cancer affects our lives. This is why the implementation of the Sustainable Chemical Strategy is going to be a really crucial element in fighting cancer in Europe.

We need to eliminate POPs, the worst of the worst chemicals that contaminate the waste stream, and we need to prevent these hazardous chemicals from spoiling the circular economy. We need the chemicals used by the society to be sustainable and safe by design. Not a bit of cancer — no cancer. They need to be intrinsically safe, they need to be without hazardous properties. Alessandro Panza ID.

Penso ad un caso citato da tanti colleghi, ovvero il vino. Promuoviamo invece uno stile di vita sano e un consumo responsabile di una bevanda che fa parte del nostro patrimonio storico e culturale europeo. Ponad 25 proc. Claudia Gamon Renew. Und wir werden jetzt in Zukunft noch lange davon profitieren, was die letzten zwei Jahre durch diese immense intensivierte Zusammenarbeit erreicht werden konnte. Es muss in Europa endlich ein Ende haben, dass wir den Sektor Grundlagenforschung kaputtsparen.

Das muss endlich ein Ende haben, wenn wir den Kampf gegen den Krebs wirklich gewinnen wollen. Zato je jako dobro da se Europski parlament solidarizira s brojnim takvim sudbinama i da se zajedno borimo protiv raka. Tomislav Sokol PPE.

Billy Kelleher Renew. We need to be able to prevent, we need to have the research, the innovation and the creativity behind that to assess the statistics. We need early detection, and we need diagnostics and treatment. So I would urge that we would cooperate in the areas of prevention, in research and development and also in rare diseases, Commissioner. Beata Kempa ECR. El mensaje de hoy es claro: este Parlamento va a dar la cara por vosotros.

Un apoyo directo a los sistemas sanitarios, a nuestros profesionales. Que no os quepa ninguna duda. Adam Jarubas PPE. W wyborach do Parlamentu Europejskiego w r. Ebbene, qui, nella lotta contro il cancro, abbiamo l'occasione di tradurre queste roboanti parole in risultati tangibili, come questo ottimo piano ci dimostra e ci propone, piano che noi dobbiamo approvare e attuare.

Come ricordava l'onorevole Alessandra Moretti, ci sono i survivors che hanno bisogno di cure e di attenzioni particolari,. E poi i diritti. Hilde Vautmans Renew. Zesduizend kinderen sterven elk jaar in Europa aan kanker!

Het is zelfs de voornaamste doodsoorzaak bij kinderen ouder dan een jaar. En dat is onaanvaardbaar. Het kan toch niet dat we ontredderde ouders met doodzieke kinderen door Europa laten rondzwerven op zoek naar de juiste behandeling.

Het kan toch niet dat niet elk kind in Europa dezelfde overlevingskansen heeft! Vandaag is het Wereldkinderkankerdag. Het is aan ons om van die strijd een prioriteit te maken. Erken kinderoncologie als een specialistische discipline. Voorzie in meer onderzoek en betaalbare medicijnen voor kinderen. We moeten de toegang tot behandelingen vereenvoudigen, over de grenzen heen en samen, als een echte gezondheidsunie.

Zorg er alstublieft voor, mevrouw de commissaris, dat die mobiele applicatie die een overzicht geeft van alle behandelingen in de verschillende Europese landen, er snel komt. Geef ouders en kinderen terug hoop!

Deirdre Clune PPE. We can share information, we can develop a code against cancer, developing standards that are for all across Europe, regardless of your address. Prevention can and does reduce the incidence of cancer, and we can all learn from the recommendations in this report. We can collaborate with healthcare professionals, researchers from academia and industry and patient representatives from across Europe to help those young people.

We want to see the right to be forgotten in place for all cancer survivors in Europe. This is a plan supported by EUR 4 billion. The challenge for us all now, for here in this Parliament, for the Council and importantly, as you know Commissioner, is to make this plan happen. Herbert Dorfmann PPE. Die Prohibitionspolitik hat uns noch nie etwas gebracht. You may say that I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. Glas ZA pomeni glas za skupen evropski boj proti bolezni, s katero je na ravni Evropske unije na leto diagnosticiranih tri milijone Evropejcev.

