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Biju pillai motif investing mgfx forex trading

Biju pillai motif investing

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I did not know you could trade out some of the stocks though. I need to spend some time looking at the interface to see if I would actually use it. Very interesting concept. As you pointed out in the article for individuals that are looking to invest in an ETF, this is a great alternative since you can customize the Motif to your investing needs.

The one question I have is regarding dividend re-investment. My understanding of the process is that instead your account is credited for the dividend and it is up to the investor to reinvest in the Motif or invest elsewhere Please correct me if my understanding of this is incorrect. Would manually re-investing the dividends in your Motif result in a transaction fee each time you choose to re-invest? Thanks for the review of Motif Financial Samurai! It is a very interesting financial product and has the chance to continue its great growth rates over the next few years.

At this time you are correct with how dividends are handled. We hope that finally brings DRIPs to our customers, but until then it would cost you a transaction fee if you looked to reinvest. Seems like a great idea. Tinder is not new either. There was Hot or Not. The social aspect to Motif investing is what makes things the most fun. From a cost perspective, it really is much easier and simpler to invest than trying to pick specific stocks. The 30 stocks in one Motif helps diversify company specific risk.

I really like this idea, I first heard about it only a few days ago from another blogger. The community aspect is a nice touch too. As Matt said, the Australian market is pretty limited with ETFs, although I could actually do with some international diversification. For the company, sure, seems like a neat model. Outsource your actual investment research to the internet and induce artificially high levels of trading by incentivizing motif adjustments.

I mean come on Figuring out how to make investing seem relevant to somethings is a challenge. My very well paid professional peers are all terrified of investing. When their student loans are finally paid off in the next few years, they will be forced to do something useful with that cash. Whoever can spin a story to make investing seem like a good idea to this generation will make a ton of money and hopefully help an entire generation prepare for their future. Maybe using the analogy of the robotic soda machine that lets you blend your own drink?

ETFs are old fountain drinks, Motif is a coke robot! Anyway, interesting take on things. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, but I did want to clarify a few points. The customers who are creating these motifs have investing experience that ranges from novice to sophisticated, which is why we do, like any other broker, stress the importance of due diligence when investing.

Some make money on their motifs from royalties do to rebalancing, but most investors understand fees and most creators do not churn a motif for the purpose of royalties. These motifs have clear track records and no expense ratios associated with them like ETFs. Our Investing Team is led by Tuhin Ghosh, who is an industry veteran with experience and credentials that speak for themselves. Motif Investing is a great concept. The social investing component is what is most intriguing.

Motif is creating a new investment class that will catch on if it can keep costs competitive and show performance. This may be true, but not necessarily. Industry average expense ratio for comparable target-date funds: 1. BTW, I once did a year performance comparison between my portfolio and the comparable Vanguard target fund, and I found I beat the target fund — but only just slightly.

I love Vanguard and for the vast majority of investors, sticking with a Vanguard index fund is the way to go. For those who like to trade and invest on their own, I think Motif is an innovative way to go. There are fortunes to be made every day. Just got to go find them. Roughly speaking if you have a vanguard index ETF that has a 0. Fees, the bane of all clients. Without the ability to focus into other industries in a meaningful way through a diversified product.

This seems like a way to bridge that gap between ETFs and individual stocks. Hypothetically, what happens in the situation Motif goes bust? We have a trading platform that allows individuals to trade fractional shares in real-time, just as full shares would trade. You may only buy. We do not take custody of any customer assets, our clearing broker Apex does this. If Motif went under, you would have your account held at Apex until you decide what to do with it. Finally, there are no monthly, quarterly, or annual fees for holding a motif.

You can read my comprehensive review about Motif Investing here. You can take a look at my review post here. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Sign up for the private Financial Samurai newsletter!

Is your retirement plan on track? Find out for free after you link your accounts. Comments Great article. ETF, Funds , etc …. I am a new Motif member… having joined after reading about it in your newsletter. Joel Aiken North Carolina. Samurai, I have individual accounts, but really like the idea of building and managing my own Motif.

Thanks, Caonex. Bert, One of the Dividend Diplomats. Thank you for the interest! Am I missing something? This is not new. I mean come on :- And now the praise: Figuring out how to make investing seem relevant to somethings is a challenge. My name is Nick Bear and I am a registered employee of Motif. At any time I would love to hop on a call and chat with you further if you have more questions. Thanks again!

Would invest in company. Motif will need to develop stickier and reoccurring revenue streams over time. Great Idea! Hi Matt — I am a registered employee of Motif. The information on this website is for informational and recreational purposes only. Investment products discussed ETFs, mutual funds, etc. It is not a recommendation to buy, sell, or otherwise transact in any of the products mentioned.

Do your own due diligence. Past performance does not guarantee future returns. Read my lengthier disclaimer here. Analytical and entrepreneurial-minded data nerd, usability enthusiast, Boglehead, and Oxford comma advocate. I lead the Paid Search marketing efforts at Gild Group. I'm not a big fan of social media, but you can find me on LinkedIn and Reddit.

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You can also subscribe without commenting. Fidelity M1 Finance vs. Vanguard Webull vs. Robinhood Stash vs. Learn More. Transfer Your Motif Account. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Amazon Affiliate Disclosure OptimizedPortfolio. Email Newsletter Sign up to receive email updates when a new post is published.

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