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Airbnb stock reddit investing in high inflation countries with zika

Airbnb stock reddit

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Although Nvidia's overall portfolio of graphics processing tech may be superior -- particularly for artificial intelligence applications -- AMD's lower prices makes its wares far more accessible to most consumers.

The company's hold on its sliver of the computer hardware market is at least partially evident in last quarter's results. It was the reason for the beat, however, that makes AMD such a compelling name to step into here. While it's a hit with consumers, the company is clearly upping its enterprise game.

Simply put, AMD is working its way deeper into the institutional market without losing sight of the consumer market. It's a shift that could have a multi-year impact, particularly in light of Intel's 7-nanometer foundry woes. The other surprisingly favorite stock among Reddit's users worth pointing out here is the home-rental platform Airbnb ABNB 5. It's difficult to say to what degree the pandemic altered the leisure travel landscape.

It's not exactly a stretch to say, however, that hotels were fighting a significant cultural shift -- as well as affordability issues -- even before COVID rattled the world. As it turns out, a great number of leisure travelers are OK with staying at an individual's rental house as a lower-cost alternative to a hotel stay, and more people are embracing the idea every day. That growth isn't expected to cool anytime soon either. This outlook puts Airbnb in an enviable position. It's already one of the industry's biggest players, boasting a portfolio of more than 6 million rental homes.

As the business matures, though, look for people with homes to rent to gravitate to the listing sites attracting the biggest crowd of would-be vacationers. That again makes Airbnb a compelling prospect, as it's arguably the most recognized brand name in the business. The proof of its growing reach is evident in the numbers. Last quarter's total booking of That's pricing power that helps Airbnb's top and bottom lines as well. The company isn't yet profitable, for the record.

That swing to a profit could be a game-changer for the stock's performance. Cost basis and return based on previous market day close. Calculated by average return of all stock recommendations since inception of the Stock Advisor service in February of Discounted offers are only available to new members. Calculated by Time-Weighted Return since Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns.

Invest better with The Motley Fool. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool's premium services. Premium Services. Stock Advisor. View Our Services. Our Purpose:. Figure 2: Airbnb Q4 and FY business and financial performance. Airbnb's earnings release. Finally, Airbnb offered some guidance for Q1 that pleased investors. It looks like Airbnb is not only recovering sales, but doing so profitably.

Airbnb has been an erratic stock — very much since the December IPO, to be fair, but certainly during this latest stock market selloff. Investors should continue to expect ABNB to be more jittery than the average stock. That said, Airbnb has proven that it is executing very well.

Momentum now seems to favor the bulls. Investors that choose to jump in now, however, must be comfortable with a earnings multiple of over times that still looks pretty rich. Disclaimers: this is not investment advice.

The author may be long one or more stocks mentioned in this report. Also, the article may contain affiliate links.

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Potential visitors can find unique accommodations and avoid staying in a hotel. Property owners become hosts and make money by letting people stay in their homes. They list the property on Airbnb with pictures, and potential visitors browse the area for a place that works for them. The model works for a basement apartment or a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Click here to browse properties on Airbnb and book your first room. You can also consider becoming a host yourself.

The company became a publicly-traded company on December 10th, at pm EST. However, Airbnb stock fits the mold of high-growth, disruptive business models that the Fool typically recommends. When the Motley Fool recommends a company, there is usually an immediate spike in the price. Fool newsletter subscribers are notoriously long-term minded and rarely sell, meaning the stock price will continue to rise.

Airbnb may also receive a recommendation by the Motley Fool Rule Breakers newsletter, its high-growth stock recommendation service. Read this Motley Fool Stock Advisor review to learn about their stock selection methodologies and about how you can participate in excellent returns. This site encourages long-term buy and hold investing instead of short-term trading.

Think about your investment in Airbnb in year increments. This rundown at The Generalist is an excellent overview and a good place to fortify your research. Previous and amended versions of the Airbnb S-1 filing are posted here. Now that Airbnb stock is a publicly-traded company, only 1 below is an option for investors. The IPO completed on December 10th.

In some cases, investors can get in at a price near or below the IPO price if the stock falls. This is not always true. Uber opened below the IPO price and took more than a year to recover. You can own the company today, buying Airbnb stock through a no-fee online brokerage account after trading begins. It has zero commissions and will make it easy to buy Airbnb stock once it begins trading on open stock markets. Robinhood does not offer IPO access.

M1 Finance is a reliable and robust, no-fee online broker for beginner to intermediate investors. Read my complete M1 Finance review here. You create your ideal portfolio first, then fund it over time. Learn More about M1 Finance. It is too late to participate in the Airbnb IPO if you have not indicated interest with a broker yet.

See previous section. Demand is extremely high, making it very difficult to acquire pre-IPO shares. IPOs have always been available to the wealthiest customers of the leading brokerage firms. Certain online brokers are better for IPO investing than others. Financial technology is changing the way ordinary investors can invest in IPO.

You can now invest in select IPOs. The company empowers ordinary investors to invest in IPOs through their existing brokerage account. Link your existing online brokerage at TradeStation to get started. Webull is a smartphone-first broker similar to Robinhood but has built a significant desktop trading platform as well.

Read this Webull review for IPOs to learn more. For a more extensive list of IPO-friendly online brokers and their eligibility, check out this page. Fidelity see below , Morgan Stanley, TD Ameritrade, and Schwab are the most likely to receive allocations for their customers. You may be better off waiting for the company to start trading after the IPO. Fidelity accepting indications of interest for the Airbnb IPO for eligible customers as of December 1st.

Indication of interest does not guarantee an allocation. No guarantee they will receive an allocation. Webull customers can indicate interest in the Webull app. At our request, the underwriters have reserved up to 3,, shares of Class A common stock, or 7. For hosts, those who reside in the United States and had by November 1, accepted a reservation that began, or was scheduled to begin, in or are potentially eligible for the program.

Airbnb employees are not eligible. If demand for the program exceeds capacity, we may invite hosts to participate based on tenure, as determined by the year they first hosted on Airbnb. The number of shares of Class A common stock available for sale to the general public will be reduced to the extent that such persons purchase such reserved shares.

Any reserved shares not so purchased will be offered by the underwriters to the general public on the same basis as the other shares offered by this prospectus. LLC will administer our directed share program. You may be able to participate in the IPO. A few hosts have reached out with information about receiving emails from Morgan Stanley about the directed share program.

Emails went out on December 1st. The main takeaway was that shares were limited. Check your Airbnb email account and spam. Do you have any advise as to how many shares I should buy or any other advise for me? Required Please enter the correct value. Follow Breaking Stories. Start the conversation Comment on This Story Click here to cancel reply.

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r/ABNB: Discussion about AirBNB Stock (ABNB) and its technology. $ABNB. Airbnb beats estimates with 70% revenue growth as travel rebounds. votes, comments. So airbnb just opened public last December, and since then I've been lucky to buy shares at all the dips and have. Discussion, stocks, Apr, Are multiple years of growth factored into the current valuation of Airbnb ($ABNB)?, Discussion, stocks,