Anne Sander PPE. Angelika Niebler PPE. Krebs ist eine schreckliche Krankheit, die fast jede Familie in Europa betrifft. Zweitens: Ich denke, es ist ganz wichtig, auch in die Patientenorganisationen zu investieren. Ewa Kopacz PPE. Taka sytuacja jest niedopuszczalna. We need to invest more in research to utilise new technologies like AI, and to ensure earlier detection and better care, and we need to share best practices.

The fight against cancer is not new. We have been pledging to defeat cancer for a long time. Sharing a personal experience is never easy. But when I heard him share his today, he put this discussion in perspective, and I want to thank him. Honourable Members, ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for your valuable interventions. I really noted as many as I could. I am sure I will leave some behind or out, but not because they were not important. I want to look at the different topics raised.

First of all, the importance raised in this report on research. And I want to assure you that the Horizon Mission is already part of our process, and we have recently launched the first calls. And MEP Dorfmann, you are so right: we cannot push it aside. We cannot ignore that cancer is there. We need to work on prevention. And this is why we have set up an inequalities register to guide investment and support where we need it most, and we will continue to work in this way.

We will be updating the European code against cancer. We need to do more on this. Well we have an unprecedented EUR 4 billion available to us that we will be using. There was a mention on tobacco by MEP Fiocchi, and I just wanted to say here that tobacco is still the single largest avoidable health risk.

This is why we approach it in our cancer plan. MEP Moretti said, we are bringing an entire process to a conclusion. In one way I would say yes, but hearing this, I was thinking in a different way. You are right at the beginning of opening another one — one of adoption and one of implementation. And this, I think, is going to be very important in really looking at issues to do with affordability and inequality of access.

We know that an estimated million cases may have not been diagnosed in the last two years, and million cancer screening tests may have been postponed or not carried out. And this has an important impact on patients and their families. And in our plan, we are addressing this.

We are looking at how telemedicine can be used and we need to have contingency plans for the future. On alcohol, several MEPs mentioned this. Citizens are often not aware of the risks. There is no intention whatsoever to target any gastronomic cultures, and our work will be based on science.

Many of you mentioned that cancer is a word that brings the thought of someone who died or is now being diagnosed. I hope that we can do something. MEPs Georgoulis, Pavlova and Sokol, you have spoken of the importance of this report and the level of ambition, and we share this with you.

But even more important is its implementation, and we will be partners in this as a Commission, as we have a strong commitment to change the realities of cancer and, as MEP Rafalska also said, to also looking at how we can reduce risks in the workplace. And last but not least, rare cancers and paediatric cancers raised by many of you: children have the right to the best possible diagnosis and treatment. So in ending, honourable ladies and gentlemen, I want to congratulate you.

I want to congratulate you on the important work of this report. We are putting in place the necessary building blocks to ensure that this plan is implemented effectively. We have an implementation roadmap to which we are accountable so that we are able to have real delivery and tangible results. But your constructive and ambitious report is really such an important contribution to this effort, and I can assure you it will guide and inform our work.

We will continue to work closely with you in order to be implementing this plan, and I am truly convinced that, when we work together, as we have shown on so many areas that we can, we can achieve our goals — goals that we need to do for citizens, for patients, for their families, for their support network and their colleagues, for our health systems and for our societies.

Dichiarazioni scritte articolo Andrus Ansip Renew , kirjalikult. Eva Maydell PPE , in writing. EU countries should work together to combat drug shortages, for example, through joint purchasing procedures. The EU should target investment to effectively develop interoperable Electronic Health Records, digital health solutions for continued cancer out-patient care, as well as multi-sectoral synergies in research and innovation to improve early detection and personalised cancer treatment.

This will also be important in achieving the ever important Health Union. It is important to come up with European prevention and management plans to help national healthcare systems be more resilient and prevent and deal with shortages of drugs, equipment, products, and staff in times of health crisis.

