value investing course australia post
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Value investing course australia post value investing lectureship

Value investing course australia post

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Canadian value investor Peter Cundill always believed patience was the most important trait for success in value investing. Through most of his career as a value investor, Cundill was known for his ability to distinguish between being stubborn and being patient. Cundill, who is believed to have had the instincts of a pirate and skills of a forensic accountant, used to take carefully calculated risks and was known for being very patient while taking key investment decisions.

How to spot multibaggers? Vijay Kedia gives away his own secret formula. How to read trading volume data to understand stock price direction. No ishq love , only risk in buying stocks like Tesla, says Vijay Kedia. They are not relevant to me They disrupt the reading flow Others. Read the now! Indulge in digital reading experience of ET newspaper exactly as it is. Read Now.

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View More Stories. All for FREE! Be a part of our growing tribe. Join us on Twitter. Thanks Vishal for taking all the trouble and posting this wonderful interview that you had with Prof. Anything written or said by Prof. Bakshi is filled with a lot of wisdom and by looking at the first glimpse , I am eager to read the rest of the interview. Same here Manish. I should have told Nakul that I will be leaving early and then we could have got the photograph together at Lunch time.

Fully Justified the travel of km either side. Would luv to come again as soon as Vishal plans next session at Delhi. Thanks Sanjeev! It feels great to know that you liked the session. My pleasure, Manish! Bakshi that day. As expected a very good article on the interview. Eagerly waiting for the next part. One thing I noticed that, Prof. Bakshi has reduced. Eagerly looking forward to the rest of the interview. Thanks Vishal for the excellent post.

Waiting for the Fridays post. The interview is fascinating to say the least. Waiting to read more of the interview and the books mentioned there as well. No clue about that, Krish. First of all, Congratulations Vishal. I have seen your post of Facebook how excited you were to meet Prof Bakshi. I am slowing going through some of your post that I missed as I make time for it during my travels, but when I received your mail on this post, I just kept everything aside for 20 minutes and went through the entire post.

Thanks for sharing, this was a real pleasure to read. Sanjeev looks so much different in your picture, Congratulations Sanjeev bhai, you deserve it for your great contribution to this blog. Ofcourse you look better in the workshop pics, no doubt about it. Just wondering how much MoS you have used for this? I WAS a great deal chubbier at that time. Reduced greatly over last one and half year when I realised that OUR health as parents is perhaps as important, if not more, as our investment process for the sake of our children.

All carefully thought out plans for our kids can go haywire if one of the parents is not there till they are settled. So took up active sports, curtailed bad eating habits fortunately, neither drink nor smoke, so that was already a headstart etc. Trust me, we OWE it to our children to have a healthier lifestyle.

Leaving bank balances for them is one part, being always there for them for as long as possible is another. One cannot compensate for another. Sorry, you looked chubby, happy?? Please change your avatar now. I totally agree with you, no point in making all the money when you are not there for the people you care about.

I have been trying really hard to workout regularly but travel makes it all the more difficult, still I try to put time aside to get back to being a little more fit. Thank you Vishal for this Post. This is real treasure. Also, great idea to divide the load of wisdom into parts.

Thank you Prof Bakshi. Learning a lot form this post. Vishal, congrats for meeting one of the best brains in value investing…. Saw the photo in FB.. We r eagerly awaiting fot Aug 3…. Congratulations Vishal, for such a wonderful opportunity. One can understand how you would have waited for it. Great Work, Vishal. And a very nice idea to split it into parts. Amazing insights from a man who himself is a role model for so many people out there.

If he can work his magic so well in just a short span of 2 hours interview, it is no wonder there is so much demand for his courses a MDI. Feel sort of jealous of his students who have a chance of interacting from such a personality who is a great humble human being to match. It is difficult to find great minds with humility these days, with hot airbags all around us. It is a wonderful read and we all are looking forward to the rest of the post.

