state financial system
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State financial system

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For example, inadequate level of satisfaction of each individual's needs, great social tension, disproportional development of economic elements, negative impact on the reproduction process, a marked lag in adapting to changes in financial and external commodity markets and a slow pace of development. The financial system of the Russian Federation is economic relations, which are grouped together according to a certain feature. Such a relationship affects almost all aspects of modern human life.

These relations can arise between individuals, several legal entities, and also various states. Thus, one of the spheres of economic interaction is represented by the following elements: the family budget, the finances of personal and households. Simply put - the capital of the population. The concept of the financial system of the Russian Federation isas a totality of economic relations. In its structure, separate spheres and links are singled out. At any level of management, finances are elements of social production, without which the existence and functioning of the system is simply not feasible.

Also without them it is not possible:. Certain types of needs are in the state andeconomic entities. This explains the appearance of various types of relations, which includes the financial system of Russia. Now some experts in this field do not recognize the interaction of two individuals as an economic relationship. Nevertheless, there are various publications that highlight the organization of the financial system.

The literature is devoted to family and personal expenditure-income plans, household assets. The financial system of Russia consists of severalinterrelated bodies and institutions. The main goal of the economy is to satisfy a great variety of social needs. The interaction of finance covers the whole system of the country and the sphere of social activity.

The generality of these phenomena explains the existence of special institutions within the financial structure. Based on all of the above, we can distinguish several concepts of the economy of the Russian Federation.

The financial system of the country is:. A set of different institutions, each of which participates in the formation and subsequent use of the corresponding monetary funds. The commonality of special institutions and bodies that carry out financial activities within their competence. The economy is formed from the relationship of variousinstitutions that are responsible for regulating the creation, redistribution and use of funds.

Features of the country's development in the period of transition to market conditions strongly affect the financial system. Thus, the economic structure of Russia includes the following monetary funds and legal institutions corresponding to them:. Budget system of the country. It includes budgets of local self-government bodies, constituent entities of the Federation and directly Federal. The basis of public finance isdifferent budgets of the respective levels. This group also includes such concepts as public lending and social extra-budgetary funds of the country.

In the regulation of a variety of economic transactions and macro-level distributive relations, the main role belongs precisely to this type of finance. Their formation and distribution are centralized.

This element of the system is at the disposal of local governments and the state itself. At the micro level, the financial elements of enterprises, insurance and the credit and banking system are responsible for settling economic transactions. Nevertheless, one can not consider that these links of the economy are connected only at the level of economic entities in their broad understanding. This is due to the existence of a dense relationship between all the constituent parts of the financial system.

The state influences the formation of centralized and decentralized resources through the economy. To implement such activities, various statutory acts and relevant laws are used. Also, its instruments are pricing mechanisms, credit system, taxes and much more. Russia's state finances are inextricably linked with the rest of the economy. However, there is some kind of duality here. GDP is the main source of replenishment of budget revenues at all levels.

It is formed in the sphere of material production. Then, through taxation, the RF budget and social funds are created. At the same time, the process of expanded reproduction is carried out by enterprises not only at their own expense. They use state credit or direct banknotes from the budget. Own finance of the enterprise is inseparableare connected with the credit system. In case of lack of funds, you can use the services of banks. Most often, borrowed capital is involved in the replenishment of the negotiable.

Also, to solve their economic problems, enterprises can resort to the funds of other economic entities. For example, to such as different organizations, banks, insurance companies and others. Such activities can be carried out in different ways.

For example, in order to increase own capital, they resort to the help of corporatization. In turn, the issuance of promissory notes and bonds is carried out for the implementation of loans. In the end, the interconnection of various elements of the financial system is explained by their single essence. The state plays an important role in the development of society, both economically and socially. For this reason, most of the monetary resources are concentrated at his disposal.

It carries out their use through the RF budget, state credit and various funds. Assets of different banking structures and insurance are formed by attracting free capital. Own funds of commercial organizations are their savings. Managing the economy and finances of the stateis carried out with the help of the most important tool - a multilevel structure. They generally do not have full banking licenses. Financial markets are markets in which securities , commodities , and fungible items are traded at prices representing supply and demand.

The term "market" typically means the institution of aggregate exchanges of possible buyers and sellers of such items. The primary market or initial market generally refers to new issues of stocks , bonds , or other financial instruments. The primary market is divided in two segment, the money market and the capital market. The secondary market refers to transactions in financial instruments that were previously issued. Financial instruments are tradable financial assets of any kind.

They include money, evidence of ownership interest in an entity, and contracts. A cash instrument's value is determined directly by markets. They may include securities, loans , and deposits. A derivative instrument is a contract that derives its value from one or more underlying entities including an asset, index, or interest rate. Financial services are offered by a large number of businesses that encompass the finance industry.

These include credit unions , banks , credit card companies, insurance companies, stock brokerages , and investment funds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Economics: Principles in Action. ISBN Financial Services and Systems 2nd edition, p. Tata McGraw-Hill Education.


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The Financial System

Access New York State's financial and accounting system. Agency Portal Login. Contact the SFS Help Desk for more information or system support. The Statewide Financial System (SFS) is New York State Government's accounting and financial management system. The Statewide Financial System Vendor Portal. The Statewide Financial System (SFS) is New York state government's new accounting and financial management system. This modern enterprise resource planning.