Urmas Paet Renew , kirjalikult. Seda on liiga palju. Desidero anche ricordare che gli interventi in Aula continueranno a essere fatti dal podio centrale e quindi invito i deputati a controllare l'elenco degli oratori e ad avvicinarsi al podio centrale all'approssimarsi dell'orario del loro intervento. Je veux le dire simplement et clairement. Un opposant politique doit toujours pouvoir exprimer ses opinions. Didier Reynders, membre de la Commission. The European Court of Justice has repeatedly made this point.

According to its case-law, it is for the Member States alone to define their essential security interests and to adopt appropriate measures to protect them. The mere fact that a national measure has been taken for the purpose of protecting national security cannot render EU law inapplicable. The Court has made clear that it is for the Member States to substantiate such a claim.

Member States must oversee and control their security services and must ensure that they fully respect fundamental rights, including privacy and the protection of personal data. There is also a need to create a favourable environment for media freedom, which includes safeguarding the safety of journalists and protecting them from threats, including online.

Any attempts by national security services to illegally access the data of citizens, including journalists and political opponents is unacceptable. Independent supervisory authorities, such as national data protection authorities and national courts, have an important role to play in that respect.

We understand that an investigation by the Budapest Regional Office of the Hungarian Prosecution Service is still ongoing. I would like to assure you that the Commission continues to closely follow the issue and that we are gathering information in this regard. When Member States apply EU law, they must comply with the fundamental rights enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and even when Union law is not applicable, the privacy of communications and the protection of personal data are still subject to strict safeguards under the European Convention of Human Rights and the constitutional laws of the Member States.

In particular, any restrictions or exceptions to fundamental rights must be duly justified, necessary and proportionate. We are particularly aware of the specific risks sometimes faced by opposition politicians, journalists and human rights defenders in this regard. With regard specifically to the media, the Commission adopted a recommendation on the safety of journalists in September last year.

One specific recommendation of this text states that Member States should ensure full implementation of the European and national legal frameworks on the confidentiality of communications and online privacy, with a view to ensuring that journalists and other media professionals are not subject to illegal online tracking or surveillance. Furthermore, the recommendation provides that Member States should, upon request, assist journalists who seek to determine whether their devices or online accounts have been compromised in obtaining the services of cybersecurity forensic investigators.

The Commission will monitor the implementation by the Member States of this and other recommendations. We call on all Member States to implement legislation and safeguards to protect individuals from any unlawful surveillance, including any arbitrary or mass surveillance.

First, that we cannot overemphasise the severity of this scandal. This should already immensely scare you. It does scare me, but my fear is nothing compared with the fear of journalists scrutinising not-so-democratic governments, of opposition politicians, activists, NGOs, lawyers, all those who are considered an inconvenience by the powers that be in their countries. That is why it is important that this European Parliament will always stand behind and fight alongside the victims of these attacks, and that we do so with strength and vigour.

Because the effects of such attacks are wider than the direct victims. It has a chilling effect on anybody that wants to speak out, scrutinise governments and defend democracy and rule of law and that once enjoyed the democratic freedom of fighting an election in a free and fair manner. It directly undermines democracy and the rule of law, and it cannot go unchallenged.

And this is why the inquiry committee that will be set up in this House is a very timely and important step. It is not about whether countries are allowed or not to use technology to fight organised crime and terrorism — because technological innovation can and must play an important role in keeping us all safe.

We already see that criminals and terrorists deploy increasingly advanced technology, and law enforcement needs to be able to fight them at least on a level playing field. But that, once again, is not what this is about. This is about the abuse of technology for political gain and about the complete absence of proper checks and balances. And we had a very interesting hearing from the EPP Group last week with experts and victims of the Pegasus scandal.

The victims, in his words, are the canary in the coalmine. They are the first symptom. They are the warning of a much wider problem. They are an alarm that rings loudly for everyone to hear, and the EU must now show that we have heard this alarm. We must act upon the warning we have received and defend democracy and the rule of law whenever and wherever necessary. Es mucho lo que tenemos que hacer, no podemos excluir ninguna posibilidad. This has been a reality for millions of Europeans for many decades and I get the feeling that Europe today is being haunted by the spectre of its totalitarian past.