Agree with Avadhut. Prof Bakshi looks much younger now. It was really, really wonderful meeting you and having a wonderful session out there at Delhi. Keep me on auto-register for next one. Had great time there and made some good friends. I spent more than an hour in train fretting over what I might be missing. Hope I get as youthful as Prof.

Bakshi maybe 10 years down the line. Thanks again for taking time out to travel so far to attend the Workshop. It meant a lot to me, and to all other tribesmen who were part of that wonderful day. Bakshi to share his insights with us,as he has rightly mentioned about the herd mentality due to which bubbles are formed in the market. This is a place where if you are lethargic,that can be a virtue,you need not be active 24 hours a day,that will help you in concentrating more about the Macros and less about the micros,which will ultimately shut down the unwanted noise which would impact your decision.

These last couple of months with Safal Niveshak would hold a value of 10 years of learning about the stock market. Vishal,A special thanks for you for sharing the knowledge that you have accumulated,as one Indian sage has rightly said,knowledge increases as you go on sharing it with others. I would also like to give a vote of thanks to Manish,Sanjeev,RK Sir,Sudhir and other fellow tribesman for sharing their valuable inputs with me.

Truly this was the place,which i as trying to find in the last decade and at last got it. Thank you for your appreciation and motivation, Reni! Chandrashekar, Sudhir, and other tribesmen who continue to add such amazing value to this entire initiative. In fact, one thing that I have observed at this forum and that is the sense of ownership that people feel towards this initiative that is being led by Vishal. I have joined just recently but now feel that I have always belonged here.

Difficult to explain, but it feels like a home. In fact, it is now surprising to understand that though I have come across people like you, Manish, Sudhir, Mansoor, RK Sir etc just recently through this blog, the feeling of bonhomie and camaraderie is so palpable. Thanks a lot for posting the conversation had between you and Mr. Fells like motivated….. What a feel!! Just amazing.. The comparisons, examples, metaphors, everything is nicely done.

What great lessons these are!!! As Bhatiaji said, I read it, re read it and re re read it.. And will be reading it again and again till I get satisfied.. First Thanks for your time and efforts in bringing out interview conversation as it is — one can feel the talks are going on in their presence.. Second thanks to Mr. Sanjay Bakshi for his time and interview. I was going through whatever available on the net about Mr.

Bakshi since your announcement and really some of his lectures and articles have given me new insights to my old fashioned thinking. Normally avoided this sector due to tight competition with inflexible price environment. Overall, let me sum up as under 1.

Think different 2. Read well 3. Develop Multi-disciplinary knowledge and approach 4. Market and History Repeats 5. Have Patience. Let Power of Compounding do the job. Keep in check mindless overconfident leverages. By the way, as for your question for point 12, well as Prof. So there is no right or wrong answer here. How long is too long,well this question perplexes,everyone who is into investing.

Though a Ardent follower of Fisher,I would disagree with some of his points to the current context. The investment scenario has changed a lot in the last decade or so. First of all we should not be tied to certain structure,we should be flexible enough,we can bring our own judgement also regarding the market. A great investment initially,but ultimately it did not create any wealth for him, as it was back to square one.

Here i would like to present the changing dynamics of technology and industry,which is very fast in the current environment. Let us take the example of RIM Research in Motion Makers of blackberry,currently trading at ,well the scenario was different in ,blackberry was the in thing ,you would find it with any executives on the move,superb technology and superb standards,but Apple changed that with the I-Phone and Samsung with its galaxy series,suddenly RIM was staring into a black hole,the could not adapt to the changing structure of youth.

The reasons are many. So from a high of nearly ,its now at 7. So its absolutely necessary for us to understand the moat. Technology companies cannot have a strong moat,we have to be always alert to look at the changing dynamics of the industry that we are invested into,Tomorrow Apple will also face the same problem,if they are not fast in adaptation.

So how long will transform into eternity for us ultimately, giving us no benefit of investment. So the following points need to be considered before calculating the investment period and for How Much period are we ready to wait for our Investment to start giving us the fruit of Investment.

