investing mid 20s
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Investing mid 20s

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By investing through SIPs , you can easily keep aside a small amount as per your comfort and convenience. There are weekly, monthly, fortnightly, quarterly and even daily SIP schemes available. This is another low-risk financial instrument that promises capital protection. When a financial institute or a company borrows from you along with hundreds of other investors , and in return pay you interest, we call it debt fund.

Ideal for people looking for steady earnings. However, the Net Asset Value of a debt fund fluctuates with changes in the overall interest rates in the economy. Getting your life insurance covered in 20s means that you can get a higher coverage at a relatively lower premium. As you become older, the cost of insurance will increase too. For instance, health insurance and mandatory vehicle insurance are not something you can skip. The cost of healthcare is such that one medical emergency can wipe out savings if you are not insured.

Life insurance, however, availed at a younger age can reap heaps of benefits at a lesser price. There is no need to make mistakes and learn from them when you can learn the same things. Financial mistakes can be expensive and it will take time to recover from even the slightest lack of judgment. Let us not make young adulthood as a platform to fall and get up. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid in the 20s.

This is why rule makes sense. Say, your salary is Rs. How practical do you think this can be? It is never a good idea to have a Scrooge-like attitude and save every rupee without treating yourself once in a while. However, an introspection on whether you need it now or just want it will help you to make wiser decisions. Feeling deprived can lead to frustration and unhappiness, especially when your peers seem to be enjoying a great lifestyle.

And that is not the point of investments. The credit card generation, as we are infamously called, has more temptations to fight and pitfalls to avoid. Every day, you get at least one email, call or SMS asking if you want a personal loan or a new credit card. People have almost forgotten that by swiping credit cards, they are borrowing and the money has to be repaid.

Most credit card companies give a zero interest window period. But once you pass that timeline, it becomes difficult to pay off the entire dues and not just the minimum amount. Clearing your outstanding amount in a timely manner will also improve your credit score. This is the age when you have plenty of physical and mental stamina to work hard along with drive and passion. Aside from your job, you can look for other income sources.

It could be anything like becoming a freelance consultant in your area of expertise , investing in dividend plans or schemes that earn you a monthly income or taking tuitions for kids. There are plenty of opportunities out there. You just have to look for it. Are you that person who always end up paying the bill for those weekly get-togethers?

Generosity is an admirable trait, and that is not something you need to change about yourself. However, draw the line when you feel like being taken advantage of. There is no need to allow people to leech off on you just because you are there.

The absence of a fair system in your group only shows that you need to reevaluate your social circle. It is natural to feel financially lost in the early stages of your career. It will change as you learn to handle money. If you are feeling apprehensive, you can also start small and slowly build on it. With Cleartax Invest , you have handpicked funds suiting various financial goals to choose from.

The initial investment requirement is as small as Rs. Start investing. But if you start investing early, you will see amazing returns, due to compounding at a later age. You will be surprised to know that even Warren Buffet started investing when he was 11 years old.

Currently, he has a net worth of around billion dollars. Thanks to several apps, investing is as easy as playing a game on a smartphone these days. But to know how much should you invest, the trick is as much as you can. The more the better! The first thing you need to do is save as much as you can to invest. For this, you can divide your income into three categories — Needs, Wants, and Savings.

Dedicate a fixed percentage of your income towards savings. The Thumb rule is i. But now that many of you are living in your homes due to work from home, you may afford to dedicate a larger part of your income to savings. If you dedicate a fixed amount to saving, you will be disciplined. And, you need to be disciplined in your 20s for better returns at a later age. The saving you want to do every month should be a realistic number. You should optimize it. Spend but not splurge!

Equity investment can be done via direct stocks or mutual funds. Investing in direct stocks is very cumbersome and tricky. For starters, an equity mutual fund is an easy option for investing in equities. Investing passively means the mutual fund manager does not have to put his brain. Here, the manager will blindly copy all the indexes and you may get a return that is at least equivalent to returns of the market.

Starting SIP in index funds is a very good first step as the return is equivalent to the market. It is good for starters. You can start investing in other funds when you start knowing more about them. However, there are some funds that still beat market returns. So it is not advisable to put all the money in index funds.

In active investing, the mutual fund manager puts in his brain. But you need to do some research to find the best funds to invest. Debt investing can be done Directly. But it is not advisable for retail investors. It is better to invest in Debt mutual funds. It is also good if you are investing for less than five years and to get the overall risk of the portfolio down. While investing in a debt mutual fund, it is important to ensure that the time horizon you have, your debt fund should have the same time horizon.

The thumb tule for investing in debt is that it should be equal to your age, But depending on your risk appetite, you can increase or decrease it. Initially, you should select good mutual funds, select one 1 good debt mutual fund and start investing.

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How to Invest in Your 20s

One of the simplest ways to start investing in your 20s is to. 5 Investing Tips for Your 20s · 1. Accept your employer's generosity · 2. Make risk your friend · 3. Keep it simple with index funds or ETFs · 4. Get help managing. How to invest in your 20s: 7 tips to get started · 2. Contribute to an employer-sponsored retirement plan · 3. Open an individual retirement.