This is not an incident. It goes against everything that the European Union stands for. As a matter of fact, this is about why we want to be in the European Union. But, in Europe, where this is happening, the Council and the Commission have so far been silent. Yes, you have condemned the practices, but what has actually been done? European governments spying on their own citizens for political purposes is totally and wholly unacceptable.

Using national security or the fight against terrorism, or whatever other security—related argument, as a pretext for this practice, colleagues, is textbook autocracy and evident rubbish. When no one can be sure anymore that he is not being spied upon, more and more people will start practising self-censorship.

We have already gone through that in Europe. Never again. We will also need to have a very close look at the possible impact that these practices may have had on the integrity of elections in Europe, and notably the European elections in Poland. The European Parliament position is very clear: we want those restrictions to remain in place.

So I hope that I will find the Council — and the EPP Group and the ECR Group and others who have voted against the European Parliament position — on our side in the ePrivacy trilogues because, for too long, I think that critical questions have been dismissed as left—wing whining, and I think these cases demonstrate very clearly why this is a very real issue.

Finally, I am very pleased that the European Parliament has decided to set up an inquiry committee. My group, the Renew Group, already proposed this months ago, but only after the revelations about Poland did a majority emerge.

We will stand by the European citizens. We will defend democracy. We will defend freedom and we will defend justice, and I count on all my colleagues for doing so. Que savent-ils? Onorevole, se non interviene nel merito io sono costretta a toglierle la parola.

Damit werden Menschen kategorisiert, in Gefahrenstufen einsortiert, ohne dass sie davon wissen. Darum geht es. Es geht um den Kern der Demokratie und um unsere Freiheitsrechte insgesamt. Eine solche Gesellschaft hat den Boden des Rechtsstaats verlassen. Das wollen wir doch wohl alle nicht. Wir brauchen klare Regeln. Laura Ferrara NI. Esiste una vera e propria industria della sorveglianza, un mercato coperto da una diffusa segretezza che offre servizi e tecnologie a basso costo e anche di facile accesso.

Occorrono una severa regolamentazione e controlli efficaci riguardanti Stati di destinazione, contratti e ogni genere di informazioni che facciano emergere l'uso improprio di tali prodotti e la possibile violazione dei diritti fondamentali. Grazie a tutte e tutti.

Und zwar so, dass sie kaum eine Chance haben, es selber zu bemerken. Starke Demokratien brauchen aber genau diese kritischen Stimmen, um das Handeln der Regierenden zu hinterfragen. Last year we commemorated five years since the Colombian peace agreement, a long—awaited accord that this Parliament strongly supports. I would like to thank you, Mr President, for the commitment of your administration to preserving peace.

I would also like to use this moment to honour the memory of the victims of decades of conflict. We will never forget them. Their memory must be preserved in dignity and justice, while we support all the families that suffered atrocities. The people of Colombia have always struggled to defend and preserve their democratic institutions and the rule of law in order to guarantee the fundamental rights of citizens, and they have done so despite the threat of anti—democratic forces and criminal organisations.

This historic act deserves recognition. In terms of biodiversity, Colombia is a world leader, so this Joint Declaration is fundamental to achieving our common global climate objectives. I know that we will keep working together in key areas as we continue to strengthen the links between the European Union and Colombia for the benefit of all our people.

Mr President, the floor is yours. Quiero destacar que este es un seno de la democracia, pero, sobre todo, es una tribuna para el mundo, para escuchar nuestras ideas y para construir juntos. Ese dilema no existe porque sin buena salud no hay desarrollo y sin desarrollo no hay buena salud. Esos mercados abiertos, producto de un Tratado de Libre Comercio, significaron cerrar brechas y significaron darle esa oportunidad inigualable a esos campesinos que se unieron a la agricultura por contrato para vender sin intermediarios y llegar a los grandes mercados del mundo.

Porque la paz no la dejamos de atender un solo momento en plena pandemia. La velocidad entre los compromisos y los desembolsos muestra un gran abismo. No son recursos que pedimos para nosotros, sino recursos que se piden para los migrantes. Este ya no es un camino opcional. Nuestra democracia, la democracia regional, no la podemos dar por recibida porque tenemos que ser conscientes de las amenazas que existen. Y estaremos trabajando con ustedes para garantizar la solidez de nuestra democracia.