So its us,who have calculate the life of our investment,everything which could be understood is finite. After all we should also enjoy the fruits from our investment trees,otherwise sooner or later the fruits will fall down and decay. Thankfulness to my father who stated to me concerning this web site, this website is in fact amazing. Yes Reni, you really made some good points here.. After the huge success of Blackberry, instead of adding more features for the upcoming series of the phone, they concentrated on other business like tablet and eventually they started losing their market share to their rivals.

And with respect to smart phones they released iphone 1,2 and the series continued. They have separate teams for each product and are responsible for adding more features and releasing the next versions of those. And considering these issues one has to definitely think twice before investing into Infosys. I am not questioning its very successful past record but one has to definitely consider its current Moat, Management.

Now they are charging money to read anything. Very unprofessional. Hi Sri, you can download the presentation by clicking here. Dear Sir I am lifelong student of Value investing and behavioural finance. Plz keep updating about future workshop of Delhi. Fabulous and mind blowing, What a great post and what amazing answers. Found time after very long time and this was the first post i read after such a long time, Made me think so much. I was so so impressed and motivated by this post. Two things which really really motivated me in this post are : 1.

Hi , Mr Vishal. I am an avid investor and would like to attend your workshop. By any chance you palnning to conduct another workshop in near future? Regards Anish. You can read the first two parts here — Part 1 Part […]. You can read the first three parts here — Part 1 Part 2 Part […]. Your email address will not be published.

No charge. Unsubscribe anytime. Comments Thanks a lot Vishal, great post Waiting desperately for your friday post. Vishal, As expected a very good article on the interview. Thanks Avadhut! Regards, Jana. Thanks Jana! Thanks for this! Thanks a lot Vishal. Eagerly waiting for your Friday post. Thanks Sudhir! You were missed at the Workshop.

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Tano Santos is an expert in value investing at Columbia Business School. His current research focuses on two distinct areas: asset pricing, with an emphasis on theoretical and empirical models that can account for the predictability of returns, and applied economic theory, specifically, the economics of financial innovations as well as theory of organizations.

Santos joined the Columbia Business School faculty in David L. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of participation from Columbia Business School Executive Education and two days toward a Certificate in Business Excellence. Your verified digital certificate will be issued in your legal name and emailed to you, at no additional cost, upon completion of the program, as per the stipulated requirements.

All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of the Columbia Business School Executive Education. Note: Information contained herein should not be considered professional financial investment advice. The ideas and strategies should never be used without first assessing your own personal and financial situation, or without consulting a financial professional.

Flexible payment options available. Learn more. Get Your Brochure. First name. Last Name. Privacy Policy optional. Course Information Special group enrollment pricing. Learning is better with your colleagues Our participants tell us that taking this program together with their colleagues helps to share common language and accelerate impact. We hope you find the same. Special pricing is available for groups. Full Name. Phone optional. The benefit of learning together with your friend is that you keep each other accountable and have meaningful discussions about what you're learning.

Courtlyn Promotion and Events Specialist. Enroll now Not now. Unlock Your Potential Invest in yourself and realize your potential. Emeritus is partnering with Columbia Business School Executive Education to bring you an opportunity to unlock career growth. Enroll before June 22, , 5 p. PT or the applicable program start date, whichever is earlier , and receive early registration pricing to set yourself up for professional success.

Round 1 The deadline for this round has passed. Round 2 The deadline for this round has passed. Application Deadline. Who Should Attend Individual investors and portfolio managers will benefit from learning the value investing methodology, uncovering opportunities that others miss. Why Learn Value Investing Techniques? Investors like Warren Buffett and Mario Gabelli practice these timeless investing principles: Always invest with a margin of safety.

Rely on a system, not emotions, to drive decisions. Download Brochure. Program Topics Module 1: Value Investing Framework Foundations, framework, and introduction to asset value: overview of the valuation approach and calculating asset value. Module 2: Earnings Power Value The methodology to identify and buy securities priced well below their true value. Module 3: Strategic Analysis Understanding the value of scale economies and barriers to entry.

