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Open forex order

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If your stop order is triggered under these circumstances, your trade may exit at an undesirable price. If triggered during a sharp price decline, a SELL stop loss order is more likely to result in an execution well below the stop price. If triggered during a sharp price increase, a BUY stop loss order is more likely to result in an execution well above the stop price.

A stop loss order which is always attached to an open position and which automatically moves once profit becomes equal to or higher than a level you specify. A trailing stop is a type of stop loss order attached to a trade that moves as the price fluctuates.

This means that originally, your stop loss is at If the price goes down and hits Just remember though, that your stop will STAY at this new price level. It will not widen if the market goes higher against you. Once the market price hits your trailing stop price, a market order to close your position at the best available price will be sent and your position will be closed.

A stop order activates an order when the market price reaches or passes a specified stop price. Once the price reaches 1. Basically, your order can get filled at the stop price, worse than the stop price, or even better than the stop price. It all depends on how much price is fluctuating when the market price reaches the stop price. Think of a stop price simply as a threshold for your order to execute. At what exact price that your order will be filled at depends on market conditions.

A limit order can only be executed at a price equal to or better than a specified limit price. Your order will not be filled unless you can get filled at 1. Think of a limit price as a price guarantee. By setting a limit order, you are guaranteed that your order only gets executed at your limit price or better.

The catch is that the market price may never reach your limit price so your order never executes. A GTC order remains active in the market until you decide to cancel it. Your broker will not cancel the order at any time. Therefore, it is your responsibility to remember that you have the order scheduled. Think of it as a special instruction used when placing a trade to indicate how long an order will remain active before it is executed or expires. Two orders are placed above and below the current price.

When one of the orders is executed the other order is canceled. An OCO order allows you to place two orders at the same time. But only one of the two will be executed. You want to either buy at 1. The understanding is that if 1. You set an OTO order when you want to set profit taking and stop loss levels ahead of time, even before you get in a trade.

You believe that once it hits 1. The problem is that you will be gone for an entire week because you have to join a basket weaving competition at the top of Mt. Fuji where there is no internet. In order to catch the move while you are away, you set a sell limit at 1. As an OTO, both the buy limit and the stop-loss orders will only be placed if your initial sell order at 1. A conditional order is an order that includes one or more specified criteria.

The basic forex order types market, limit entry, stop entry, stop loss, and trailing stop are usually all that most traders ever need. Stick with the basic stuff first. After you place an order, you are on the hook for the price that was quoted when the order was placed. The biggest risk is that the price could quickly move in an adverse direction in response to a new event.

If you have an order that's open for several days, you may be caught off guard by these price movements if you're not constantly watching the market. This is particularly dangerous for traders using leverage , which is why day traders close all of their trades at the end of each day.

In addition to orders that remain open, traders must also be cognizant of open orders to close. You might have a take-profit order in place one day, but if the stock becomes materially more bullish, you must remember to update the trade to avoid prematurely selling shares.

The same goes for stop-loss orders that may need to be adjusted to account for certain market conditions. The best way to avoid these risks is to review all open orders each day, or ensure that you close all orders at the end of each day by using day orders rather than good-til-canceled GTC orders. This way, you are always aware of your open positions and can make any adjustments or re-initiate new orders at the beginning of the next trading day.

Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Part of. Guide to Trade Order Types. Part Of. Introduction to Orders and Execution. Market, Stop, and Limit Orders. Order Duration. Advanced Order Types. What is an Open Order? Key Takeaways Open orders are those unfilled and working orders still in the market waiting to be executed. Orders may remain open because certain conditions such as limit price have not yet been met.

Market orders, on the other hand, do not have such restrictions and are typically filled fairly instantaneously. Open orders may be cancelled before they are filled in whole or in part. Compare Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where listings appear. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace.

A firm order is an investor's buy or sell order that remains open indefinitely.

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An Open order is. Forex Trading - Open Order: An order to buy or sell that has no specific expiration date. Open orders may be discarded at the forex trading. A hour summary of open orders and positions held by OANDA's clients. Compare OANDA's Open Orders and Open Positions for any major currency pair.