Hoy tenemos que defender la democracia. Hoy somos conscientes de que tenemos que trabajar por esa seguridad internacional, por esa seguridad regional y por la seguridad local. I think the reaction of the plenary speaks for itself. We will vote on the files as indicated on the agenda and the voting session will be open from The same voting method will be used as during the previous voting sessions. All votes will be held by roll call vote. Ich erinnere die Mitglieder daran, dass bei allen Aussprachen dieser Tagung weder spontane Wortmeldungen noch blaue Karten akzeptiert werden.

Ich weise Sie auch darauf hin, dass Wortmeldungen im Plenarsaal weiterhin vom zentralen Rednerpult aus erfolgen, und deshalb ersuche ich Sie, die Redner- und Rednerinnenliste im Blick zu behalten und sich kurz vor Beginn Ihrer Redezeit zum Rednerpult zu begeben. A unique occasion to replace Europe in the centre of the attention of the African partners — to place or to replace, depends on how you see it. This summit will be held in a context which is certainly unprecedented.

Challenges of the COVID pandemic, increased geopolitical landscape, much more competitive, but also presenting opportunities. For example, what can we do with our EU recent global gateway strategy? We have been seeing how much our two continents are interlinked. I have been saying in Kenya the other day that the African problems are our problems. And we have to look at Africa with a positive eye, not only through the lens of migration problems. Africa is a land of countless opportunities, which are opportunities for us also.

They have a young and dynamic human potential and they have unlimited possibilities on renewable energy. If we empower African youth and women, we will be able to promote a more green and digital and equal —sometimes we just say green and digital but I say, green, digital and inclusive, it means equal — growth on both our continents. At the African Union Summit held on 5 and 6 February this year, the new Chair, President Macky Sall of Senegal, showed openness to external partners without exclusivity, provided that they are mutually beneficial and respectful of African development priorities and societal choices.

At the same occasion, the chairperson of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki, expressed the hope that summits with partners will focus on concrete and transformative projects. Our objectives in the summit are based on a clear understanding of our respective and mutual interests. We want to strengthen our cooperation by defining joint key priorities and partnerships for the next decade. We will amplify the scope and focus of the team Europe approach with the impact of our actions.

So let me quickly go through some specific actions which we are working on. We are preparing an innovative and forward-looking joint declaration outlining tangible initiatives to be co-owned and implemented jointly in support of a common strategic vision for In particular, we are working with a team Europe spirit — you know what I mean, European Union institutions and the Member States all together — on six particular deliverables, six strands of work to be translated into concrete projects and flagships.

I will go through the six of them just to mention in order to frame our debate if you wish. First, an ambitious global gateway Africa-Europe investment package taking into account global challenges such as climate change and the current health crisis.

Second, preparing the health system. Third, education systems — big priority. Four, tools and solutions for the Africa-Europe security and stability architecture. More and more, our relationship with Africa has to incorporate the security issues because when you see how Jihadism is going from the Sahel to the Gulf of Guinea, how instability is widespread from Somalia along the Indian Ocean coast toward Mozambique and the south.

More and more, we are going to have security concerns to share with them and to help them to face them. Fifth, an enhanced and reciprocal partnership on migration and mobility. And sixth, a European Union-African Union initiative for multilateral action and peace, prosperity and the planet. These are the strands for our work, and we have to build not only words, we have to explain concrete proposals and actions to reinforce our relations.

Yes, I know that so many things have been said or written about this relation. So many critics, sometimes rightfully, sometimes not. The too low distribution of vaccines or the travel ban that we imposed when the Omicron variant raised in South Africa are good examples of the first, many critics, rightfully, on the latter, we may show the new instrument that we are shaping to better answer security, in each of our partnerships are critics which are not adequate. Summarising, I could say that we, the European Union and the African Union, do not agree on everything, certainly not.

I think that we agree on the essential and this is enough, it is a good, sound basis for renewing a stronger partnership between us. We went to Kigali to prepare the summit. At the ministerial level meeting, there were some important disagreements. There were some important concerns. And keep in mind, this can be our motto: African problems are our problems, and when we work to try these problems, we work for ourselves also.