Module 4: Magna International Case Study Valuation exercise for the automotive market in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Module 5: Growth and Value Estimating future earnings and accounting for growth using Walmart as an example. Module 6: Amazon Case Study Calculating the value of a high-growth company in dynamic industry segments. Module 7: Risk Management Managing the risks of individual stocks and portfolios through proven financial and management strategies.

Module 1: Value Investing Framework Foundations, framework, and introduction to asset value: overview of the valuation approach and calculating asset value. Amazon How does one even approach the valuation of a market giant growing approximately 30 percent per year? Intel Does the shrinking market for personal computers spell trouble for Intel? Magna International How can we find value in an industry in deep decline? Guidance for organizing around value, DevSecOps, and agility for business teams.

Clear explanations and actionable guidance. SAFe Distilled 5. Its real value has been in the way it links strategy with decentralized execution, using metrics to enable a high level of transparency and fact-based decision making to focus on achieving business outcomes. For years, the organization has been integral to how people and communities connect across Australia. Through a collective workforce of over 50, people, Australia Post serves communities, citizens, and businesses, from large corporations to government departments.

Traditional business pillars such as letters are in persistent decline, while the company faces fierce competition, but also immense opportunity with the growth of ecommerce. For Australia Post, that opportunity lies in creating sustainable competitive advantage through trusted relationships between consumers, businesses, and government. Given these forces, Australia Post needed a new way of working to both sustain and further enable the organization as a trusted services provider, and to delight its customers with personalized digital products and services.

Over the past four years, Australia Post has invested in its technology, people, and culture to change the way it works to focus on customer experiences and continuous innovation. With SAFe, the organization aims to describe, communicate, and build an understanding of how to leverage Lean and Agile principles across the organization. The goal at Australia Post is sustainable, lasting change that fundamentally shifts how the organization approaches and delivers against its strategies.

To do so, Australia Post must equip its people with knowledge and the ability to advocate for and be a part of this new way of working. A broad and comprehensive training and enablement strategy was rolled out across the organization to build experience and maturity. This included key roles across executive leadership, within business functions such as finance, risk, architecture, security, marketing and sales, and of course technology leadership and teams.

From the beginning, Australia Post applied a persistent focus on cadence and synchronization — keys to building alignment and embedding disciplined delivery practices across diverse teams. Achieving sustainable change focused on four key interrelated areas of emphasis across the organization:.

This multi-pronged approach formed sustainable building blocks for change and enablement. With the goal of implementing Agile Release Trains ARTs , the early focus was on long-running teams and culture to allow maturity to build and grow. The greatest traction came with the advocacy and leadership of business sponsors and leads, who understood the increased business opportunity and had confidence in the delivery model. Established in to play a significant role in the shift toward customer centricity, MyPost Consumer is creating an omni-channel platform to offer personalized services to customers.

The train is made up of cross-functional roles, with each team responsible for specific components of the parcel delivery experience. The most impactful features require changes to multiple channels and enterprise technology systems. However we also know that by respecting each other, and staying committed to rapid learning cycles, we will always come up with great solutions.

The train has achieved strong outcomes over the past couple of years. Australia Post attributes the success of the train to several pillars:. A strong focus on measurement and learning to maximize business outcomes resulted in significant positive impact:. Australia Post continues to evolve and grow to meet the needs of its business. Its focus on continuous improvement means the organization ever challenges itself to create the next wave of trusted services for its customers.

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These are courses, programs, or tutorials designed particularly for learning value investing. Thus, you will learn all the value investing. This guest post discussing Value Investing in Australia was submitted by The Broken Leg Investment Letter subscriber Xavier Hill. The thoughts and opinions. Attendees need to have a basic understanding of value-based investing principles and finance and accounting terms and knowledge to benefit from attending.