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EA opens and closes naturally profitable trades. This movement is quite often analyzed regarding price changes in the recent past. In simple terms, price action is a trading technique that allows a trader to read the market and make subjective trading decisions based on the recent and actual price movements, rather than relying solely on technical indicators. For more information you can check our Instagram page which is: Raytheoncommerce. Trend trading is the process of analyzing the directional momentum of a market and finding a way to participate in the move.

The key to the strategy is the fact that once a market starts to move in a certain direction, other market participants will also join in. This is known as 'herd mentality. Trends can develop on any timeframe with traders using short-term trend trading strategies and investors using longer-term trend strategies. Most trend traders will have a longer holding period based on the timeframe they are using as the key is to try and capitalize on the majority of the trend.

Other traders such as momentum traders will typically trade in and out of a trend, rather than have one position to capitalize on the whole trend. Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout. Shipping calculated at checkout. Lich King EA is a fully automatic Forex trading Robot developed by Raytheoncommerce, With a considerable high-profit margin and low drawdown.

Run it only on Currency Pairs We mentioned in the content above Select 1 min time frame on your Metatrader 4. Ensure the Auto trading option is on and The robot is operating. Installation 1- Click on add to cart and complete the order process. What Is the Guarantee? We have always tried to be extremely transparent with our services. Follow The preset settings for the EA 2.

You can Test the EA on your demo account for 14 days 3. Updated: Added: The maximum number of computers is There are no other restrictions. How to buy How to install How to test How to optimize. Closing in small batches allows loss-making positions to be reduced quickly and efficiently. The advisor's algorithm features several well-thought-out trading strategies. The main trading strategy is based on building a network of positions and closing positions in small batches for a given profit.

The advisor analyses market positions and divides their lots into batches; it calculates the minimum average price to close a part of the positions. With this approach, the average price is as close to the current market price as possible, and a small fluctuation in price leads to the closure of the calculated part of the positions. There are 8 methods of closing market positions programmed into the trading strategy of the VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor. Depending on the chosen method, the advisor can set real or virtual TakeProfit levels.

The sequence of lots can be set manually by the trader or calculated automatically using any method, including the Fibonacci calculation. The trader can manually set the distance between positions for each step or calculate it automatically. The VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor can trade financial instruments fully automatically; all that is left for the trader to do is monitor and adjust the settings.

Depending on the settings, VR Smart Grid is able to monitor and follow positions opened by another advisor or trader. The advisor does not consider how a market position was opened via the terminal on a computer or by a trader on a smartphone. When testing the program in the strategy tester, please keep the following points in mind:. Unlike other expert advisors that use the order grid trading method, VR Smart Grid can simultaneously trade for buy and sell, use trailing stop for orders, and calculate trading lots using multiple algorithms.

The trading strategy works by controlling and modifying market positions. Let's take a rising trend as an example. The price rises, and the EA will use a trailing stop for a buy market position. The EA will add another position if the StopLoss level is in the profitable zone. With this algorithm, the main goal of the advisor is to trade without risks. In case of a downtrend in the market, the advisor will open positions for averaging with the set lot and set step; VR Smart Grid will close the whole network of positions in small parts at the slightest pullback.

Current monitoring of the advisor's work is updated in real time. Recommendation 1: for round-the-clock trading of any automatic strategies, you need a computer that works around the clock. If you can't leave your computer running around the clock, we recommend renting a specialized VPS server. VPS server will allow your Expert Advisor to work around the clock.

In fact, a server is the same computer as your home computer, only it works in a remote data center. Its performance is monitored by professional administrators. Recommendation 2: Perform testing in conditions as close to real conditions as possible. Use demo accounts. Only by testing the Expert Advisor on demo accounts will you be able to qualitatively determine the effectiveness of your trading strategy.

The minimum testing period is working weeks. In this case, we recommend using cent accounts. The better you test the advisor in conditions as close to real as possible, the less risks you will experience in the process. Recommendation 4: You can always get the current settings and. Any configuration files should be carefully checked and tested. Every setting is tailored for a specific broker, financial instrument, spread, fee, and trader preferences.

Recommendation 5: Do not expect grandiose results in a short time, have patience and carefully study the work of the advisor. Recommendation 6: Avoid trading on the news, try to finish trading activity on the account before the release of strong news. Recommendation 7: The Expert Advisor was developed for any type of broker, we have a list of proven brokers that work with this Expert Advisor.