The summit will be decisive if it goes beyond ringing declarations of intent and secures concrete commitments based on mutual strategic priorities — a win—win partnership. To be successful, the PPE Group sees three main points as key. Firstly, Europe and Africa have to work together to facilitate significant investment opportunities for business on the African continent that can support the creation of millions of jobs. We also need to boost trade. Moreover, with our experience in developing the single market, the EU must strongly support Africa in the same endeavour.

Secondly, even more importantly, we need to have access to vaccines and to healthcare in Africa. This must include setting up capacities for local vaccine manufacturing and more funding to healthcare. Thirdly, we must tackle the root causes of migration jointly and build up cooperation on migration management. To sum up, it is time for a fresh start.

Mais de quoi parle-t-on? De quels secteurs parle-t-on? Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, au nom du groupe Renew. Nous devons les saisir. Nicolas Bay, au nom du groupe ID. Diplomatiquement, les tensions sont de plus en plus nombreuses. I also note positive developments like, for example, possibilities for gas supplies from Nigeria to even Europe, diversifying our sources.

But my concerns are predominantly about the security situation in Africa, from the Horn of Africa via Sahel to the Gulf of Guinea, and from Tunisia to Mozambique. During the summit, it is going to be a very important topic. And willing to enforce the role of the African Union, I know that countries like Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Sudan are not to be present during the summit; we have to find solutions for the poor situation there.

A Jetzt ist es an der Zeit, sie auch umzusetzen. Die EU ist schon jetzt einer der wichtigsten Partner, und der afrikanische Kontinent befindet sich in einer dynamischen, kraftvollen Entwicklung. Setzen wir Daten! Seguridad, paz y seguridad. Anna Bonfrisco ID. Assita Kanko ECR. Tien jaar was ik toen er Fransen naar mijn dorpsschool kwamen in Burkina Faso. Ze gaven ons potloden en schriften, maar die hadden we al. Na de les rende ik snikkend naar huis.

Ik voelde me ineens van mijn vleugels beroofd. Als tiener zag ik keer op keer hoe Europese leiders in de schijnwerpers in Afrika enorme cheques kwamen aankondigen. We vroegen ons af waar zo veel geld heen zou gaan, wat er zou veranderen voor ons behalve dat Afrika zich dieper in de schulden zou werken.

De laatste cheque die ik op tv zag, kwam van president Chirac. Nog meer pennen en potloden. De nannydiplomatie leeft. Dit breekt mijn hart en maakt me woedend als wetgever. Die handtekening, het gebaar, de eeuwige leugen, een knuffel die verstikt. Stop alstublieft de nannydiplomatie in Afrika! Dat moet de opdracht zijn van de EU-Afrika-top.

Bespaar de Europese burger het geld en de Afrikaanse jeugd de vernedering. In Burkina Faso zie ik geen ontwikkeling, maar zie ik wel een Russische vlag wapperen en jihadisten triomferen. Wat heeft de cheque van Chirac opgebracht? Hij heeft de mensen lui gemaakt. Ik vraag Macron en roep hem op zijn chequeboek donderdag thuis te laten! Mick Wallace The Left. Funding comes with a range of conditionalities and often when the loans come due for payment these bodies are more than happy to insist on disastrous cuts to health and education programmes and neoliberal reforms that promote capital flight as the price of refinancing.

Any threat to colonial-era levels of control and systems of exploitation are opposed, whatever the cost. This is why China is a threat. Their investment comes with less strings attached, their projects focus on public infrastructure and create more jobs, and they commonly reschedule and restructure debt repayments. Surely we should take lessons from China and less lessons from US imperialism and European colonialism.

Hildegard Bentele PPE. Was ist wichtig an dieser neuen Partnerschaft? Wichtig sind auch bessere Arbeitsstrukturen und ein abgestimmtes Investitionspaket. Wir als Europa wollen eine Partnerschaft mit Afrika, von der beide Seiten profitieren. Wir stehen mit in der Verantwortung, dass es eine gute wird. Charles Goerens Renew. Und ehrlich gesagt ist es auch eine Missachtung dieses Parlaments. Wir haben hier in diesem Plenum bereits zweimal die Patentfreigabe beschlossen.

