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Investing in treasury bills 2013

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International Monetary Fund. Multilateral Development Banks. Exchange Rate Analysis. Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization. Small Business Lending Fund. State Small Business Credit Initiative. Daily Treasury Bill Rates. Daily Treasury Long-Term Rates. Monthly Treasury Statement. Daily Treasury Statement. National Debt to the Penny. Most Recent Documents. S International Portfolio Investment Statistics. Release Dates.

Forms and Instructions. Report Scam Attempts. Report Fraud Related to Government Contracts. Direct Express Card. Non-Benefit Federal Payments. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Bank Secrecy Act - Fincen and more. Historic Treasury Building. It is free to open these accounts, which are how the Central Bank keeps track of who holds which government securities.

To open a CDS account, you need to hold a bank account with a Kenyan commercial bank. You can collect a mandate card from the Central Bank or any of its branches, and must fill it out in neat block letters. You can find sample mandate cards HERE. When submitting your mandate card, you also need to submit a passport-sized photograph of yourself, which has to be certified and stamped by a representative from your commercial bank.

Note that the copies will be retained by CBK. For foreigners a valid work permit should be included. Decide How You Want to Invest. Treasury bills are offered every week, with maturities of 91 days, days and days. This means that when you are ready to invest, you will be able to choose from one of those options.

You should decide on a maturity length based on the recent interest rates, which can give you an idea of what to expect in upcoming auctions, and based on how long you can commit your funds for. The minimum face value purchase for Treasury bills is Kshs. Because Treasury bills are sold at a discount, this face value amount is what you will receive at the end of the 91, or day maturity.

Your initial investment will be less than the face value. Complete and Submit an Application Form. This includes information about the Treasury bill you want to purchase, like the issue number, the maturity period you want, and the face value amount you want to receive upon maturity.

It also includes information about yourself, including your names, telephone number, CDS account number, and whether the funds you are investing are coming from a local or offshore source. On the application form, you have two options for selecting a rate, which determines how much you will pay for the bill and, therefore, what your return will be when the bill matures. The Central Bank then decides what bids it will accept and determines a cutoff.

Investors who submitted interest rates above that cutoff do not receive Treasury bills from that auction. The final section on the application form is the Rollover Instructions. To easily facilitate re-investment, investors with maturing bills and bonds can use their returns to purchase further government securities.

Get the Auction Results. While investors will typically receive Treasury bills in the amount they applied for, the Central Bank can issue bills for a lower amount. Following the auction, investors need to call or visit the Central Bank or its branches to determine if their applications were successful and to determine how much they owe for their Treasury bills.

If you have submitted an application, it is extremely important that you contact the Central Bank to determine what your payment will be, as you will need to make that payment by 2pm on the following Monday or, if the Monday is a public holiday, the following Tuesday. The payment period for an auction typically closes on the following Monday at 2pm.

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Investing in Government Securities (Zambian Bonds)

This paper investigates that the excess investment in Treasury Bills & Treasury Bonds in in Bangladesh was more profitable than other investment such. Abstract: This paper investigates that the excess investment in Treasury Bills & Treasury Bonds in in Bangladesh. This paper investigates that the excess investment in Treasury Bills & Treasury Bonds in in Bangladesh was more profitable than other.