List of recommended brokers. Recommendation 8: Keep track of the Expert Advisor updates in your terminal. When a new update is released, you will receive a notification in your terminal. You can update the program in the terminal in the Market tab. Fixed lot calculations for manual input. Fixed the behavior of price tags when changing the settings of an adviser.

Correction of the trailing stop for sell positions. Corrections are made according to user reports. You can suggest an idea or revision in the "Reviews and discussions" section. You need to put the advisor in this folder. Answer : Activation is the right to install the program on one unique computer.

When the Expert Advisor is loaded into the terminal, one activation per computer is debited. If you install the Expert Advisor on another computer, another activation will be debited.

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Chameleon mt5. Loud Rooster. Forex Ultimate Bot. GMartin Trade. Spike Trader. How to choose the best Forex expert advisor? Log in. Show password Hide password Forgot password? Log in Register. Your browser does not support JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled in your Internet browser, you may have problems with accessing Client Area. How to enable JavaScript. Your browser does not support cookie.

If cookie is disabled in your Internet browser, you may have problems with accessing Client Area. How to enable cookie. Our best awards:. FreshForex is a brand operated by the international company Riston Capital Ltd. The Company provides access to online trading for clients from more than countries all over the world. The Company's partners are the licensed European liquidity providers, banks, payment aggregators and systems with which the company has been cooperating for more than 15 years.

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Warning : Riston Capital Ltd. The site contains links to websites of third parties. The expert Advisor's interface is intuitive and easy. An expert advisor aka EA, Forex trading robot, Forex Bot, Automatic Trading System is a special type of application that runs in your MetaTrader terminal and is constantly connected to your brokerage account.

Expert advisors can open, change, and close positions on your trading account, providing automation of your trading activities. Automation of the trading process depends on the goals and capabilities of the expert advisor in question: some advisors only help to open or manage positions and orders, while others can conduct automatic trading based on their trading strategy. Expert advisors do not require your constant presence but require configuration and constant monitoring of the program.

You need a trading account opened with a broker that works with the MetaTrader trading terminal. If your expert advisor is fully automatic, you will need a virtual private server VPS so that the expert advisor is always connected to the broker's server. VPS will allow the expert advisor to work around the clock.

Please note that expert advisors will not work if you close the MetaTrader terminal or turn off your computer. Most of the expert advisors we offer are semi-automatic trading strategies. Such expert advisors require correct and timely configuration or adjustment of input parameters. Our expert advisors are automated trading systems that can conduct a full cycle of trading operations.

Each expert advisor is a unique trading strategy that requires careful study. Successful traders around the world use automated trading strategies to improve their profit, yield, and risk indicators. Even high-quality Forex expert advisors require constant monitoring and regular adjustment of input parameters.

An automatic trading strategy can work without the trader's control, but in this case, any failure on the computer, any failure on the broker's server side, any not predictable and not standard movement of the forex market, stocks, or futures can lead to unpredictable consequences. Trading strategies developers, as well as successful traders in their recommendations always recommend monitoring the work of an expert advisor and adjusting the settings depending on the market situation.

This approach can be compared to driving a car. Watch the turns of the road, change the gear in time, do not break the rules of the road. Each of our expert advisors is a unique application for MetaTrader. Our expert advisors are well programmed and are regularly updated. The updates not only fix errors, but also add new functionality. We make no promises or guarantees of success. Expert advisors are mere tools in the hands of a trader, and not machines for printing money, as they say on many Internet resources.

Our expert advisors are original trading strategies, we do not use other people's tactics, source codes or ideas. Then restart the MetaTrader terminal and drag the expert advisor from the navigator to the chart window. Please note that Windows cannot automatically install expert advisors in your MetaTrader terminal: the expert advisors must be installed manually.

An important point when launching an expert advisor is the permission for it to trade in the MetaTrader settings. Yes, we do! All our programs can be obtained for free, at zero cost, due to shareware licensing. All you need to do is open a brokerage account with one of our partner brokers.

After you create a brokerage account and open a trading account, request a free license for all programs through the " License Request Form ". Learn more about the free access terms. Website trading-go. The user is aware that there is a risk of losing the Deposit in full during trading operations on the market.

Trading in the market is not recommended for everyone, and You should fully understand these risks.

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We've been doing pretty well with our expert advisor. We created a fully functioning EA that can make buy and sell orders, and also can trail our stops. However. Welcome to the fifth part of our MetaTrader4 Expert Advisor course! If you haven't done so, please have a look at the previous instalments. Forex Wall-E. Smart Forex Trading EA is a fully automated FX Expert Advisor and reliable Forex Trade Copier Service for the Metatrader 4 (MT4) trading platform designed.