Und diese Allianz ist klar: Die Patentfreigabe wird unserer Pharmaindustrie nicht schaden, wenn wir das richtig auf die Schiene setzen. Wir haben schon viel zu viel Zeit verloren. Markus Buchheit ID. Dass wir uns in einem globalen Wettbewerb befinden, das wird selten so deutlich wie eben am Beispiel von Afrika. Das ist bizarr. Nehmen Sie Wasserstoff als gutes Beispiel.

Charlie Weimers ECR. Doch stimmt das wirklich? Warum tut man das nicht? Nicht bis heute. Nein, die EU betrachtete Afrika schon immer als ihren Hinterhof. Sie stehlen die wertvollen Ressourcen und nutzen den Kontinent als Absatzmarkt. Geben Sie ihnen die Chance auf eine echte Zukunft! Janina Ochojska PPE. Der vor uns liegende Gipfel ist eine riesige Chance. Eine ganze Generation droht verloren zu gehen, wenn wir nicht handeln. Samira Rafaela Renew. The pandemic exposed structural inequalities we need to address together.

I hope that during this summit we will take concrete steps towards a true equal partnership, for example with EU support for the development of the intra-African market. Equal partnership also means equal and fair access to vaccines.

I call upon the EU leaders to deliver on our promise to expand the availability of vaccines in Africa. Put all the options on the table. Do not back away from solutions such as forcing licensing vaccine production for Africa or lifting patents. Working towards an equal partnership also means engaging with young changemakers.

It means providing an environment where we empower youth and women. When we ensure a better economic future for them, an inclusive growth across Africa and Europe will happen. We are living at a historic moment. Dominique Bilde ID. Geopolitiek, om tegenwicht te bieden tegen China, dat Afrika steeds meer als een wingewest beschouwt, maar ook omdat het gewoon onze morele plicht is om ook onze bijdrage te leveren in de strijd tegen honger en armoede in de wereld.

Met name de agrosector kan daarbij, denk ik, een heel belangrijke rol vervullen. En laten we daarbij ook het belang van particuliere initiatieven niet onderschatten. Ondertussen maken veel Afrikaanse diplomaten zich steeds grotere zorgen over heel wat anders, namelijk over de passages over seksuele en reproductieve rechten in de ontwerppartnerschapovereenkomst met de ACS-landen.

Men vreest dat de EU hen langs deze weg gaat dwingen om abortus te legaliseren. Dat kan toch niet de bedoeling zijn? Meneer de hoge vertegenwoordiger, kunt u ons op dat punt geruststellen? Nicht Macron — Emmanuel Maurel. Emmanuel Maurel The Left. Paulo Rangel PPE. We hadden een plan. We wilden aantonen dat Afrika onze belangrijkste partner is, en we wilden vooral ook aantonen dat we met Afrika wilden samenwerken op voet van gelijkheid. Zoals we weten, is die top door de pandemie niet doorgegaan, is die uitgesteld, en vandaag staan we daar terug.

Ik moet eerlijk toegeven: het optimisme is weg. Dat heeft uiteraard ook te maken met de bredere geopolitieke context, maar we mogen toch niet vergeten dat we de Afrikaanse bevolking ontgoocheld hebben. Dus ja, grote ontgoocheling! De manier waarop Europa die patenten heeft tegengehouden, de getoonde vastberadenheid en de valse argumenten die we daarbij gebruikt hebben, hebben natuurlijk niet geholpen. Dus we weten wat we moeten doen. We moeten het vertrouwen herstellen, en uiteraard zwaar investeren: er is de Europese Green Deal, maar er zijn ook die patenten.

We zullen moeten waarmaken wat we beloven, en op voet van gelijkheid met het Afrikaanse continent handelen! Jan-Christoph Oetjen Renew. Eines dieser Projekte ist der einheitliche afrikanische Luftraum. Bernhard Zimniok ID. Panie Wysoki Przedstawicielu! Quiero recordarles que los derechos sexuales y reproductivos son un Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible incluido en la Agenda Marie-Pierre Vedrenne Renew.

Marc Botenga The Left. Partagez la technologie et levez ces brevets. We can lay the foundation for a renewed and deeper partnership. We should move away from the old donor-recipient mentality and head towards a partnership on equal footing. More and more external actors find their way to Africa.

We require an EU strategy that will increase our visibility and preserve our achievements. An economic partner, the EU should actively support regional, economic and political integration in Africa. This will boost economies and education, foster job creation and enable sustainable development.

The EU is also a security partner. We need to create conditions for stability and peace so our African partners can take ownership of their own security. African stability leads to European security. With the shared history and facing the same global challenges, Africa is and will remain a key partner of the European Union. Si deve passare dalla logica dell'aiuto allo sviluppo a un vero partenariato, fondato sulla cooperazione strategica.

Questo vuol dire garantire al continente africano condizioni di sviluppo durevole, tutela per le risorse naturali e per le popolazioni, garanzie per i diritti umani, avanzamenti sui diritti sociali. Gabriel Mato PPE. Bien lo sabemos en Canarias.

Hay que cumplir con los compromisos. Las empresas multinacionales ya tienen importante presencia. Die angestrebte Partnerschaft macht es aber auch erforderlich, die bisherige Handelspolitik der EU mit Afrika kritisch zu hinterfragen. Deswegen ist auch nur ein regionales Abkommen in Kraft getreten. Tom Vandenkendelaere PPE. De geest waarvan deze relaties doordrongen moeten zijn, is die welke ook in de Afrikapaper van onze Fractie naar voren komt, met name meer investeren in een partnerschap, met evenwicht tussen belangen en waarden, ten behoeve van gelijkwaardige partners.

In onze nieuwe Global Gateway-strategie moet Afrika prioritair zijn. De basisnoden, maar ook het immense potentieel van dit continent vereisen een optimale afstemming tussen aan de ene kant de Global Gateway-strategie en aan de andere kant de Build Back Better-strategie van de G7.

Laat me besluiten met het belang van veiligheid als thema in onze relaties met Afrika, als basisvoorwaarde voor vooruitgang daar, maar ook voor onze stabiliteit hier. Maar ik behoor niet tot diegenen die vinden dat dit ten koste mag gaan van onze engagementen tegenover Afrika.

Ha habido 42 intervenciones. Se han dicho muchas cosas. Con muchas de ellas estoy de acuerdo, con otras, ciertamente no. Pero estoy seguro de que muchos africanos no desean que nos guardemos el cheque en nuestro bolsillo, porque a muchos de ellos les beneficia directamente, mejorando sus condiciones de vida.

Porque a muchas de ellas les mejoramos la vida, incluso les permitimos seguir viviendo con la ayuda que les prestamos. No lo es. No hay desarrollo sin seguridad y no hay seguridad sin desarrollo. No, mejor que nos lo guardemos, no. Sobre eso mucho se ha dicho y estoy de acuerdo con casi todo. Muchas veces no es la falta de vacunas, sino la falta de capacidad instrumental para vacunar.

No, no podemos ni debemos intentar imponer nuestra agenda. Table of contents 16 chapters Search within book Search. Front Matter Pages i-xviii. Diamond Pages Hans Mastop Pages Bourne Pages Case Studies Front Matter Pages Elazar Pages Schechter Pages Dawe, John M. Bryden Pages Cohen Pages Stewart Pages Roy Ryder, Lawrence A. Brown Pages Back Matter Pages How cities in remote frontier areas might cope with what for them might appear to be a devastating challenge is the subject of this book.

Our concern is with frontier cities in particular. In our earlier study, Frontiers in Regional Development Rowman and Littlefield, , we examined the distinction between frontiers and peripheries. The terms are often used interchangeably, but we believe that in fact, both in scholarly works and in popular usage, very different connotations are conveyed by these concepts. Frontiers are lands of opportunity.

Peripheries conjure up negative images, of inaccessibility, inadequate services and political and economic marginality.

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